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A/W Jacket Lookbook with Superdry Global

Some of you may have seen and read my recent posts with Superdry from when I was lucky enough to go behind the scenes for their amazing A/W Jacket campaign. I have just partnered with them to present to you my absolute favourite picks from their jacket collections that you can pick up and style this winter! I wanted to create a few different looks with some of my favourites from the collection, both practical and stylish. Keep reading on to find out how I styled them all up. 

I have always loved the snow, I am going away to Canada in the new year and am always on the look out for something cosy and stylish for when it gets a hell of a lot colder or if I am going away somewhere where there will be snow! I am also a huge lover of going on walks in beautiful places, so as it gets colder, its nice to find something to keep you cosy on your little mini adventures. 

This is their Glacier Biker Jacket in white, I absolutely loved the fur collar, I knew it would make this coat super cosy. I have always liked fur hooded padded jackets for when its cold, but I would normally opt for a darker colour, usually black. This time however I wanted to try and style this more practical jacket in a more 'stylish' way, so I thought going for a crisp white would be a really amazing contrast with the outfit I paired it with, or it would be a perfect pop to an all black look! Pair this with a black roll neck jumper, some black jeans and heeled boots and you can rock winter style without turning into an icicle!!

I paired this coat with a simple pair of blue jeans (always a winner, cant go wrong!) and a Superdry turtle neck jumper. I was really drawn to this jumper because of the gorgeous detailing on the front. I usually go for very plain colours and styles in my jumpers, just because it tends to make them more versatile and practical. However this beauty really stood out to me, it just gave the look a little something extra I thought!

I think when it comes to your Winter wardrobe, its essential to try and make sure that whatever your buying is comfortable and practical, ESPECIALLY when it comes to buying coats and jackets. Sometimes you can be a little bit blinded by a current popular style or a design you really like, but if you spend money on something poor quality or something that won't keep you warm when you wear it, you loose out. I have been wearing all of these jackets for a few weeks, I wanted to be able to give you an honest review and opinion on them, and this style is ridiculously cosy, so if you're wanting something to keep you very toasty yet looking good at the same time, this is your coat!

Next up is a jacket with a very on trend style of the time, suede. Suede has absolutely taken over the high street and online fashion retailers recently and I know I have definitely fallen in love with the look (and the feel!) of it. If you are a avid lover of a good leather jacket, but perhaps feel like you need a slight change, but you know your heart truly lies with your leather... This may be for you, a suede leather jacket!! (haha). I have a few leather jackets I wear frequently, my favourite of which is actually in the next look. But I absolutely loved the feel of this jacket, with the gorgeous pocket detailing, its simple, but the material gives it that something special. 

This was a very simple every day look, I always try and give you guys outfits and looks you can easily recreate at home if you like. I took the same turtle neck as before, and wore it with some plain black jeans and ankle boots. The all round monochromatic feel of this look makes it really easy to wear, and to dress up or down too. Switch the jumper for a nice shirt, and the ankle boots for heeled boots and you've got yourself some winter date night attire!

Writing this, I have found it amusing how my idea of 'not black' is white, which is still just an unadventurous with colour... Oops! Sorry about that loves!

Now to my favourite part. THE LEATHER. I absolutely completely and utterly fell in love with this jacket while I was on location at the shoot at RAF Cardington. I remember saying 'oh please can I borrow this jacket to shoot some pictures quickly!' it got quickly and secretly robbed off one of the models and I snuck outside to shoot the amazing images in front of the hanger. They ended up being some of my favourites shots of me from 2016, the green tones were just gorgeous against the all black outfit. That day I paired it with a pair of black jeans, a black roll neck top and my trusty Prada boots, an all black match made in heaven. 

This is definitely my favourite looks of all the ones I shot, I didn't want it to be all black again, but wanted it to stay relatively simple and focus on the look of the layers over anything else. This look is all Superdry bar my jeans, isn't it to die for!

Superdry was never somewhere I would think to look for shoes, however I saw these suede ankle boots when I was down at the Regent Street store and was taken aback by the quality and fit of them. I knew they would work amazing for this shoot, and have been a favourite boot of mine ever since. 

A scarf is the biggest winter necessity you will need, get yourself a good collection of cosy big ass scarves and you'll be laughing when the snow comes. The good thing about wearing relatively understated colours and plain patterns means you can add a touch of interest with something like a scarf. I really loved the length of this v neck jumper, I loved how the layering looked under the jacket and the dangling buckle, a match made in heaven!

I really enjoyed shooting this look book for you, I hope you have found some winter inspiration for when it will be getting much colder, alongside perhaps a few items to add onto your christmas list! All links to products will be down below for you, so you can shop the look yourself! A huge thank you to Superdry for working with me on this, you're all amazing!


H x

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