Wednesday, 19 October 2016

The Untimate Chill - PJ's and Trying New Denim

Recently, as amazing as it is to sit and plan a super fashion forward outfit, sometimes more often than not I just want to throw something on and get out the door if I am busy. Nothing says quick and easy like wearing your pyjamas out and about... There has a been a huge nightwear as daywear trend going on recently with slip dresses and nighties styled with heels and I have absolutely adored this trend and completely jumped on the bandwagon. But I figured that there must be a much easier way of working the trend on a more everyday basis. 

Silk shirts have been super popular on the hughstreet recently, with big brands like Topshop and ASOS providing us with shirts for this trend, but for me, I thought, why not just check my PJ drawer? It is all about wearing your PJs every day right? I remembered getting this Ann Summers 'faux silk' set a few months ago, and its something I do wear pretty frequently as pyjamas so I thought, why not?

I wanted this look to be really relaxed overall, and on my recent press trip to Paris we went to Killiwatch Paris, a gorgeous vintage shop in the heart of Paris we were lucky enough to visit and choose a piece from while we were out there. I have never really strayed away from high waisted skinny jeans, I think they are just something that I know always tends to suit me so if I am honest I never really want to stray away from that. However when I was there, my lovely friend Lindsay (who's peachy behind looks incredible in any pair of jeans) told me to try some mom jeans, something completely new for me.

If I am honest I really didn't have very high hopes for mom jeans, I really didn't think they would flatter me at all, especially after I have been stuck in my skinny jeans ways for so long. 

Not going to lie you lot, but this trend is one of the comfiest trends ever, going out in your pyjamas?! Is there anything more comfy sounding? Now, I am not condoning going all out in your matching christmas pyjamas or your disney onesie (however there can always be a cheeky supermarket trip made every now and again...). 

I am going to put up some of my favourite 'nightwear as daywear' picks up on my blog shop which there is a link to above! I update this regularly with my new in bits in my wardrobe and in my posts. 

Ive got some new and exciting blog posts that are a little more writing heavy that I have been working on so I am sorry that there hasn't been as much as there should be on here, but I wanted to just give you a quick little outfit post so you all know I am not abandoning you! Just planning even more for you all!

Anyway, keep your eyes peeled, and I hope you enjoyed this little post by little old me. 


H x


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