Sunday, 15 January 2017

Long Haul Flights - My Top Tips

I thought in light of my upcoming trip to Canada on the 25th, I thought I would take the time to write up my top tips for travelling long haul from experience, trust me once you make a mistake once, you learn not to make it again!
This will be my first trip of 2017 with lots more lined up so I cannot wait to share the experiences with you. I have been going to Canada for a long time ever since I was young, I have always gone skiing with my Dad and its become a sort of tradition of ours, so I am more than used to it. My journey will consist of a flight from Manchester to Heathrow, then a 9 hour flight to Calgary and about a 3 hour travel to Banff, where I will be staying for two weeks. So, all in all, most likely about just under 20 hours of travel door to door. I know right.

Now, I am not exactly expecting you all to be embarking on such travel time, but anything over 6 hours requires a little bit more preparation and TLC. So, I wanted to give you some live by tips I have learnt over my times of long haul travel. 

First off PLEASE invest in a cabin case, I cannot explain to you how much easier this made my life when travelling, not just long haul but any flight at all. It means I can throw things that make my handbag heavy in there for short haul flights, or more meticulously pack it for long haul. They are easy to carry through the airport, and easily accessible for a flight. 

Over the times I have flown, I have definitely come to understand the essentials of long haul;

- Electrical Goods
(I would suggest anything that brings you any form of entertainment, your phone, laptop, iPad, portable games console. Pre-downloading TV shows is always a good one, but there will most likely be movies on the plane)
- Portable Charger
(This is definitely something I learnt the hard way... try going 20 hours on one phone charge.)
- Reading Materials
(For when you're sick of staring at a screen and want something more 'normal')
- Headphones
(Both in ear and over ear, trust me the in ear ones hurt after a few hours...)
- SNACKS!!!!
(There is NOTHING worse than going hungry on a flight, especially a long one. I recently made this mistake on my way to Atlanta, thinking I could buy snacks on the plane. In short, big mistake. Also helps for if the food on the plane isn't for you.)
- A Jumper
(Nothing worse than being cold, absolutely nothing.)

Now, those are the basic things I couldn't fly without, and form a pretty basic check list for me when I travel. However, if you do choose to travel with a carry on case, you are able to pack in a lot more things for your flight. Call them little luxuries if you will. I have found a few things that really help me almost enjoy long haul travel. Well, as best I can anyway... 

- Skincare and Makeup
(Before you roll your eyes, all I am meaning is some makeup wipes to be bare faced for the whole journey, some moisturiser or a face mask & lip balm. Then simply some concealer and mascara, or your super basic face, just so you can walk off the plane feeling a tad more put together.)
- A Change of Clothes
(Again, all I mean is a change of top, or leggings, just so if you're feeling a bit groggy in what you've travelled in then you can again, make yourself feel a bit more together before you head onwards from the flight.)
- Anything You Truly Value
(No matter what flight you're on, there is always a small risk your bag may be misplaced, so, for your own peace of mind, keep anything really valuable to you on your persons, either in your handbag or carry on, so you know you are the one responsible for it in transit.)
- Bring Work!
(I fell short of this one many times, especially when I would fly away skiing when I was still at school and had exams or holiday work to do. Now, its my emails or stocking up on blog posts or editing photos. You're pretty much stuck in one place for hours, you may as well make an hour or so productive...)
- Try and Help Your Sleep
(If you're on overnight, I would try a travel pillow - Ive never been a huge fan, but at least its something. An eye mask and earplugs are strangely useful, just to mostly block out the constant engine noises while in flight). 

 Now, I am in no means an expert, but these are genuinely some things I find REALLY help me with my flying and travelling, especially longer journeys. I hope these may be of some use to you, I will be adding some little shoppable images for you if you're wanting to stock up on some in flight essentials!


H x



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