Sunday, 30 October 2016

October Favourites

As I have mentioned recently I am wanting to make my written content much more frequent for you all, so I wanted to start a monthly favourites, to go live on the last Sunday of every month, which will include an array of items month to month dependant on whats happened, whether that be travel, beauty, fashion or even food!
This month for me has been the calm before the storm for me, I have a very busy November ahead, with two really exciting travels ahead, so I have wanted to have some me time and a bit of a pamper month this time around. 

Jo Malone has always been a brand I have absolutely adored, I always go in shops when I pass by and smell my classic favourites and try out the new ones, but it has always been a brand I have treated others to and never myself. So this month, it was about me. I tried out some gorgeous new products from Jo Malone and I am officially hooked and in love. Never have I found a brand where the quality of the products is completely consistent throughout without fail. So I can't tell you how excited I was to have my own products to try out. A couple have made it into my favourites this month, purely because of how good they have made me feel about myself, in a month where its been needed!
I have loved the shower oil in one of my favourite scents for summer 'Peony and Blush Suede' its the perfect understated floral scent, perfect for me who has never loved the overpowering floral scents you get in a lot of other products. Its like a more luxurious upgrade from shower gel as its an oil that lathers, making it feel even more moisturising when you use it and the smell is incredible. When I shower I follow this up using my absolute favourite product at the moment, the Body Creme in 'French Lime Blossom', this just makes my skin smell absolutely incredible and the scent is so long lasting. In the mornings if I am staying at home I will put some of this down my neck and chest area as opposed to perfume as the smell is gorgeous and it feel so lovely on the skin. 

Finally, the Jo Malone Intense Cologne in Oud and Bergamot has been the scent I have been carrying around in my bag the past couple of weeks, its a perfect rich and deep fragrance, something I adore in my choice of perfumes. 

I have been trying out a lot of skincare products this month, but I am wanting to wait a little longer to see the long term effects of them as opposed to jumping ahead and saying they are my favourites, however I know there will be some, so stay tuned to see those in an upcoming favourites post. 
The summer of 2016 is officially over and done, and heartbreakingly, so is my tan... On the way back from Turkey in July, I bought this in flight (turbulence was stressing me out so retail therapy was the only catharsis I could come to), I read the description and adored the idea behind it. Its a tanning oil that you mix in with your nighttime routine, usually the cream you put on before you sleep and it gradually build up a natural tan on your face. I don't know about you, but when I have a bit of a tan to my face, my no make up confidence skyrockets so this was something I knew I had to try, and I adore it. I could not recommend it enough!

The final beauty item in my favourites this month are the new Giorgio Armani Lip Magnets, they are Armani's version of the ever so popular 'liquid lipstick' trend thats taking over the beauty industry, and I have to say I was very impressed. As Autumn is here, I chose some more deeper shades I can easily pair with some winged liner and a cosy scarf to rock autumn beauty perfectly and easily. I chose the shades 600 (the darker shade) and 505 (the reddish, pinky shade). I was pleasantly surprised by how these wore as they are not the stereotypical dry down matt liquid lipsticks, they do dry down in a sense but not in a way that makes your lips feel like they need to be brought back to life, and alongside this, they provide a sort of stain to the lips so that when you do inevitably drink or eat during the day, as the product wears off the colour stays relatively true. What I love about liquid lipsticks is that you don't need to re-apply the colour every hour or so, something my lazy self doesn't really have time for... So these worked perfectly for me. 

A final favourite is a fashion item, these are actually boots I got a while back before summer but haven't really worn enough (silly me...) but now its coming into autumn where more rich tones are very popular, I am going to be styling these a hell of a lot more. These beauties are from Jeffrey Campbell and I am absolutely in love. I will link all of the products in this post for you to shop below!
Finally, my true favourite of the month has been being organised. I bought a diary and a notebook and sorted myself out. I write down every idea I have throughout everyday by carrying my notebook with me, and I act on every idea. I pencil in everything I have going on and planned alongside everything I need to do and its made me feel amazing. I can look ahead to a week and see what I have to look forward to or realise I need to book something in, but most of all it allows me to realise that really exciting things I have planned are getting closer and closer everyday. I couldn't advise enough to get yourself a diary and a notebook, its changed how I think about what I am doing and how I am going about doing it. I was always sceptical and never followed through with agendas and planners but I am a huge believer in them now. Also, I have decluttered my life with the only Chanel I could afford and no longer lug round a tonne of crap in a big purse, oh how efficient I've become...

Links to the products I could find are below, I hope you enjoyed this post, see you next month for some more favourites! Let me know what sort of favourites you prefer!


H x


Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Blogging: How I Started Out, and a Sneaky Shoe Change

I get so many emails and direct messages about my blog and how I started out and, many people then go on to ask for any tips as they themselves are wanting to start out and don't know how or where to start. I would love to do a top tips or answering your questions post another time, so if you have anything specific you'd like me to answer then please do comment it below and I will try and incorporate them into another post. 
However the one initial tip I can give wholeheartedly and from experience is, don't force it. The blogging industry and to be honest the media industry has exploded over the past few years, and has seen many people now set out to set up a blog or youtube channel or whatever outlet they please to be a part of the labelled 'Team Internet".  I never set out to be a blogger from the start, not at all. I had no idea what a blogger or influencer was, let alone it could be a job or that people actually cared about it. 
I had an Instagram account the same as anyone else, mainly to keep up to date with friends etc and post pictures with said friends and I never intended it to be anything more.

As I said, I never set out to make this a job, or even make it a thing, however I have always been into fashion so its always been something I loved to express from a younger age. I posted an array of awful (now) mirror selfies which included my outfit and it seemed like people began to follow me because they liked something about what I was posting, I then figured I may as well put a little more effort into the images I am posting if people may actually be following me for it. Bearing in mind this was four years ago, when I was 14... so it still doesn't count as blogging AT ALL. I began to get questions about my style or messages for style advice and figured hey, maybe people are actually interested in it like I am.
This is when I decided I wanted to set up my blog, and I came onto Blogspot and sorted out a simple 'hayleighjm' domain and this is where the writing started. I have always adored writing, and took my english GCSE's early alongside looking into maybe doing journalism when I was older, so this became a little outlet for myself for the fashion advice that I wanted to give, alongside the other topics I just loved writing about. This is why I tend to slip in quite a few more advice posts and lifestyle posts as these are the ones I absolutely adore writing for you, and usually get the best response. 

This is where everything grew from, a little girl who had a social media account where she kinda liked fashion and people kinda took interest. I never really realised this was a big deal or potentially could be a bigger deal for a long long time. Brands don't work with you immediately, they won't get in touch straight away and they DEFINITELY won't pay you straight away. (FYI this never changes...). I started posting more, mainly fashion, and little brands began to send me things to style, and it was ridiculously exciting for me. I remember the first time someone offered to pay me, I think it was only £10 or so, but the idea of charging for content (however bad it may have been at the time) had never even crossed my mind. Which is a testament to myself really, and how I am not doing this for money, nor did I set out to do it as a job, simply an adored hobby thats slowly and hopefully surely going in the right direction. 

I quickly began to realise that its definitely all about making sure you try and excel on as many platforms as you can, because it allows you to reach more people, alongside making it easier for brands to see the content you are creating. 
I am still definitely trying to grow as best I can, but for me, its all about trying to invest as much time and energy I can into this, because its something I genuinely adore doing for myself, and you all. 

Nowadays, nothing warms my heart more sometimes than when someone leaves a lovely comment on a blog post or tells me they really loved something I posted. Its amazingly rewarding to hear that people like what you're doing, especially those you're doing it for. I got such an amazing reaction to my most recent post (read it here if you missed it!), from both you lovely readers and actually people close to me, something that genuinely never happens. I got a few texts and messages from people who read it, and it got a little bit overwhelming when you do realise that people take the time to read your posts, something I still don't believe to this day actually happens. 

I think if you are considering starting out, you need to figure out if this is something you would genuinely like to be putting a lot of time and effort into this. I learned the hard way that people like and appreciate consistency within your content, especially on your blog and Instagram. This is why I now post twice a week, ideally on Sunday and Wednesday, and am working at pushing that up to three posts a week for you all. I do struggle sometimes with coming up with ideas for posts, but you guys are always my inspiration for it, so please always let me know if you would like to see certain things!
Blogging was in essence something I built up, but was definitely not something I am not grateful, I have worked hard during my education to keep it going so that now I am no longer in education I can fully devote time, effort and the money I earn from it, into building it up into what I hope I am able to. I have every faith in anyone who is able to dedicate themselves into creating any kind of platform, its so rewarding when you receive a positive comment, or more views that you thought on your latest post. Its the best thing in the world for me to have the opportunity to make something that started as a hobby, hopefully into a full time job. I believe in myself, and others who are wanting to start out. 
I am in no way saying I am doing amazingly, because there are so many amazing women in this industry who are doing far better than me, but I am striving every day to get closer to where they are. 

I will do a top tips and what I have learned post for you all perhaps next week, but I just want to know whether there is anything specific you would like to know or advice on anything specific before I write it up.

On a fashionable side note, how cute is this day to night outfit change with a simple shoe switch!? I didn't think I would like the perspex heels, but hell they elongate your legs and little shortie here needs all the height she can get. A shoe change is the easiest and simplest way of changing your look from dressed down to dressed up, genuinely one of the best fashion tips I can give you.

Shop this whole look below, I know you want to...

I hope you enjoyed this post, please do let me know below what you'd like to see next alongside what you may like me to answer in the blog advice post!

Love, H 



Sunday, 23 October 2016

Three Hopes for The Old Year.

The other day I sat and thought about how quickly this year has gone by, and what significant changes its brought to what I considered my normality. The birth of my brand new beautiful baby niece on the 13th of October made me realise just how fast time flies, a whole nine months and a hell of a lot of changes, the most recent of which, her coming into mine and my families lives. There is always so much talk about new years resolutions, but what about the good old year we are in right now? 
There seems to be a failsafe within the majority of people that when it gets to this time of year and the realisation may come that we perhaps haven't achieve what we had hoped we would have by now, the 'I will wait till next year, for a new year' seems to be what we turn to. Although my new years resolutions and hopes for myself and others have most definitely changed throughout this year, I couldn't help but wonder, why can't resolutions be ever changing and evolving, and most of all - all year round?

A number of different things have happened recently that have seriously made me re-evaluate what I want and need in my life, and the bottom line is, negativity is not one of them, in whatever manifesto that may be... I think this is something that is easily transferable to so many aspects of anyones life, regardless how big or small the situation.
I had a re-evaluation of where I am at this year, and figured whats stopping me in coming up for hopes for the old year, because turning points are the perfect time for new goals and aspirations, so I came up with three.

Don't say no to experiences and opportunities for anyone but myself and my own personal reasons. 

I think, when you have people you care about in your life, regardless of who they are, you always factor them into the majority of your decision, which is amazing as it shows your care. However, when the decisions are to do with your life or an experience that may enrich your life, its important to mainly only factor in yourself. I have majorly fallen short of this one, putting my desires perhaps behind what I think other people may want, or what may fit in best with other peoples lives. This is one of the main driving forces for the new series I will be starting and continuing on here (blog post on it soon). I want to just experience anything I have the chance to, whenever I am able to facilitate it. Something I urge you to try and do, it doesn't have to be as drastic as me attempting to travel the world alone, whether it be saying yes to last minute plans, travelling further afield to visit friends or family, or just choosing to have some days to yourself as opposed to filling them with others all the time. For me, saying yes to as many business opportunities as I can will be how I go about this wish, whether it be facilitating myself getting down to London for events, press trips, or my own travel for content for you all. I am suddenly a far greater believer in creating your own opportunities alongside accepting those that come along, I have huge intentions of investing the money I make through my blog back into it, especially for this new travellers series, because flights aren't cheap and yes, they aren't free even if you think they may be! I will always be completely transparent with you guys, thats something I never intend to change. 
Just start saying yes, nothing too drastic at first, but maybe it'll take you places you really go. 

Be there for those who really do care about me, not those who don't.

I am, and always have been a very giving person. I don't just mean materialistically but in myself, if you are someone I care about, a friend, family member or someone else, I will give you 100% attention. I am sure many of you are the same, and sometimes because of this, your judgement of perhaps who may or may not return the effort is a little skewed and you look past tell tale signs they don't care as much as you. Its great for them, they've got you! But something I am really wanting to do is not exhaust myself on people who do not return the efforts, especially in friendships and relationships its exhausting trying to maintain something that is somewhat one sided, for anyone! I will get up and be there for anyone who asks me to be, so I think for everyone, its important to try and do that for the people who you think would do it for you. If someone is constantly ignoring your texts every now and again and even when they do reply its nothing of great interest, is it really worth the text?! Or if you're always the one suggesting plans, just sit up and realise. I have figured that I am going to be the person with a small and close group of people I give my all, and then there will be everyone else. I have definitely downsized with the people I care about in my life, but I am not even phased by it, because it means those who are there are the ones who genuinely care about me and whats going on in life. Stick with the people who ask you how you are, how whatever it is you're doing is going, and checks up if they know something important has happened. Shout out to Jess, who calls me pretty much every day from Cardiff and constantly wants to know how my job is and how meetings have gone, you're a one of a kind kid. Get yourself a Jess!!
Those are the types of people who deserve your time.

Fall in love, with myself again. 

I have spent pretty much the past 4 years of my life in relationships, and holy crap am I exhausted. Hello to me! Its nice to meet you, wanna go for a drink sometime? Yes. Yes I do. 
I cannot express to you enough how ready I am to fall back in love with myself, for me and no one else. I don't have anyone to impress or please, just me. I am going to travel and see beautiful places and not worry about anyone and I am so excited for it. I can't wait for lone plane journeys, lone days in the city, just time for me. Time I can fill with family and friends as well, the most important people really. I take time to have relaxing baths, see my grandparents, and I have gotten back into baking, and I already feel so much better. Just being alone is something thats really looking like its going to be suiting me for a little while, I am going to work and I am going to succeed. I'm determined!
This is why I am always preaching time for yourself, I believe its a lot easier than you think to loose touch with yourself, and I think thats whats slowly happened to me over time, and I am really ready for that to not happen. I actually love taking myself for food, is that crazy? So many Yo! Sushi dates occurring at the moment, if you follow me on snapchat you'll be fully aware of the obsession... I love it! I took myself on a cinema date and everything, and got asked 4 or 5 times: "is it just you???" yes, is that alright for you?
Just me! Little old me!

I think it's easy to get caught up in the bumps in the road, but I guess its about figuring out what you need to focus on, and who you need there to support you, and allowing yourself to be your biggest fan sometimes. 

I know I am going to continue to come up with relevant goals and aspirations for the rest of this year, and I'd love to hear your hopes for this old year below.

Hope you enjoyed this post,

H x


Wednesday, 19 October 2016

The Untimate Chill - PJ's and Trying New Denim

Recently, as amazing as it is to sit and plan a super fashion forward outfit, sometimes more often than not I just want to throw something on and get out the door if I am busy. Nothing says quick and easy like wearing your pyjamas out and about... There has a been a huge nightwear as daywear trend going on recently with slip dresses and nighties styled with heels and I have absolutely adored this trend and completely jumped on the bandwagon. But I figured that there must be a much easier way of working the trend on a more everyday basis. 

Silk shirts have been super popular on the hughstreet recently, with big brands like Topshop and ASOS providing us with shirts for this trend, but for me, I thought, why not just check my PJ drawer? It is all about wearing your PJs every day right? I remembered getting this Ann Summers 'faux silk' set a few months ago, and its something I do wear pretty frequently as pyjamas so I thought, why not?

I wanted this look to be really relaxed overall, and on my recent press trip to Paris we went to Killiwatch Paris, a gorgeous vintage shop in the heart of Paris we were lucky enough to visit and choose a piece from while we were out there. I have never really strayed away from high waisted skinny jeans, I think they are just something that I know always tends to suit me so if I am honest I never really want to stray away from that. However when I was there, my lovely friend Lindsay (who's peachy behind looks incredible in any pair of jeans) told me to try some mom jeans, something completely new for me.

If I am honest I really didn't have very high hopes for mom jeans, I really didn't think they would flatter me at all, especially after I have been stuck in my skinny jeans ways for so long. 

Not going to lie you lot, but this trend is one of the comfiest trends ever, going out in your pyjamas?! Is there anything more comfy sounding? Now, I am not condoning going all out in your matching christmas pyjamas or your disney onesie (however there can always be a cheeky supermarket trip made every now and again...). 

I am going to put up some of my favourite 'nightwear as daywear' picks up on my blog shop which there is a link to above! I update this regularly with my new in bits in my wardrobe and in my posts. 

Ive got some new and exciting blog posts that are a little more writing heavy that I have been working on so I am sorry that there hasn't been as much as there should be on here, but I wanted to just give you a quick little outfit post so you all know I am not abandoning you! Just planning even more for you all!

Anyway, keep your eyes peeled, and I hope you enjoyed this little post by little old me. 


H x
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