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Top Tips for Sale Shopping w/ Cheshire Oaks Designer Outlet

If you've been a follower of my Instagram or my blog for a while then I am sure you are fully aware of how much I love sale shopping, and how much I take advantage of them when the sale period comes around every year. 

I recently collaborated with McArthurGlen Cheshire Oaks Designer Outlet, somewhere I have been going to shop with my family for as long as I can remember, therefore its always been somewhere I have continued to go. Sales are hard to shop if you really don't know how, it can be overwhelming and frankly, very stressful and tiring. 

I am a bit of a hardcore sale shopper I must admit, I don't mind the hours looking I actually really like it, or waiting for further reductions and getting the best deal I can. This is where the beauty and ease of Cheshire Oaks really always has come in for me for as long as I have been going. First off, its an outlet. Meaning that regardless of what time of year you go, everything is discounted from the normal high street retail prince. All year round sales, whats not to love? Well, it actually does get better. They have THEIR OWN SALE! Yes, you heard correctly. You can get sale, on sale. 

I think my honest top tip for sale shopping is do not overwhelm yourself, I know I can handle a lot of time looking around and some people just really don't like this, sometimes it can be chaotic and messy and it just really puts you off. If you're wanting to go for a sale shopping experience, visiting an outlet village like Cheshire Oaks is a really amazing way to go. Its all very put together and organised, alongside it all being in one loop of a walk, with many restaurants and potential pit stops en route. Its a much more relaxing experience thats for sure, and thats from someone who knows!

Its always good to have in mind where you are wanting to go and look before you actually set out shopping.What brands are your favourites? Is there anything specific you are wanting to buy? I checked out the full list of shops available to me on the Cheshire Oaks website, which allowed me to know where I really wanted to spend my time looking. For me, this was Coach, Doc Martins, The Kooples, The Cosmetic Company, Mulberry and Bose. These are just a few of my favourite shops at Cheshire Oaks so I knew where I was heading. 

Another HUGE top tip for me when sale shopping somewhere where its not fast paced and you don't have to make hugely quick purchasing decisions is to go round the shops twice and really scope out all your options before buying anything. This worked out amazingly for me on my visit, as I really loved the look of a Furla miniature handbag on my first snoop, but then chose a different designer bag by the end. 

But what should you look out for when you're sale shopping, like I did?

Something BOLD. Something different. 

The beauty of sales for me, is that all the beautiful different pieces go on sale. I am a sucker for something more unique looking than an everyday black or grey. Don't get me wrong, I have them in my collection, but for me, picking something out that is a little bit more unique really makes a purchase more special, especially if its more of a high end piece. 

I knew when I was heading to Cheshire Oaks that I was going to be buying something from Coach, its one of my favourite designers. I knew they had recently collaborated with Disney for a range, but really did not expect for there to actually be any pieces left. I couldn't have been happier when I went in store. There was 30% off the whole shop, off the lowest outlet price which is already amazing, but then a WHOPPING 50% off the Coach x Disney collection. This meant that this beauty was 50% off the already amazing price of £199 down from over £500. So, I managed to snag the bag I had been LUSTING over for £99. I couldn't have asked for more. 

I also managed to snap up some other absolutely amazing pieces. I got a Coach backpack for when I do all my travelling and going into and out of town to work with my laptop. It is a gorgeous mens black leather backpack, and that was £299 with an extra 30% off that. 
The final pieces I managed to get in the sale were a pair of Doc Martins, which happened to be the colour style, and leather I have always wanted. All black including stitching with grained leather. I can safely say they are the comfiest shoes I have owned in a long time and have absolutely fell in love. The key to sale shopping is to not be instantly blinded by a good reduction, its all about keeping an eye out for those pieces you know you will be able to style. 
Finally, an incredible Bose speaker, which if you were watching my Instagram stories when I visited Leeds I absolutely fell in love with in my hotel room. I use it every day, and for someone who doesn't have an AUX lead in my car, its heaven. 

I think in general, sale shopping can be overwhelming. Therefore, being able to make a day of it and make it as stress free as possible is one of my absolute top tips, it really ruins it otherwise. For ease of shopping, and a bloody good deal I have always trusted going to Cheshire Oaks. In the years of going there I don't think I have ever come back empty handed. With the likes of; All Saints, Burberry, Nike, The Kooples, Bose, Coach, Furla, Lulu Guinnes, Timberland, The Cosmetic Company and literally so many more, I could not recommend a visit more if you are local or a drive away!

I will be uploading more posts about my favourite ways to shop around so make sure you keep an eye out for those posts. This post was sponsored by Cheshire Oaks, however I have been visiting them for years as you may have seen on my Instagram so you know I am a huge fan! Make sure you head over before the sales end, I cannot stress how worth your while it will be. Happy Shopping!


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