Wednesday, 4 January 2017

2017 - I'm Not Sure Where You're Going, But I Know You'll Be Good

Well, Happy New Year lovelies. Anyone else feel like they are drowning in other peoples resolutions? Anyone else wanting to pull the plug on Facebook status's and la dee dah paragraphs?
If you already have everything pre-planned for 2017, then I bow down to you, all the power to you, you're incredible. I just know I don't. 

This is not me saying I have absolutely no idea where my 2017 is going, its just I am not quantifying exactly what it is I want to achieve. Half of me honestly cannot be bothered, but the other half of me is, honestly, is scared of setting myself up for failure. If I am going to be completely realistic with you all, I am of course very excited for what this year has to bring, but I am also terrified that it won't meet my inner expectations. I have no doubt that no matter where it goes, I will make it work out for the best, but the not knowing is the hard part.  

Don't get me wrong I have some resolutions, like get fit before I go skiing, try and post more blog posts every week, shoot more, and hopefully move out as soon as I am able and start my own little life. But I don't have some grand vision for how my 2017 will play out, I just hope its a successful one, that gets me to a position I am comfortable in. 

Its a little bit scary speaking your dreams and goals out loud, because it makes them tangible, and real, especially if you tell someone else, you cant go back. Scary huh. I would love my blog to properly take off, after all the hard work I put in and hope to continue to put in, I would love for it to turn into something long term, I am determined to try my best to make this happen. I just don't feel like your resolutions have to be so bold and grand they can be broad and less specific. Like, bringing yourself more success, or happiness or peace. Or little things like visiting Grandparents more (this is one I am very guilty of), or shopping less god knows, whatever it is you want. But make it something you really WANT, not something you feel you should want. 

I would hope I am not alone of being scared to make true resolutions for the fear of failure. I don't mean ones like giving up drinking, or eating healthier, you and only you are in control of the fate of those resolutions so you truly choose to stick to them or stray. I mean the ones that are out of our full control. Perhaps the resolution I need, is accepting that a lot of things I truly care about, are out of my control, and to stop worrying over it all. I am going to make sure what I am in control of is heading in the direction I want, and hope for the best with everything I have no control over and stop bloody worrying about it. Sometimes you're ahead, sometimes you're behind, the race is long and in the end its only with yourself. So, calm. 

I think you should do the same, I think thats not a bad universal resolution. Accept what you have no control over, and damn well make sure you do what you can to get where you want without other people dictating it for you, that you do have a choice over. Making decisions for the betterment of yourself more than those for the betterment of others. 

I didn't fancy making up some sugar coated resolutions to make myself sound very well thought out or seemingly having everything together, I wanted to just say, you can forge your own path for 2017 if you allow yourself to, but its okay to just hope for the best. You'll be in good company, its what everyone else is doing. 

2017, the year when Hayleigh Jade McCullough continues to ramble and thanks her lucky stars you're here to listen. 


H x



  1. I love this post Hayleigh! I'm so apprehensive about this year too - I want it to be successful but like you said, I don't want to set myself up for failure. I think we just have to take each day as it comes and see what the year brings! Happy New Year lovely! xxx

    1. Happy New Year gorgeous! Its hard to be positive all the time, but gotta look forward! Im sure 2017 will be amazing for you!

      H xx


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