Sunday, 30 April 2017

Its Your Body, and Thats It - Dress for YOU.

You see so much online about 'dressing for your body type' and articles on what does and does not or will and will not suit you. What to buy, and what to steer clear of, and frankly it frustrates the hell out of me. You, as a person who likes fashion, can wear whatever you bloody well want to. Talking about the portrayal of different shapes and sizes within the fashion industry is always going to be a touchy subject, and I don't really think thats going to change. The one thing I really do have an issue with though, is telling somewhat what they should and shouldn't be wearing purely based on their body shape, not their own personal style.  

I don't have the model figure, I also don't have the gorgeous curvaceous figure either. The two figures we are constantly bombarded with online and in print, the voluptuous and the toned. If I see a style I like, or an outfit I like, if I want to try and recreate it for myself then I damn well will. Only then will I decide whether I want to actually wear it or not. There are some trends I have tried, and will leave to other people to style as I just personally haven't felt confident enough in the. My example, is the girlfriend/mom/boyfriend jeans. I have thighs. Therefore I have come to realise and reluctantly accept that they are more like skinny jeans on and around the tops of my legs, then baggy elsewhere. This is just how I am and my body shape. Yes, I think they look amazing on the models and wonderful tall slender women who can pull off a straight jean like nobody's business. But is that me? Absolutely not. Those jeans give me some kick ass 'thighbrows' and I am okay with that.

There are also a hell of a lot of tips and tricks you can use to make items you would love to style more flattering to you. Why do you think that I wear belts all the time? I don't have the natural curve, I am very much bottom heavy with a lot to be desired on top, so cinching in my waist makes me feel more confident sometimes, more sexy if you will. By all means dress for your figure, but only if its in clothes that YOU love and YOU feel confident in, not what someone else or someone writes that you should. It doesn't work like that. Someone might say a little one like me shouldn't be in leather pants, that they are for the gorgeous leggy ladies, but I love them, so who cares?

I am always talking about confidence when it comes to styling and my advice for styling, and thats solely because I think that its the most important thing about what you wear and how you wear it. If you are wearing something you love AND something you feel good in. 

Recently, I have gotten more self conscious about my thighs, I am going to be honest with you. So, I have been wearing things that go over my thighs, longer jumpers or tops, something where I feel that the focus is taken away from areas I don't feel particularly good about.

Take this outfit for example. I knew this jumper was long enough for me to not be overly conscious of areas I worry over and I know that bringing in my waist would bring the attention upward to my waist. I really adore this belt, it was an absolute steal at £4 from Primark. I have wanted to get on the 'corset' trend for a while, and this belt was the perfect way for me to do this. 

If I feel good, it shows and I'm sure it does for all of you as well. Yes, some styles of clothing may have been created with certain body shapes in mind, but that doesn't mean only those can wear it. Its not about being the bloody chosen one in the fashion game. Its about being you. 

When I wake up in the morning ready to get dressed, I gravitate towards the pieces I bought or picked out because I loved them, me. Not pieces that were picked out for me or were told would look best on my particular body shape, because who the hell knows whats going to suit someone more than they themselves?

H x



  1. This is so true Hayleigh! We shouldn't restrict our fashion to wear what we're told to for our 'shape' xxx

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