Monday, 26 June 2017

Falling in Love with Leeds with Radisson Blu

I was lucky enough to be given the chance to stay in the newly renovated Radisson Blu hotel in Leeds city centre. I had only visited Leeds a couple of times, and had never really had much chance to properly explore it. The limited time I had spent there though, told me I was going to love it. I remember being initially impressed with how gorgeous the architecture and how there were so many different aspects to Leeds that really make you fall in love with it. I drove down to Leeds on my lonesome, ready to spend a couple of days exploring.

My first point of call when I arrived was having a look around, I had to kill some time before I checked into my hotel room, so having a stroll around and getting my bearings seemed like the right thing to do. Scroll down to see some of the gorgeous places I visited;

After a hell of a lot of walking I headed back into the hotel as I was now able to check in. I am going to be completely honest with you guys, I have NEVER been so in awe of a hotel room in my life. I was given my key, headed up, and was not ready for the beauty of my suite. Yes, you heard right, suite. If I am not mistaken my room was a junior suite, and it was gorgeous. It had a lounge area, a desk and dining area and a huge bed, wardrobe and bathroom space. I have never been in such a gorgeous room. The fact is, its probably the biggest room I have stayed in, and remember, this was just little old me in this room. I would be telling a massive lie, if I said I didn't connect my phone to the Bose speaker in the room (oh so suave) and have a little dance party. I was taking advantage of the floor space thats for sure...

What really made me fall in love, was the building the hotel had been built in. It had beautiful high ceilings, and gorgeous tall windows, which lead to such a gorgeous sunset right outside my windows, and the light just hit the walls of my room so beautifully. They had kept the gorgeous old style metal windows, and my little inside lover of little aspects of pretty buildings was very happy. The hotel is part of The Light shopping complex in Leeds City Centre, so you are steps away from restaurants, cafes and the cinema and then about 5/10 minutes from the city centre. I really enjoy this from any hotel I stay in, how close it is to what I need and want. I always like going for a wander when I stay anywhere, no  matter where in the world it is, so I really enjoyed a Starbucks on the doorstep, and a cinema!

There was also a gorgeous restaurant on site too, which is always handy especially if you are travelling alone, and are perhaps not used to doing so. Its nice to just be able to ring down and book yourself in, and because they are in the hotel, you don't always feel the same pressure to dress up. Or, you always have the beauty of room service. Which brings me onto breakfast, ohhhhh breakfast! You really cannot beat a breakfast in bed in a gorgeous hotel room. Whether you have it in bed, or in my case on my own little dining table!

For ease of access, I was really surprised at how well located this Radisson was. I spoke to a couple of friends who lived in Leeds and they said that it had to be one of the best located hotels in the city. They have a range of rooms, and their standard rooms look just as stunning and gorgeous. For me, you can't beat an amazing bed, and an amazing hotel bathroom. 

Leeds itself is a gorgeous city. Don't get me wrong Manchester is my absolute favourite, but I was really taken back by the beauty of Leeds. They have such stunning buildings, gorgeous little shops and shopping centres. There are some gorgeous and stunning old arcades with cafe's and little independent shops. I have always been told Edinburgh is the same, with a lot of different and independent places to see and to eat at, and I think that perhaps Leeds is England answer to Edinburgh. But, for a gorgeous city for a little break away or a special break away, its really a perfect fit. Gorgeous little arcades and shops to wander round, and from what I've heard and had minimal experience of, has a very fun nightlife. I've visited Angelica Leeds, which has a gorgeous 360 vista view from the top of Trinity Shopping area in Leeds, and would be absolutely spectacular for drinks or food in the Summer time. 

I know I need to head back and experience more of the food scene in Leeds, one of my absolute favourite aspects of visiting new places. 

I hope you enjoyed this new travel post, I absolutely fell in love with Leeds and will be visiting absolutely again in the future. If any of you are from Leeds, I would LOVE to hear your recommendations on where to go and where to eat. 


H x



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