Wednesday, 5 October 2016

My Idea of a Perfect Morning with Tempur

On Tuesday I was invited to spend the morning in Shoreditch with Tempur Mattresses for their "Perfect Morning" event. We were invited along to experience some relaxing early yoga, alongside a yummy granola station and some relaxing teas to give us the best possible start to our day. I had a busy day ahead of me, so this was the perfect start to my day. We arrived and attended a 30 minute yoga session together in Kachette, and then were let loose on some of their oh so comfy beds to test them out. 

After the event, I was inspired to write about what makes a perfect morning for me, and share it with you all! Of course, my perfect morning is at the weekend, when I don't have any alarms ringing far too loudly in the early hours of the morning and instead I am able to listen to my body and let myself rest as much as needed. I wanted to list off some of my favourite few factors to make my perfect morning:-

Listening to my body and its clock

As I just mentioned, I love being able to lie in until I feel the desire to wake up. Even after I have woken up, sometimes its nice to doze and lay in bed and read, or check your phone, or in my case emails. I feel so much more relaxed lying in bed and getting on with work as opposed to being up and at my desk or out and about. Sometimes just being able to lie in bed and binge on your favourite YouTubers or new series on Netflix with a cup of tea is just the most perfect relaxing start to a chilled day. And of course, this is helped with a comfortable bed to lie on (Tempur this is where you can come in!!).

Feeling Refreshed and Awake

I don't always have time or even make time for a little pampering, so my perfect morning would consist of giving myself some TLC, whether that be in the form of a hair mask, face mask or making an appointment to go and get my nails done. Something to make myself feel good, gives me a great boost for the perfect start to my day. I have really been loving some skincare products recently, so make sure you head over to the "Shop my Blog/Instagram" tab at the top of my blog after you've read this post or click here to shop my favourite beauty products for the perfect morning routine. Or alternatively you can check out my recent skincare post. 

I find that going bare faced for the majority of my day puts me in the best mood for the rest of the day, especially if my skin is in good condition, the less makeup I can wear and still look presentable, the better. 

A Productive Start 

Much like the wonderful yoga session that Tempur provided us with at our event, something to get yourself going in the morning to make you feel much more productive and ready to start the day ahead is something I value in a perfect morning. Whether it be a yoga class at your local gym, or just a lone gym session, or even just getting some cleaning or a piece of work done you know you've been meaning to do. Starting your day by ticking something off your list makes you feel like you've accomplished something already and puts you in the right frame of mind for the rest of the day. For me, if its not going to the gym it may be writing up a blog post I have been meaning to do, or shooting images for said blog post, or even just getting some emails done, something to make me feel like I am heading in the right direction for the rest of my day. So thank you Tempur for my relaxed yoga start to my busy day ahead in London. 

Waking Up From a Good Nights Sleep

For me, how I feel in the morning is a lot about how I have slept through the night. If I haven't slept well, then I know I will not be having a good morning or at least I know I will struggle to get myself up and ready. I am a lover of buying seasonal decorations (I know, I know, how sad) so fresh sheets or new sheets is something that makes me feel super content before I sleep, there is nothing better than being cosy and snuggled up ready for a great nights sleep. I have to say, sitting on the beds at the Tempur event really made me realise how important it is to have something comfortable underneath you when you sleep, and I have to say the hybrid mattresses we saw at the event, (see here) were to die for. 
A good nights sleep is something that you really cannot beat, no number of magical creams of lotions will make you feel as good as you will after a good nights sleep. 

This post was in collaboration with Tempur, but all thoughts are my own. Check out their website for more information on their mattresses.

I hope you enjoyed this post, I would love to hear about your perfect morning!


H x


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