Tuesday, 3 April 2018

Latvia - The Most Aesthetically Pleasing Place I've Ever Been

I have been spending the past week trying to find somewhere for me and Conor to go in Summer for a little getaway, and it's had me thinking (and being a little jealous) of all the travel I got to do last year, and the places I was able to see. I saw some beautiful things, but nowhere surprised me as much as my trip to Latvia with Radisson Blu Hotels. When I was invited over, I really didn't have anything in my mind whatsoever as to what I thought Riga would be like, but my gosh I was not disappointed.

I have never been anywhere so diverse and beautiful and god DAMN aesthetically pleasing. Seriously, in a second you're going to get to just a handful of the images I took and they are all stunning. 
I had never really visited eastern Europe, seemingly all I do is go west. So, as I mentioned I really didn't know what to expect.
I was taken aback by how different it felt, when in reality, there wasn't a whole lot that seemed immediately different to home when I arrived. But after spending some time doing what I do best, wandering around aimlessly for hours, I was amazed at the beauty of the culture, the incredible architecture took my breath away.

Whenever I get asked where the best food I have ever had was, I say Latvia. Alongside the beauty of the city, what shocked me the most was how bloody incredible the food was. The standard of cafe's and restaurants was unparalleled. I have never been so consistently impressed by everywhere I have been. Everywhere looked beautiful, it was genuinely an absolute online millennial Instagrammable dream.

One of the most impressive restaurants we went to was literally on the edge of what seemed to be an abandoned industrial estate, then round the corner of one of the bland concrete slab walls was a stunning modern restaurant, one of the best I have ever been to. And the price! I had heard this from friends who have been to eastern Europe before, but the value for money is beyond belief at times.

After the experience I had in Riga, I would suggest renting a car if you would be going for more than a short city break of a couple of days. Riga itself is gorgeous, plenty of shopping, gorgeous architecture to visit and enjoy, and they have a very competitive ice hockey league (which grabbed me in, I just wish I could have gone and watched a game!), and of course AMAZING food.

If you were hoping to stay a little longer, I would suggest renting a car to be able to drive around and visit what else Latvia has to offer in close proximity to Riga. I would recommend a visit to the beaches in Jurmala, they are empty (or were when I went) but long and beautiful. When I went it wasnt super warm, but I can imagine it being absolutely amazing for a day trip of some sunshine and a picnic in the summer months. Right next to Jurmala is Ragakapa which is a fascinating forest, honestly I can't describe it but Latvia just felt so different and I came home feeling like I had had a very new experience.

Not only is it cheap to enjoy yourself in Riga, its also really not expensive to get to. From £50 for return flights from London, its really a city break I would hate for you to miss. & with Airbnb's with gorgeous Scandinavian interior design from £10 a night, yes I did not type that wrong, £10 a night for a gorgeous entire flat on Airbnb ( I am serious, check this one here - £10 a night, and this beauty here from £20 a night). Or if you're wanting some luxury in your trip and a less self catered feel, then try out where I stayed in the Radisson Blu, which fun fact, is the tallest building in Riga and absolutely stunning! Click here to book.

I couldn't try and sell you Riga anymore, I had the most amazing couple of days that left me wanting more. So I will leave you with the rest of my photo diary, I can't get over how pleasing these photos are. Enjoy!

So bloody satisfying am I right?

You've got to try it.


H x



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