Sunday, 4 December 2016

24 hours in Venice, how would I spend it?

There is an Italian phrase "dolce far niente" meaning literally "sweet doing nothing" speaking of the sweet idleness and pleasure in doing nothing at all. As you all know, I am an advocate of finding contentment and being able to feel as content as possible, whenever possible. After my recent post about finding out what makes you happy, I remembered the sheer bliss that comes from the sound of the movement of water at dusk. I remembered the calmness of sitting on a beach in the dead of night and listening to the waves lap onto the shore. My mother and step father visited Venice once a few years ago and spoke of the contrast between the bustle of it being a vibrant city and the peacefulness of the waters running through it. 

I have many places I want to visit on my Traveller Series in the new year as you may already know, so I decided to add Venice onto the list. I am wanting to find a city to combine the perfect amount of relaxation with the perfect level of excitement and beautiful culture, and I think this may be it. There is something beautifully romantic about the idea of Venice, whether it be a lone adventure, as a couple or with family. It just seems to offer something so very unique, and I am sure the countless love stories and films shot there has slightly romanticised it for me, but never the less, I am wanting to try and visit in the New Year.

But how would I spend 24 hours in this gorgeous city? Ive had a little research on the gorgeous destination and come up with a little 24hour bucket list.

1. Take some time out. 

Holidays are all about taking some time out, regardless where you are travelling to. Even if it would only be for 24 hours. I spoke of the joy I get from simply sitting and reading when I need a break. So, I would go out of my way to make sure I took an hour or two to just stop and observe. I would find myself a beautiful little cafe, I believe this gorgeous cafe is called Cafe Florien. Everyone loves a good people watch on holiday don't they? I could definitely see myself here for a couple of hours, head in a book and the bustle around me with a good old cup of tea. 

2. You're in Venice, how could you not?

This will come as no surprise I am sure, but I would need to go on a gondola, how could you not?! This is where the sheer bliss of the sound of water comes in, imagine peacefully sailing on a gondola at sunset listening to the city and the water, sounds like heaven right? This is I am sure an absolute must when visiting Venice. It would be like going to Paris and not seeing the Eiffel Tower, you miss out!!
I think this would be a really beautiful way to spend the sunset of my 24 hours, and really experience a key feature of gorgeous Venice. 

3. Vivaldi in Venice

Not for everyone, but I am a sucker for classical music every now and again. Its just so beautiful and calming, and how could you not go to listen to Vivaldi in Venice?! I just think it would be a really beautiful way to spend the evening, some amazing food in a gorgeous Venetian restaurant followed by some gorgeous classical music, a perfect end to 24 hours in Venice I would think. It seems there are a number of music halls in Venice that showcase some of the most beautiful music of almost al genres, so I would think there could be something for everyone. 

4. ICE CREEAMMMM and all the Italian food. 

I LOVE FOOD. Its no secret, at all. So I wouldn't be able to not seek out the best Gelato in town, I would be in Italy for goodness sake, it would be a crime not to!! It would seem that the place to be is called Boutique Del Gelato (I only researched the essential information for this post as you can tell...). So I would be making a b-line for it as soon as I arrived. 

I absolutely adore Italian food, it has always had my absolute favourite favourite dishes, so I would be in food heaven in Venice thats for sure. As it would only be for 24 hours, I would have every excuse to stuff my face all day, surely? Pizza for lunch and carb filled pasta for dinner I think. I think I would fly back in a Venetian food coma, but I am very okay with this. (who wouldn't be?!)

5. Wandering, with the aim of getting lost. 

You all know I love to walk, I will walk for hours in new places, just to make sure I try and see everything I can. I want to be able to take everything in. I hate getting taxi's abroad unless absolutely necessary, I feel like I miss out on truly experiencing a city and its nooks and crannies if I simply drive the main roads. I have round some of my favourite spots in new cities from just wandering around without any real aim or purpose. If I come along a lovely shop, I will go in. If I find a lovely little cafe, I will go and sit in. Places I maybe wouldn't have had the chance to find if I hadn't been walking around. I also think it gives you a really unique experience to visit as if you lived there, day to day going about your journey, I like to have both tourist experiences when I am away alongside the 'living like a local' aspect of travelling. I think it really allows you to form a true opinion about a location this way.

I hope you enjoyed this little imaginary 24 hours in Venice, I think I may do these sorts of posts more often, as a bit of travel inspiration to myself.

Let me know your thoughts!


H x

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