Wednesday, 2 November 2016

A Little Bit of All Black and Learning to Express Yourself

I have such an ever changing style and frankly its one of my favourite things about myself, I adore make up and beautiful shoes and handbags and pretty sparkly skirts and dresses, but on the other hand I adore oversized shirts, all black and comfy trainers. I think there is so much creative leeway within your personal style and it can be a relatively safe place to express yourself in as little or as big of a way as you want. I am sure a lot of people are the same in that what they walk out the door in sometimes varies greatly dependant on what music they were listening to when they were getting ready, I know I am guilty of this!!

I think that there is a hell of a lot of common practices and convention in the way of people expressing themselves, in whatever manifesto this may be. Some people do it through music, art, fashion, writing, or to be honest it can be any way possible. But for me, I find that the way I style myself to be my greatest form of expression, with both my outfits and my makeup because lets be honest my hair never changes its just consistently poofy... Meeting like minded people always makes me want to express myself more and more, and over the past few months I have been able to meet so many inspirational people such as fellow bloggers, or some of the incredible employees at some of my favourite brands, and it just makes you realise how amazing it is to be yourself. 

I have said many times before on this blog that I am a huge believer in doing things that make you feel comfortable and this includes what you wear. If you would rather not be hugely out there with your style and would rather stay relatively understated then this is your perfect form of expression, it doesn't have to be something that someone else classes as expression, just what you do. I think self expression can, in my opinion, often be mistaken for being different. I don't think this is the case at all, if you have a passion for something that is seemingly very popular, that doesn't discredit your self expression against someone else's less popular interest. 

I sometimes feel, as I am sure some of you do too, that I am not being 'myself' and am perhaps following the crowd in some respects and this may sometimes be taken in a negative way towards myself. But really, as long as you are on the right path to do what it is you love and do it in a way that makes you happy, thats self expression to me. 

This outfit really made me happy and prompted this blog post, there was something about it that really made me feel like myself. I think it was the fact that the majority of it was all black, something I used to only wear and completely swear by, and in fact, still do. I am wearing all black out tonight! But now, what I love is pairing the all black with something more bold, like these comfortable white trainers, or a bright handbag. I love how black contrasts with my hair now its lighter and all in all, this was comfort and easy style rolled into one. I can't ask for more. I think finding your favourite outfits and items that you really think suit you as a person is so important to feeling yourself and confident in what you wear, it can make such a difference. 

If you'd like to shop this more laid back style by me there are links and alternative items below for you to shop, also check out the blog shop at the top of this page in the menu bar to keep up to date with my wardrobe and you can shop it too!

I hope you enjoyed this post, a little bit of style and something a bit more personal all rolled into one, I think this is my current favourite way of writing my posts, what do you think?


H x



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