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My Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide 2016

Okay, so here it is (dear lord this took a long time guys...) my Christmas gift guide 2016! This is a pretty damn massive collection of gifts and inspiration for you all for your loved ones this year! There will be links to all and as many of the products as I am able to give you, so happy shopping loves!

I have always loved Christmas, and honestly one of the main reasons is I really do love giving back to the people in my life. The idea of going shopping for people's Christmas presents mades me a sad amount of happy... I always love going out and looking for things that I know different people will love. I have always given presents I would be happy to receive, whether they be personal, or a treat. Everything in this gift guide I will be giving to members of my family and friends (I have a few left overs I will not lie, but I wanted to give you all a huge selection!!). 
Hope you enjoy this post, and have ALL the Christmas excitement!

The Wonderful Mothers!

This little selection I had in mind for Mothers and other female close relations, its mainly a collection of more seemingly luxurious treats you can gift someone this Christmas. I absolutely adore Jo Malone, it has always been my go to brand when treating a close friend or my mother, and would be my first choice if looking for a gift for say, an Aunt or a Grandmother. They really just feel like such luxurious gifts to receive, especially as they always come in the most gorgeous gift boxes and such a wide range of scents. 

If you already know what scent the special someone loves, then I always think its a lovely idea to either restock their favourites, or buy them something different! The employees at Jo Malone are some of the most helpful people ever, its a pretty daunting brand if you've not found the scents you love as there are so many and so many different ranges. They can figure out what you like, and figure out what other scents compliment the ones you, or you loved ones, like. 
The candles are always a perfect option if they already have lots of the body ranges, or just for an extra treat! Perfect to gift to a couple as well for the home, or even your parents!

This time of year, Jo Malone always come out with gorgeous gift sets as well, with exclusive scents and items inside. They do some gorgeous little Christmas crackers with teeny tiny little products in them. This candle set is absolutely gorgeous too, I thought it was a really perfect gift for someone who is wanting to try out some new scents but isn't sure which they love, or to put a little candle in different rooms of the house!
Have a browse of the Jo Malone website here.

Gifts for the Skincare Lovers!

I really fell in love with Kiehls this year, and they came out with some gorgeous Christmas themed versions of some of their favourite and best selling products, combining some gorgeous products with some gorgeous gift sets and ideas! Christmas sets of skincare are a really great idea if you know someone loves their skin routine, but also you don't really know exactly what they use. Gift sets tend to have a little bit of everything in, so they are a really great option if they are coming from a great brand. There were some gorgeous Clarins sets photographed earlier that had 5 or 6 different small products in them. Such an amazing gift, but also a really easy way for someone to try out a little bit of everything!

For The Make-up Lover! 

Many women love their makeup, thats just how it is. Sometimes, well actually a lot of the time, we don't or can't really justify buying ourselves any more high end makeup because we figure we could be spending the money elsewhere. Nice makeup, is always a lovely gift to receive, especially all the sparkly Christmas shades they come out with every year... If you know someone who loves makeup getting them something thats been really talked about this year, or just a really nice high end lipstick is just a really sweet way of giving someone some extra special makeup they can wear for special occasions. 

Around Christmas time there are always some gorgeous holiday palettes that come out from the high end brands. This one is a Giorgio Armani travel palette and the shimmery shades are to die for, its got everything you need for a full makeup look. A full palette is also a really great gift because the person can take it away with them when they travel and have everything they need for eyes and powders. (Ive added some of m favourites in the shoppable images below!)
Individual makeup items are just as wonderful as gifts or even little stocking fillers if you fancy. I came across some of the most sparkly eyeshadow I have ever seen in my life at Urban Decay, its called 'Space Cowboy' and its honestly amazing everyone should own it, so treat someone who loves some sparkle! 
Perhaps you know someone who loves their highlight, then this Urban Decay highlight in 'Sin' may be a perfect gift. Finally from Urban Decay, in my opinion a must have for ANY makeup lover, the infamous setting spray. They may have it already but trust me even if they do, they'll adore you for getting it them, can't go wrong!!

For Him!

Okay so, its no secret that the amount of gifts readily available in every high-street shop is definitely much more heavily weighted to the females over the male population... It would seem that it is a little harder to find gifts that aren't extortionately expensive for guys, but are actually still lovely gifts. 
You can't go wrong with cologne, its always a winner, especially if you know what their favourite scent it, lots of gift sets around guys cologne often come with added extras such as shower gel etc, but its a fancy shower gel right??
Jo Malone again, do a lot of unisex fragrances, alongside the candles. I suggest the Intense range for guys over the normal range, a bit more expensive, but the scents are much deeper and richer alongside an all black aesthetic to the packaging. 

Along the fragrance and beauty route, men do have skin too! If you know someone who isn't really into owning a load of cologne (AKA my Father) then opt for some sort of skincare, but make it a little fancy so it feels luxurious haha! For example, my Father this year asked for Chanel aftershave balm (fancy I know..........) so, instead of buying him cologne he will never wear, I figured this was a good route to go down. 
Many well loved skincare brands for women almost always have a mens range, for example these bits from Kiehls, a body scrub soap bar and some skin serum. Men want lovely skin too! Even if they don't admit it!

This isn't all mens items pictured here but I didn't have a mens beanie and gloves to hand haha! If you know someone who loves the cold or skiing, warm jumpers, gloves and hats are ALWAYS appreciated (trust me I know). This matching set from Superdry is gorgeous, alongside the mens range at Superdry being to die for, its worth checking out. Check out the ASOS picks below too. Or perhaps they love writing, or like to keep a diary? As someone who loves to jot things down, there is nothing better than being able to do so in a really gorgeous notebook. Finding a lovely leather notebook, or even having one personalised could be a really simple but thoughtful gift to the right person. 
For a boyfriend or perhaps a brother, sometimes an item of clothing is a good option, either a jacket or a nice jumper. Its always worth checking the sales this time of year as there are always some sneaky discounts from some of your favourite brands, like the The Kooples denim jacket linked below, its on sale!!!
Finally, a watch. There are so many watches out there, but they are always lovely gifts if you know someone who is an avid watch wearer, or simply doesn't have one! These his&hers watches are from Nick Cabana, I have another watch of theirs, the uber popular chainmail looking silver ones, and I love it. This all black mens watch I completely fell in love with, its such a classic look, and the all black is sleek as hell. (They very kindly gave me a 15% off code for you all, its not an affiliate, just a way to save money! its hayleigh15) visit Nick Cabana by clicking here!

Finally some good old fragrance, the present thats good for everyone! Ive added below some for inspiration, some of my favourite smells!

I hope you enjoyed this post, happy shopping I hope I could give you some inspiration. I know this has exhausted me, not sure about you. Time for a cup of tea haha, you get one a have a good ol' internet shop of this post!

Love, H x



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