Wednesday, 16 November 2016

The Lone Traveller Series - Kicking off some Independence

Some of you may have seen the Instagram image I posted a few weeks ago, I am wanting to expand the travel side of my blog. Travel has always been something i absolutely adore, whether it be travelling with my family, with friends or alone. However, with this series, I am wanting to add in an element of independence, something which I am a huge believer and promoter of through my blog and within my own life. I am aiming to have a segment on my blog at least once a month for you all about the travels I have been on, with tips, tricks and more personal reflections on these experiences I have been able to have.
I added the 'Lone' aspect of this series to represent the fact that I am wanting to promote the idea that you don't need someone to travel with to be able to visit and experience the places I have always dreamed of. I don't believe that something like not having anyone to go with should stop anyone from being able to enrich their lives through travelling, or anything else for that matter. You wanna do it? Go ahead.  I would hope that perhaps this series may inspire some people to take the plunge and go to the places they want to go either with the people around them, or by themselves.

There are so many places I am hoping to be able to travel to, to be able to create some gorgeous and different content for you all on my Instagram and my blog. I have my Amsterdam travels to write up for you and I am currently in Atlanta, with some 'lone' long haul travel posts coming your way, I am really excited for this series, I am hoping that its something a little different that you will love reading.

I would love to hear from you all about what aspect of travel you would actually want to know about, I have always found that when reading travel blog posts or reviews, sometimes its all positive focused with less of a realistic approach to what actually happens when you travel to certain places. Or, what not to pack and what wasn't needed when perhaps it was assumed it was. I want to try and give a much more honest and open approach to my travel and as to whether it ended up being what I thought it was going to be or not.

I really can't wait to kick start this series for you all. I have high hopes for it, and that it can be something you will all enjoy.


H x

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