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The Perfect Base with the Braun 810

In todays post I wanted to bring you my take on the perfect base for my everyday make up testing out the Braun Face and the Bonus edition brush pack. This is a 2 in 1 precision facial epilator and cleansing brush for which you can also buy additional interchangeable heads with different benefits including sensitive cleansing, deep exfoliation and makeup application. I have used a few different facial cleansing brushes over the past couple of years but this one really stood out to me. The slim design of the product makes it easy to pop in your overnight makeup bag and the changeable brush heads are easy to pack too. It was surprisingly simple to use, which is a must when it comes to my skincare, I don't like too much fuss, if you're like me then you'll love this multi-tasking gadget. 

I used the Braun Face to create myself the perfect base for my make up in these little simple steps:- 

Step One: Cleanse! 

If nothing else, I always use a cleanser with a face brush, it is the one step of my skincare routine (apart from moisturiser) that I always do. This is because it is the best way to quickly and simply get a pore deep cleanse and make sure that you have completely taken off all of your make up. Using the Braun Face in this way is also ideal to care for your skin before you sleep at night as it ensures you've gotten everything off before you carry on with your nightly skincare routine. The Braun additional brushes (that you can buy separately buy in a pack of four) include an exfoliating brush, a cleansing brush for sensitive skin, a beauty sponge and an additional normal cleansing brush head. My personal favourite is the blue exfoliating brush (although if you have sensitive skin you may find this best used only once a week). The cleanser I chose was the Evelom Morning Time Cleanser, which I love because it does not foam on the skin (I am oh-so prone to getting soap suds in my eyes it's a disaster). This cleanser has a much more balm-y consistency that turns from thick to thin when rubbed into the skin. when rubbed into the skin. I love how soft and moisturised I feel when I use this as well as being really clean.

Step Two: A Mask!

I am a huge lover of face masks, whether it be for a quiet night in, a skin detox or just because I really fancy treating my skin in the morning or before bed. I recently got this Bliss anti-ageing clay mask sent to me and I absolutely adored how it left my skin feeling after I applied it. Besides, the plus side of looking like a human rock for 10/15 minutes, it visibly reduces the appearance of pores on your skin, tones and revitalises. I have to say, I could feel the toning and tightening qualities of this mask when I had it on and after taking it off, so its a definite recommendation from me. 

Step Three: Exfoliate!

In my opinion, regardless of whether you want to wear make-up or go bare faced, smooth skin is key. By smoothing your skin before applying your make-up, you allow for the smoothest and easiest make-up application possible. I find that the best way to achieve a smooth base is to use a facial exfoliator - my personal favourite is this Rituals Brightening Exfoliator, it isn't too harsh, but I can definitely feel a difference when I use this on my skin. You don't want to be exfoliating your skin too often otherwise you will cause yourself irritation which may end up leading to redness, so its recommended to exfoliate around once or twice a week. I used the exfoliating head on the Braun to massage in my exfoliator and get a good deep clean. 

Additional Step: Epilate!

This was by far the most intriguing aspect of the Braun 810, I have never epilated my face or indeed used an epilator at all before, so this was a little daunting. I used this solely on my chin and around my lips, as I have found when I go to slightly over line my lips with a liquid lipstick sometimes the liquid lipstick attaches to the small hairs, this simply got rid of them all! This is a very simple and easy step but something I feel that is going to make a big difference for me. It tweezes down to 0.2mm meaning that you don't have to wait till any hairs become visible, so you're able to keep on top of it easily. 
Now I have to warn you this feels very odd, its like loads of little tweezers plucking at once (well done Hayleigh that's exactly what it is..). It's a little painful but I got used to it after a minute or so. 

A final step for me is to moisturise, an essential step for any routine day or night. I use this as a final step of my pre makeup routine or a pre makeup primer. This Estee Lauder Day Wear moisturiser is perfect for what I need it for, light moisture and SPF, the perfect protective finish to a perfect base.  

A final comparison of my skin before and after makeup, this routine really brightened my skin and gave me a glowing radiance I love for a glowy everyday look. 

I hope you enjoyed this post, let me know your thoughts below!


H xx

Braun Face is available at Boots and here!

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