Sunday, 30 October 2016

October Favourites

As I have mentioned recently I am wanting to make my written content much more frequent for you all, so I wanted to start a monthly favourites, to go live on the last Sunday of every month, which will include an array of items month to month dependant on whats happened, whether that be travel, beauty, fashion or even food!
This month for me has been the calm before the storm for me, I have a very busy November ahead, with two really exciting travels ahead, so I have wanted to have some me time and a bit of a pamper month this time around. 

Jo Malone has always been a brand I have absolutely adored, I always go in shops when I pass by and smell my classic favourites and try out the new ones, but it has always been a brand I have treated others to and never myself. So this month, it was about me. I tried out some gorgeous new products from Jo Malone and I am officially hooked and in love. Never have I found a brand where the quality of the products is completely consistent throughout without fail. So I can't tell you how excited I was to have my own products to try out. A couple have made it into my favourites this month, purely because of how good they have made me feel about myself, in a month where its been needed!
I have loved the shower oil in one of my favourite scents for summer 'Peony and Blush Suede' its the perfect understated floral scent, perfect for me who has never loved the overpowering floral scents you get in a lot of other products. Its like a more luxurious upgrade from shower gel as its an oil that lathers, making it feel even more moisturising when you use it and the smell is incredible. When I shower I follow this up using my absolute favourite product at the moment, the Body Creme in 'French Lime Blossom', this just makes my skin smell absolutely incredible and the scent is so long lasting. In the mornings if I am staying at home I will put some of this down my neck and chest area as opposed to perfume as the smell is gorgeous and it feel so lovely on the skin. 

Finally, the Jo Malone Intense Cologne in Oud and Bergamot has been the scent I have been carrying around in my bag the past couple of weeks, its a perfect rich and deep fragrance, something I adore in my choice of perfumes. 

I have been trying out a lot of skincare products this month, but I am wanting to wait a little longer to see the long term effects of them as opposed to jumping ahead and saying they are my favourites, however I know there will be some, so stay tuned to see those in an upcoming favourites post. 
The summer of 2016 is officially over and done, and heartbreakingly, so is my tan... On the way back from Turkey in July, I bought this in flight (turbulence was stressing me out so retail therapy was the only catharsis I could come to), I read the description and adored the idea behind it. Its a tanning oil that you mix in with your nighttime routine, usually the cream you put on before you sleep and it gradually build up a natural tan on your face. I don't know about you, but when I have a bit of a tan to my face, my no make up confidence skyrockets so this was something I knew I had to try, and I adore it. I could not recommend it enough!

The final beauty item in my favourites this month are the new Giorgio Armani Lip Magnets, they are Armani's version of the ever so popular 'liquid lipstick' trend thats taking over the beauty industry, and I have to say I was very impressed. As Autumn is here, I chose some more deeper shades I can easily pair with some winged liner and a cosy scarf to rock autumn beauty perfectly and easily. I chose the shades 600 (the darker shade) and 505 (the reddish, pinky shade). I was pleasantly surprised by how these wore as they are not the stereotypical dry down matt liquid lipsticks, they do dry down in a sense but not in a way that makes your lips feel like they need to be brought back to life, and alongside this, they provide a sort of stain to the lips so that when you do inevitably drink or eat during the day, as the product wears off the colour stays relatively true. What I love about liquid lipsticks is that you don't need to re-apply the colour every hour or so, something my lazy self doesn't really have time for... So these worked perfectly for me. 

A final favourite is a fashion item, these are actually boots I got a while back before summer but haven't really worn enough (silly me...) but now its coming into autumn where more rich tones are very popular, I am going to be styling these a hell of a lot more. These beauties are from Jeffrey Campbell and I am absolutely in love. I will link all of the products in this post for you to shop below!
Finally, my true favourite of the month has been being organised. I bought a diary and a notebook and sorted myself out. I write down every idea I have throughout everyday by carrying my notebook with me, and I act on every idea. I pencil in everything I have going on and planned alongside everything I need to do and its made me feel amazing. I can look ahead to a week and see what I have to look forward to or realise I need to book something in, but most of all it allows me to realise that really exciting things I have planned are getting closer and closer everyday. I couldn't advise enough to get yourself a diary and a notebook, its changed how I think about what I am doing and how I am going about doing it. I was always sceptical and never followed through with agendas and planners but I am a huge believer in them now. Also, I have decluttered my life with the only Chanel I could afford and no longer lug round a tonne of crap in a big purse, oh how efficient I've become...

Links to the products I could find are below, I hope you enjoyed this post, see you next month for some more favourites! Let me know what sort of favourites you prefer!


H x


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