Monday, 9 May 2016

Ditch the Under eyes with Kiels - Debenhams Beauty

The past month or so I have really gotten into my skincare. It came about over a casual conversation between me and my friends about whether they had skincare regimes, and it dawned on me how atrocious mine was. I have been lucky enough to never really have bad breakouts, something which annoyingly is beginning to back track a little, so I have never had any real need to take great care of my skin. I sometimes didn't even take my make-up off before bed... (I know, I am so so so sorry...). However, these past four weeks have been a huge wake up call for me and it's incredible how much better my skin is for all of the effort I have been putting in every night. I will be doing a full skincare routine very soon, but I wanted to first off share one of my favourite products for improving your under eyes!

This new product I have been loving is Kiehl's Creamy Eye Treatment with avocado from Debenhams Beauty - here. It has avocado oil in it, which makes it really lovely and cooling on the eyes, something I look for in any under eye or around eye product. I have very sensitive skin so for around my eyes especially I prefer products with more natural ingredients and little added extras for perfume etc. 

The consistency of the cream is on the thicker side, so it takes a little while to soak into your skin however I tend to put this on before I go to bed so this is preferable for me as it makes me feel like I am really giving my skin the hydration it deserves! I put this on as a final step to my night routine and then get straight into bed as it works its magic! A little goes quite a long way as well, so the little tub of product is justified for the number of uses you get out of it if you use it sparingly enough. This little beauty also comes in a larger size if you ended up loving it like me and eventually wanting to repurchase! 

The smaller size like this one is retailed at £20 and you get 14ml (but is currently on sale at Debenhams here! for £18), which is not awfully priced for something that is so simple to use but has such great effects on the appearance of your under eyes. Do let me know if you want me to do a before and after of a couple of weeks use on my twitter if this might be of interest! (make sure to follow me on twitter here). Dark under eyes have always bothered me and have frankly stopped me from being able to go more 'make up free' during the week, something I really wish I could do. I am really hoping that using this more frequently will allow me to feel more comfortable with my own skin, anyone else have this problem?

This little skincare gem was from Debenhams Beauty as I mentioned, and I have been browsing online at their skincare recently and I am definitely building up a hefty wishlist, especially when there are so many brands and products on one site, it's dangerous but absolutely great! Go and take a peek, I  dare you! (Go on... Click!). They also have a current promotion of £10 off when you spend £50 on Beauty and Fragrance, which is the perfect promotion to aid you starting up your own skincare regime if you were like me and are slacking a little on looking after your skin! Alongside the savings, if you sign up to Debenhams Beauty Club and gain three points for every pound which you can eventually redeem for money off other brands like M.A.C and Urban Decay when you've managed save up enough points! (even more of an excuse to treat yourself, so go on!).

Do let me know what you think of this post below and whether you'd like to see any more reviews up soon on the blog of any products I currently use!


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