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Valentino heaven with Reebonz

If you've been a follower or reader of mine, you know I am obsessed with high end luxury accessories. I am a sucker for a designer bag or shoe to bring a perfect special touch to my outfits. I learned the hard way with what to buy and what not to buy when it comes to designer shoes. My first pair was a pair of gorgeous glittery Jimmy Choo heels I purchased in the sale at Selfridges. My second, a pair of classic ballet pumps with a slight heel from Chanel, both major MAJOR regrets and a true waste of money on my part. You know whats right for you, and in my opinion should always take this into account when spending a large amount of money on any item. The mistake I made, was not thinking about what I would normally go for in shoes, and therefore purchased shoes that were not only uncomfortable, but not my style. It would end up as something I thought I wanted or needed when in fact they weren't me at all.

I have one pair of designer heels and they are my Gianvitto Rossi's which I got one sale at over 50% off in the Selfridges summer sale, they were such a good buy and are the comfiest pair of heels I own, including all of my high street and online heels. This made me so happy as I had such a bad past with buying designer shoes. I love heels don't get me wrong, but you can't beat wearing flats, they are a life saver for your feet! This is why I knew I wanted a pair of special flats for when I want to feel good and add that extra something to my outfit but also keep myself relatively comfortable.

The Valentino Rockstud has become such an iconic shoe over the past few years and has definitely become one of the most popular designer footwear choices. I have always loved seeing how people have styled the heels and have loved how classic they look however the flats had always caught my eye as I just thought they looked so flattering on. I have seen a lot of the classic colours such as nude and the black and nude combination however, as seen by my designer bag collection, something a little different always draws me in.

I found these beauties on Reebonz, which is an amazing online platform for sourcing a huge range of luxury items. They have new stock is so frequently and have little 2 or 3 day promotional events where you can get brand new items for some really amazing discounts. I found these gorgeous tribal themed Rockstuds and I fell head over heels for them. They combined all of my favourite Rockstud elements, they were black leather but not patent, they had the higher ankle strap and they had the gorgeous gunmetal studs and beautiful blue accents alongside. Little did I know these perfectly matched the colour of my favourite bag at the moment my baby blue Balenziaga.

I am a sucker for packaging, especially when its for a gift or a special item. I was so surprised by how gorgeous the packaging was when my shoes arrived from Reebonz, they came in a gorgeous black box with a beautiful gold bow that literally made me feel like a little girl on christmas morning. If you can't feel like that when receiving princess shoes, when can you?! If I can be made to feel even more special through customer service and quality of service with a brand, then it just makes me want to return even more. I really appreciate brands who go the extra mile to ensure their customers are getting really A* standard service.

As I had previous failings when it comes to designer shoes, I wanted to make sure I was going to be buying a pair of shoes I knew would fit me alongside would be comfortable enough for me. I decided to go in store to try these on before making my choice. I would really recommend this for anyone thinking of getting themselves a special pair of shoes either for an occasion like a birthday or special event because there is nothing worse then getting excited and then finding they are ridiculously uncomfortable or do not fit you the way you had hoped. 

I went for a size 38 with these, and I have to say this style in this leather is pretty true to size making it easier if you would like to order online then you would know to go for your normal flat shoe size. The soles of these are suede so they need wearing out in the dry weather the first couple of times and then they should be okay, but I know I am going to avoid wearing these in the unpredictable British rain as they are just too gorgeous!!

I spend a lot of time browsing online at all the gorgeous items online to add them to my mental wishlist, I always have a few select and choice websites I tend to be drawn to however I was genuinely very impressed with the items available online on Reebonz not just for shoes, but handbags and accessories too, both used and in pristine second hand condition. They deliver within 3 business days and there are free returns, so if you do end up choosing the wrong size, then you won't have a problem changing them for your perfect size.

I can honestly say these are one of the most beautiful pairs of shoes I have ever had the pleasure to set my eyes on so thank you so much to Reebonz for the absolutely amazing gift to bring this post to all of you.
I would absolutely love to find you guys some amazing buys and deals so please do let me know below if you are looking for anything and I would absolutely love to try and help. In the meantime, make sure that you sign up to Reebonz here and you can also download the app for some en route wishlist making!

I have some absolutely gorgeous shots from my recent trip to Paris, I was thinking of doing a visual blog post and then blog my outfits, what do you guys think?


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