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Finding Your Frame w/ Glasses Direct -ad-

I've been a glasses wearer since I was about 12, funnily enough it came about (I say came about I never had fabulous vision but I think it tipped me over the edge...) from me deciding to sit down and blitz through the entire Twilight series in a couple of weeks. I'll admit it fed my young teenage hopeless romantic soul but I ended up at the opticians a week later. So there began my glasses journey!

I've had some interesting glasses choices over the years, as does everyone. Some of which I would definitely rather pretend didn't happen (why an earth did I think small rectangular frames wouldn't make me look 30 years old???). Finding your frame, and finding your style and marrying the two can sometimes be harder than you think. If you've been following me on Instagram or been a reader of my blog for a while you'll know that only recently have I started posting photos with myself in my glasses, its a funny thing really and seems silly. But I haven't always had the confidence to consider my glasses, as part of my own personal style and as a part of my daily outfits.

I always used to order my glasses online, or at least my dad did for me when I was young. We always used to get our glasses from Glasses Direct, as they did a two pair offer and I was a clumsy child... I'm very happy to say this blog post is very kindly sponsored by them, and as a customer for years I am so happy to have worked on this content with them!

Like I said I have only recently started to feel confident in my glasses and feeling myself. This is really down to finally figuring out what shape suits my face. I found this through what sort of sunglasses I would normally gravitate towards, usually rounded, usually on the larger side. So I went through a couple of pairs of thinner rimmed glasses but I found them to be super fragile. It's all about trial and error.
This gorgeous pair I'm styling in these amazing photos taken by my good friend Del are my new absolutely go to for everyday wear. They're the Hexagonal style from Ray-Ban® RX751 from Glasses Direct, a real perfect twist on a classic style. They're honestly such a gorgeous frame, one of the best I have found to suit my face shape for everyday wear. Lightweight, not too thick of a frame and in a great little case for carrying around in your bag on the daily.
This style is in a Havana colour, something I learnt from trial and error is a much softer colour to go for in glasses if you want to avoid them looking too harsh against your skin. I only really opt to choose this sort of colouring in my glasses now as I find its way easier for everyday styling. If you're finding you feel like your glasses look too harsh on your face, consider whether the colour is too dark and try out something softer!

You guys know my style is usually a lot of classic pieces, with some super out there accessories or coats (lots of funky coats... haha) so I needed something classic, but me being me needed something fun too. The shape of these is so damn flattering, so much so that Conor is already eyeing them up for his next pair. He very annoyingly tried them on and in my opinion looked way better then me... guys eh.
These are also available with tinted lenses, so can be a perfect option for anyone who needs prescription sunglasses. I need to wear my glasses for driving so am in need of investing in a tinted pair for the sunnier winter days! Or for any of you who ski like I do, this is perfect for when you're off on the slopes as that sun is damn bright against the snow.

Feeling confident in glasses within your style is a hard one, its personal and different for everyone. I find that seeing my glasses as something for everyday wear, but as an optional choice for my outfits makes it easier. I absolutely love wearing my glasses when I am working or running errands but if I am making more of an effort I love being able to incorporate my glasses into my more made up day to day looks. At the moment I absolutely love styling these Hexagonal Ray-Ban®  with beanies and my classic baker boy hat with a big scarf and a cosy coat. Its the perfect cosy winter style for a frame like this.
Makeup is also a really amazing way to make you feel more confident wearing glasses day to day if you're struggling with it. You can really make your eyes the focus of your face, I personally love winged liner sometimes when I have my glasses on moreso than when I wear liner without my glasses. It's a really great way to experiment around with what makes you feel comfortable in your perfect glasses to make you feel the best version of yourself!

I'd absolutely love to hear how you guys love to style your glasses. Do you prefer a more out there look, or a more subtle winter style? Glasses Direct have always been such a trusted source of glasses to me for many years, they have such amazing deals on their own ranges and also their fab boutique ranges with their higher end brands like Ray-Ban®. Plus free shipping, who does't love free shipping??

I hope you enjoyed this little insight into how I feel the most confident in my frames! I'd love to hear how you favour styling your own glasses.
If you're interested in checking out these Ray-Ban® ones at Glasses Direct click here alongside all the other fab styles and offers available on sight!


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