Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Top Tips for Sale Shopping w/ Cheshire Oaks Designer Outlet

If you've been a follower of my Instagram or my blog for a while then I am sure you are fully aware of how much I love sale shopping, and how much I take advantage of them when the sale period comes around every year. 

I recently collaborated with McArthurGlen Cheshire Oaks Designer Outlet, somewhere I have been going to shop with my family for as long as I can remember, therefore its always been somewhere I have continued to go. Sales are hard to shop if you really don't know how, it can be overwhelming and frankly, very stressful and tiring. 

I am a bit of a hardcore sale shopper I must admit, I don't mind the hours looking I actually really like it, or waiting for further reductions and getting the best deal I can. This is where the beauty and ease of Cheshire Oaks really always has come in for me for as long as I have been going. First off, its an outlet. Meaning that regardless of what time of year you go, everything is discounted from the normal high street retail prince. All year round sales, whats not to love? Well, it actually does get better. They have THEIR OWN SALE! Yes, you heard correctly. You can get sale, on sale. 

I think my honest top tip for sale shopping is do not overwhelm yourself, I know I can handle a lot of time looking around and some people just really don't like this, sometimes it can be chaotic and messy and it just really puts you off. If you're wanting to go for a sale shopping experience, visiting an outlet village like Cheshire Oaks is a really amazing way to go. Its all very put together and organised, alongside it all being in one loop of a walk, with many restaurants and potential pit stops en route. Its a much more relaxing experience thats for sure, and thats from someone who knows!

Its always good to have in mind where you are wanting to go and look before you actually set out shopping.What brands are your favourites? Is there anything specific you are wanting to buy? I checked out the full list of shops available to me on the Cheshire Oaks website, which allowed me to know where I really wanted to spend my time looking. For me, this was Coach, Doc Martins, The Kooples, The Cosmetic Company, Mulberry and Bose. These are just a few of my favourite shops at Cheshire Oaks so I knew where I was heading. 

Another HUGE top tip for me when sale shopping somewhere where its not fast paced and you don't have to make hugely quick purchasing decisions is to go round the shops twice and really scope out all your options before buying anything. This worked out amazingly for me on my visit, as I really loved the look of a Furla miniature handbag on my first snoop, but then chose a different designer bag by the end. 

But what should you look out for when you're sale shopping, like I did?

Something BOLD. Something different. 

The beauty of sales for me, is that all the beautiful different pieces go on sale. I am a sucker for something more unique looking than an everyday black or grey. Don't get me wrong, I have them in my collection, but for me, picking something out that is a little bit more unique really makes a purchase more special, especially if its more of a high end piece. 

I knew when I was heading to Cheshire Oaks that I was going to be buying something from Coach, its one of my favourite designers. I knew they had recently collaborated with Disney for a range, but really did not expect for there to actually be any pieces left. I couldn't have been happier when I went in store. There was 30% off the whole shop, off the lowest outlet price which is already amazing, but then a WHOPPING 50% off the Coach x Disney collection. This meant that this beauty was 50% off the already amazing price of £199 down from over £500. So, I managed to snag the bag I had been LUSTING over for £99. I couldn't have asked for more. 

I also managed to snap up some other absolutely amazing pieces. I got a Coach backpack for when I do all my travelling and going into and out of town to work with my laptop. It is a gorgeous mens black leather backpack, and that was £299 with an extra 30% off that. 
The final pieces I managed to get in the sale were a pair of Doc Martins, which happened to be the colour style, and leather I have always wanted. All black including stitching with grained leather. I can safely say they are the comfiest shoes I have owned in a long time and have absolutely fell in love. The key to sale shopping is to not be instantly blinded by a good reduction, its all about keeping an eye out for those pieces you know you will be able to style. 
Finally, an incredible Bose speaker, which if you were watching my Instagram stories when I visited Leeds I absolutely fell in love with in my hotel room. I use it every day, and for someone who doesn't have an AUX lead in my car, its heaven. 

I think in general, sale shopping can be overwhelming. Therefore, being able to make a day of it and make it as stress free as possible is one of my absolute top tips, it really ruins it otherwise. For ease of shopping, and a bloody good deal I have always trusted going to Cheshire Oaks. In the years of going there I don't think I have ever come back empty handed. With the likes of; All Saints, Burberry, Nike, The Kooples, Bose, Coach, Furla, Lulu Guinnes, Timberland, The Cosmetic Company and literally so many more, I could not recommend a visit more if you are local or a drive away!

I will be uploading more posts about my favourite ways to shop around so make sure you keep an eye out for those posts. This post was sponsored by Cheshire Oaks, however I have been visiting them for years as you may have seen on my Instagram so you know I am a huge fan! Make sure you head over before the sales end, I cannot stress how worth your while it will be. Happy Shopping!


H x

Monday, 26 June 2017

Falling in Love with Leeds with Radisson Blu

I was lucky enough to be given the chance to stay in the newly renovated Radisson Blu hotel in Leeds city centre. I had only visited Leeds a couple of times, and had never really had much chance to properly explore it. The limited time I had spent there though, told me I was going to love it. I remember being initially impressed with how gorgeous the architecture and how there were so many different aspects to Leeds that really make you fall in love with it. I drove down to Leeds on my lonesome, ready to spend a couple of days exploring.

My first point of call when I arrived was having a look around, I had to kill some time before I checked into my hotel room, so having a stroll around and getting my bearings seemed like the right thing to do. Scroll down to see some of the gorgeous places I visited;

After a hell of a lot of walking I headed back into the hotel as I was now able to check in. I am going to be completely honest with you guys, I have NEVER been so in awe of a hotel room in my life. I was given my key, headed up, and was not ready for the beauty of my suite. Yes, you heard right, suite. If I am not mistaken my room was a junior suite, and it was gorgeous. It had a lounge area, a desk and dining area and a huge bed, wardrobe and bathroom space. I have never been in such a gorgeous room. The fact is, its probably the biggest room I have stayed in, and remember, this was just little old me in this room. I would be telling a massive lie, if I said I didn't connect my phone to the Bose speaker in the room (oh so suave) and have a little dance party. I was taking advantage of the floor space thats for sure...

What really made me fall in love, was the building the hotel had been built in. It had beautiful high ceilings, and gorgeous tall windows, which lead to such a gorgeous sunset right outside my windows, and the light just hit the walls of my room so beautifully. They had kept the gorgeous old style metal windows, and my little inside lover of little aspects of pretty buildings was very happy. The hotel is part of The Light shopping complex in Leeds City Centre, so you are steps away from restaurants, cafes and the cinema and then about 5/10 minutes from the city centre. I really enjoy this from any hotel I stay in, how close it is to what I need and want. I always like going for a wander when I stay anywhere, no  matter where in the world it is, so I really enjoyed a Starbucks on the doorstep, and a cinema!

There was also a gorgeous restaurant on site too, which is always handy especially if you are travelling alone, and are perhaps not used to doing so. Its nice to just be able to ring down and book yourself in, and because they are in the hotel, you don't always feel the same pressure to dress up. Or, you always have the beauty of room service. Which brings me onto breakfast, ohhhhh breakfast! You really cannot beat a breakfast in bed in a gorgeous hotel room. Whether you have it in bed, or in my case on my own little dining table!

For ease of access, I was really surprised at how well located this Radisson was. I spoke to a couple of friends who lived in Leeds and they said that it had to be one of the best located hotels in the city. They have a range of rooms, and their standard rooms look just as stunning and gorgeous. For me, you can't beat an amazing bed, and an amazing hotel bathroom. 

Leeds itself is a gorgeous city. Don't get me wrong Manchester is my absolute favourite, but I was really taken back by the beauty of Leeds. They have such stunning buildings, gorgeous little shops and shopping centres. There are some gorgeous and stunning old arcades with cafe's and little independent shops. I have always been told Edinburgh is the same, with a lot of different and independent places to see and to eat at, and I think that perhaps Leeds is England answer to Edinburgh. But, for a gorgeous city for a little break away or a special break away, its really a perfect fit. Gorgeous little arcades and shops to wander round, and from what I've heard and had minimal experience of, has a very fun nightlife. I've visited Angelica Leeds, which has a gorgeous 360 vista view from the top of Trinity Shopping area in Leeds, and would be absolutely spectacular for drinks or food in the Summer time. 

I know I need to head back and experience more of the food scene in Leeds, one of my absolute favourite aspects of visiting new places. 

I hope you enjoyed this new travel post, I absolutely fell in love with Leeds and will be visiting absolutely again in the future. If any of you are from Leeds, I would LOVE to hear your recommendations on where to go and where to eat. 


H x


Sunday, 21 May 2017

Lets Talk About - Bullsh*tting a Skincare Routine

I wish I could sit here and tell you that I have some really amazing and elaborate morning and night routine that I could photograph or video for you all with perfect lighting and a gorgeous bathroom, but that would be a load of absolute crap. There are women who do have these incredible routines, and I have nothing but admiration for them, It amazes me. Even more so, those who then create gorgeous content and videos around it for their viewers and readers. 

I just don't want to lie to you. 

I think I have committed the cardinal sins of skincare;- I sometimes forget to take my makeup off before bed, I don't always moisturise, I pick my spots. IM SORRY. Call me dramatic, but I find sticking to a skincare routine about just as difficult as sticking to a diet. I'm absolutely useless. I can manage it for a couple of weeks if I know I have something coming up, but long term I just can't get it to stick. 

I really don't think I am stretching too far out to say that its most likely that the majority of you can perhaps relate to this. I want to be here to tell you, THATS COMPLETELY FINE. Not everyone has time, not everyone has the money and frankly, not everyone can be arsed. I fear I may fall into the latter category. Don't get me wrong I have tried, and maybe lasted about a week or so of the cleansers followed by scrubs followed by toners followed by serums then masks then moisturisers, its mind numbing and you'll always miss a bloody step trying. I personally, find it exhausting and impossible to keep up with. As I said, I have nothing but admiration for those who are able to keep up such a strenuous routine, but its really not for me, or most really. I absolutely love skincare, just not the routine part...

Just make sure seeing all this night routines, morning routines, holiday routines etc etc you don't feel like you should have one, because I don't think many do. That being said, I have some products I use on the regular that I think are bloody fabulous. I have one thing for its own purpose, not a million different things that essentially do the same job. I have found some products that I believe fall into the skincare category I absolutely adore - so here they are. My tried and true. All of the products will be shoppable at the end of the post so make sure you read through to the end!

Here goes, my absolute atrocity of a so called 'skincare routine' if I can even call it that. How about 'What I Use When I Need To'?... Better. 

For Nighttime

I had to kick this all off with my favourite product here. The Kiehls Midnight Recovery Concentrate. I have gone through three of these, this is one of the ONLY products I have ever repurchased out of sheer love and results. At first, the idea of using oils on my skin didn't really appeal to me. I imagined it being sticky and very obvious on the skin, and I was worried the oil would have an adverse effect on me breaking out. This is almost an oil that you forget you've put on, its not thick at all - but its enough that you can feel you've put something on your skin. It takes a while to absorb into the skin, hence why its for your 'nighttime routine' and will leave your skin feeling INCREDIBLE in the morning. 

For Some Colour

I am naturally quite pale, and due to my really sensitive skin all over my body and skin issues like eczema it has meant I have never really been able to use fake tan (heartbreaking right). However the skin on my face has never had these problems, and frankly I find myself much more flattering with some colour to my skin. This gradual face tanner from Chanel is the best face tan I have ever tried. Its not immediate, or overpowering. I tend to put it on at night, and in the morning I wake up with a really healthy glow and colour, kind of like you've been sat out in the sun for the day. Its build able if you want it darker, but for one off use - its nothing offensive.   

For Intense Moisture

If I feel like my skin has gone really dry, or isn't feeling itself - I want to use something I can feel working. This Kiehls Pure Vitality is exactly that. This is a thicker cream, and I can definitely feel it on my skin, but when I am using this, thats what I am using it for. This has extracts of honey in it, giving it an initial stickier feeling, but once its had chance to settle into the skin it really leaves your skin feeling insanely smooth and soft. When my skin is dry, I don't want something that is going to sink in right away, this cream just feels like you're giving your skin an insanely luxurious treat. 

For A Quick Refresh

This is the newest of all these products for me, but something I love none the less. I adore setting sprays and facial sprays as I have a lot of makeup free days when I am at home working. I love to spray them on my skin when I wake up in the morning before makeup or throughout the day if I am having a makeup free one. I just love how refreshing this feels in general on my skin, alongside the base it gives for my makeup or the refresh my makeup may need in the day without using a setting spray. 

For Lips

I could sit here and write about how much I love Elizabeth Arden all night long. It has been a product I have been using since I was a little girl as its always been a favourite of my mothers. This is a product and a line I have recommended to friends, family and strangers alike more than any other brand. This. Stuff. Is. Magic. This is my go to for pretty much anything skin related. Dryness, chapped lips, healing injuries, eczema and I even used this to heel my tattoo and it did in a matter or days, not weeks. This is honestly incredible and comes in so many different forms. The classic Eight Hour Cream Skin Protectant is perfect for your every need, and then there are more specific lines if you're looking for something more specifically tailored. 

And Finally, A Damn Miracle

Wow. I haven't got much to say besides wow for these products. This is the Rapid Lash and Rapid Brow that I have been using religiously every night before bed for a month. I have always seen items online claiming to be lash serums or brow serums to promote growth, but I have never bought into it actually working. But my god it does. I have been using this as I said for just over a month, and the difference in my lashes is amazing, I am IN LOVE. I love my lashes now, and love my brows even more. If you are having trouble growing out your eyebrows, or want thicker lashes, I could not recommend trying these products out for yourself, I was blown away. 

I hope you enjoyed this post, and hopefully it helped you if you were looking for something to kickstart whatever sort of 'routine' you fancy. I've linked all the products below - mostly all from Look Fantastic! Happy shopping!


H x


Monday, 15 May 2017

Is Gran Canaria on your Summer Radar? #TravelSeries w/ Radisson Blu Mogan

I am always on the look out for new places to travel to, somewhere thats going to surprise me and give me a unique experience really setting it apart from anywhere else I have been. Recently I was lucky enough to be invited along by Radisson to the opening of their new resort hotel in Mogan (link here), Gran Canaria. We were out for a few days to be given a whirlwind tour of just a few of the experiences that Gran Canaria and Mogan itself had to offer.

I had never been to Gran Canaria before, having been to Tenerife I had my assumptions that it would be of a similar nature. I arrived, and was immediately blown away with the Radisson Blu Hotel and Gran Canaria itself. It was by far one of the biggest hotels I have ever stayed in, nestled into the scenic surroundings, it rested in almost a mountainous looking bay. Being a very new build, only being opened in December of last year (2016), the building itself and its interior was absolutely to die for.

I checked in, and was so impressive with my room. There is nothing I don't find, that is more satisfying than a gorgeous hotel room. Crisp clean colours with aesthetically pleasing glass partitions gave the rooms a gorgeous modern feel. I always feel so relaxed in hotel rooms, I don't know about any of you. I had a gorgeous and absolutely humongous bed, a beautiful his&hers bathroom, with a huge bathtub and shower. The space itself was really well thought out, a large television screen with easy viewing from the comfort of your bed or the sofa. The most incredible part however was my gorgeous deck area. I had my own little personal and rather large balcony, with two personal sun loungers overlooking the gorgeous pool and bar areas.
The facilities within the hotel meant you really didn't have to leave if you were so inclined. There was a separate 'adult' area with a large pool and a bar, within close proximity to the spa and restaurants on the floor below. Then there was a larger separate area for 'play' more suited to the younger visitors to the hotel.

I thought I knew what to expect, but I really don't think I did. The landscape was so much more gorgeous than I first imagined. We drove around day by day and visited some of the best areas on the Island to really experience what Gran Canaria had to offer us. The Island itself is very impressive, with inhabitants of around 800,000, with around 350,000 of these living in Las Palmas.

Las Palmas was gorgeous. Stunning architecture, hidden side streets and beautiful features. It really captured the intricate beauty of a Spanish town but in the heart of a gorgeous island. I love to roam where I am visiting, and through the small side streets with high shuttered windows and climbing flowers above and around - it was definitely somewhere you could get lost adventuring in, and it the most amazing way. Granted, I didn't have much time to explore, but from what I saw, I was more than impressed.

I have to say the most impressive part of my stay in Gran Canaria was visiting an unbelievable little town in the absolute heart of what felt like a set off Jurassic World, high on mountainous roads you really didn't think you would make it through, sat this peaceful little village. After a stunning boatride we took a trip into the heart of the mountains to come and have a native dining experience in a little restaurant nestled in this hidden gem. Its something to admire the beauty of somewhere you visit, but its another this to be in absolute awe.

The juxtaposition of the landscapes of Gran Canaria was, in a way, matched in the Radisson Blu Mogan. There were areas that were tranquil and relaxing, much like driving through the gorgeous mountains. Alongside areas of hustle and bustle, the entertainment rooms, restaurant and bar alongside Mogan itself. What I really took away from my visit to Gran Canaria was how truly awe inspiring places that you really don't always expect to be, actually are. If you are looking for somewhere stunning, calm yet exciting and scenically spectacular, I urge you to consider Gran Canaria - a place I know I will be venturing back to soon.

I hope you enjoyed this post, I hope it may have given you some inspiration if you're still considering where to jet off to for some needed sun and relaxation. Keep scrolling to see some more gorgeous shots from my visit. If you'd like to check out the Radisson Blu Mogan hotel click here!


H x

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