Sunday, 26 March 2017

Re-Visit Places That Make You Feel at Home #TravelSeries

I saw something today in a shop that said 'home is not a place, it is a feeling', and it got me thinking. You may have seen that I recently went to Canada for a couple of weeks, it is somewhere I have been going for the past 10 years. Sometimes you find places that feel so different to anywhere else you've been. Places that don’t make you feel home sick, but at home.

Feeling truly ‘at home’ isn't really something we get all the time. People can feel at home around certain others, perhaps in a library, or doing a certain activity. But to be able to feel at home doing something or being somewhere you love is truly something special, and something not to be ignored. Relish the feeling and experience it as much as you can. Its funny really the feeling you get from being ‘at home’. For me, it genuinely feels like a huge weight off my shoulders, something I am sure all of us could feel the benefit of every now and again. I feel light and happy, genuinely happy in its calmest form.

In this day and age, everything happens at a thousand miles an hour, so taking time to stop, is a luxury few of us can afford. And when we can, its definitely not as often as we would like to. I have never found anywhere else I switch off at the same level, or doing anything else and I crave it whenever I am not there.

For me, this has and always will be Canada. Specifically, Banff Alberta. My father and I adore skiing, he is in fact a qualified ski instructor so as you can imagine, I was taught to ski from a young age. I have been skiing since I was 4 years old, and first visited Canada when I was about 8 years old. Some places just hold so much beauty its impossible to put into words. I honestly cannot describe the peace of this place, there is nothing that compares. I think sometimes places feel like home because of how many memories or happy moments you've shared there. Canada is somewhere that reminds me of my Dad, so really holds a dear place in my heart and this year on my visit I decided to bring the view back with me right next to my heart. 

It doesn't matter where makes you feel like home, or around who. Instead it matters that you allow yourself that luxury as often as you can. I am not sure if anyone else gets such a weight off their shoulders feeling that I do, but I know when I feel at home, I feel so comfortable.
I have only live streamed a couple of times on my Instagram to be able to have a chat with you guys, but every time I have the question of 'how do you have the confidence or independence to travel alone?'. In all honesty, I travel by myself to places I know I love, or places I think I will find joy in visiting. If I think I will fit in there, the idea of visiting the place to me is so exciting that I can't resist considering travelling, whether it is by myself or with some company.

Travelling should never instil feelings of fear, but feelings of excitement and anticipation. There is a lot of cruelty in the world, events that scare us or make us cautious of anything new, but there is also so much beauty and so much good. I got a direct message the other day from someone who was worried about travelling alone for her own safety and fear of being attacked. Its such a shame to think that people feel held back by the fear of others around them. Finding places you adore, and places that feel at home really do take away any of these fears or uneasy feelings, and trust me its the best thing in the world. 

However, the truth is; how are we meant to find these places we love if we afraid to explore?

I hope you enjoyed this post, if you have any questions about anywhere I have visited or anything about travelling alone then please do comment below, I would love to chat with you. 


H x

Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Staying Relaxed with Drift

It's hard in this day and age to fully switch off, I know I find it hard. It seems taking time for us to actually sit and relax and catch up on what we want to is a luxury now. It's funny how simple little things can help with this, but it's just something we seem to forget to do. I have collaborated with Drift to bring you my little things that help me relax.

The environment I am in really effects how I am, whether I'm trying to work or whether I'm trying to relax. I remember when I was studying for me GCSE's and A Levels I was always told to find an environment that suits my ability to concerntrate, and this is something I've always remembered and find to be so true. When I am wanting to work, whether that be editing or writing, where I am greatly effects how I work - very similarly to how where I am effects how I relax. 

I'm admittedly very British in that my idea of relaxing always has a cup of tea in the equation, and I am not apologising for it. For me, there is nothing better than being comfortable with a cup of tea for me to really start to relax. You may see the little rabbit behind me on my bed, that's the little Drift bunny. Drift very kindly sent me a mattress to try out, and I have to say it's a whole different feel when I go to sleep now. 

Reading is, and has been for as long as I can remember, my true way of switching off. That's why when I go on holiday for a week or so, I tend to go through two or three books while I'm out there. I struggle to switch my mind off even if I am relaxing. So being able to escape to another world for a bit and have something else to concerntrate on really helps me. Even if you don't think you're into reading, I urge you to try and find a book you enjoy. I can assure you there will be something out there for you. One of my all time favourites is 'Alice' and 'Tuesdays With Morrie'. 

We are such a technological generation, that when we get into bed we tend to sit on our phones for a good hour or so before we actually sleep. I've always struggled to get to sleep after I put my phone away and really try and relax and switch off. This mattress has honestly made such a difference to the way I fall asleep, and the sleep I end up having. It's the only mattress on the market with a 4,000 micro pocket spring mattress with a very natural sleep surface (and trust me, it makes sleeping feel absolutely effortless). 

I spend a lot of time on my bed in my down time, so having something so comfy for me to watch movies in bed, or write up my blog posts is really important to me. It's crazy really how much of a difference something as simply as the mattress you sleep on can effect your relaxation levels, but for me it really has. 

If you're tying to juggle something important to you with your own sanity, it's silly how often we forget to look after ourself so we can focus on what it is we are really wanting to do. I've learnt this rectently, relaxing when you have chance, and sleeping as best you can really make such a difference to not only how you feel, but your attitude. 

If you'd like to hear more about the wonderful mattresses at Drift then click here!

I hope you enjoyed this little post about how I have found I relax best, let me know below what your favourite ways to relax are!


H x
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