Sunday, 3 April 2016

Style Heroes - Styling Ankle Grazers with a Sleeveless Jacket for Dorothy Perkins

Back with something again a little different for you today! (look at me being all adventurous ey) This look is in collaboration with Dorothy Perkins, and it was so so exciting to hear such an amazing high street brand wanted to work with me, so I couldn't wait to work on this with them. They are currently promoting their 'Style Heroes" which is a more fabulous use of words for 'wardrobe essentials' and my challenge was to style ankle grazers with a sleeveless jacket. Now, I am not the tallest person in the world so wearing ankle grazers is always a great way for us shorter ladies to accentuate our legs, so I was more than happy with that choice! Then it came to the sleeveless jacket which has always been something I didn't think I would pick out for myself, only for others, however I was really pleasantly surprised with how this look turned out. Keep reading for all the details!

I had a predetermined mindset that sleeveless jackets were a little, for lack of a better word, 'old'. Now this is not to say that I thought everyone who wore them looked somewhat old, it is just I wouldn't have thought I would have been able to incorporate it into my own looks, however I was oh so wrong! This look was definitely on the smarter side for me so I really wanted to make it a more versatile combination by adding in some really simple everyday elements. This long sleeved plain top allowed me to cover my arms (alas it is still not warm at all in the UK!) and broke up the black and grey contrast and created a lovely gradient of colours. Simple make up with my hair pushed back with some sunnies meant this look was definitely more casual, but also easily dressed up too. I realised that a sleeveless jacket was a lot more flattering than I first imagined, and is going to be a fantastic alternative to a light jacket in spring and summer. 

I am really interested to hear about your style must haves as it goes from winter to spring, what cant you live without? For me I am thinking its going to be a good flat and COMFORTABLE ankle boot that can be styled with shorts, dresses or jeans and be perfectly versatile. And I am in need of a nice medium sized cross body bag, as in the warmer months it is just so much easier carrying a cross body, don't you think?

These shoes are absolutely amazing, if you're looking for a wearable heeled summer sandal to style with your more summery looks, you need to go down to Dorothy Perkins and get yourself some they are amazing! I love the ways heels or heeled boots style up any outfit, but I always end up with nasty rubs and blisters that haunt me for a good couple of weeks after wearing them. These were a real game changer, we went to the Cheshire Oaks Outlet for the day and I wandered around for a few hours and I really didn't feel too much discomfort which I always do, and they just look so beautiful. I cannot wait to style these with some really sweet little dresses as it gets even warmer. These are most definitely going to be a summer staple.

I chose this simple cross body bag because it reminded me of the Saint Laurent Sac De Jours bag, something which I drool over every time I am in Selfridges... The structure and sectioning of this bag really reminded me of it and Saint Laurent style for fraction of the price? Count me in. I was genuinely very pleasantly surprised with how much I could fit into the bag, just for your own reference; I had a spare pair of flats for if the sandals did rub (and they didn't hazaar!) alongside a purse, make up, etc etc all the normal essential bits and bobs. 

Grey Waterfall Jacket - here
High Waisted Trousers - here
Handbag (sold out sorry!)
Sandals (currently on sale!) - here

I was really happy with how the look came together, its always odd choosing a full outfit online and waiting for it to come to see whether your eye for style truly is as good as you hope it is. I would really advise trying this out once if you know you are going to or doing something you'd like a full new outfit for. Challenge yourself to find your own #StyleHeroes. 

I have really enjoyed challenging myself with my style recently, I hope you've all enjoyed reading and viewing it etc. Let me know in the comments what you think of this look and how you would style ankle grazers and a sleeveless jacket!


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