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Sarah Jessica-Parker and Feeling Inspired, Not Envious

There is always someone in particular you aspire to be, in almost every way and for me, that person is Sarah Jessica Parker. I get asked a lot who my style inspiration is, and in every conceivable way, its her. Although I may not necessarily dress like her on the daily (not for lack of trying I may add) she is without a doubt one of the biggest inspirations on my style and the way I perceive style. Recently, I have been trying to relax my style, I spend hours thinking of what my next outfit for my blog or instagram will be, and worrying that its not good enough that I don't buy a new outfit for it every week and do re-wear a lot of my pieces and re-style them, and my worry always is, am I boring you? 

Unlike me, she just looks effortlessly cool and stylish with every look she wears, I can assure you I would not be able to rock sweatpants the way she is above. The blogging industry I have found, alongside just being a girl, has made me compare myself to others, no matter how hard I try not to. I have found that I take great disappointment in myself and fear of disappointing you when I feel I am unable to look as effortlessly cool as Mrs Jessica-Parker here. I am afraid I am unable to wear heels everyday, and annoyingly, thats what really pulls together looks like hers, and really would for a lot of my own looks. I don't want to project a false image of how I dress everyday, but I want to provide you with inspiration for your outfits in the same way that Sarah Jessica-Parker does with me. So here I am, balancing between what is really the case and what I want to be. I guess its about accepting the realities of your aspirations. I unfortunately, do not look like or have Sarah Jessica-Parkers figure, half of the reason her clothes look good on her is that they go really well with her figure, so instead of sitting and scrolling through the google images results for 'Sarah Jessica-Parker street style' I need to find what suits me. 

I am very quick to feel envious when I see something I want, and I am not sure whether any of you are the same, but it is for sure its a habit I would like to get out of. I see many bloggers or Instagram accounts with all of these beautiful handbags, shoes and clothes and even perfect lifestyles and I instantly compare their lives to mine, and most of the time, I belittle my own. I sit and I contemplate why I am unable to buy that bag, or wear that outfit or travel as much as they do and I wonder why I am unable to experience what they are experiencing. And sometimes, this can bring you down. You can envy someones job, lifestyle, boyfriend, or hey even their ability to love themselves, but at the end of the day its ourselves we need to convince to not feel this way. 

There is a lack of general support in the blogger community sometimes, and then again sometimes there is not. I have been able to meet some truly wonderful people through my blog and Instagram (thank you all of you for making all of that happen, you're the true stars of the show) however I thought by now I would have been able to find a group of people who share the same interests as me and we could grow as people together. But I guess perhaps thats my Sex and The City mind running off ahead of me... I would love to see a break down of boundaries between bigger bloggers and smaller ones. I follow so many absolutely amazing accounts with very few followers who I would rate higher than most, and the opportunities available to them are so far fewer than those above them. I guess however thats just the way of the world. You have to be patient to make it to where you want to go, and then continue to strive forwards and I guess that this is where I am at. Patiently waiting to start striving forwards. 

I am determined not to envy, but to admire from now on as often as I can. I want to look at something and it only make me want to work even harder for me to get it. I think this is something we could all do better and definitely benefit from. Whether it is someones grades in school, or the lifestyle they are living, it is to not compare ourselves that will make us succeed. Sitting and feeling jealous of what someone else is going will not make you succeed or bring you closer to your goals, determination and hard work will. Something all of you, and myself are more than capable off if we are willing to try.

So what I am trying to say here, and I am sure most of you will have not made it this far out of sheer boredom (and if you have made it this far I am eternally grateful for your time), is that I think taking inspiration is paramount to your own personal development, but comparison is one of the greatest hinderances. Sarah Jessica-Parker will forever by my ultimate style hero, however realistically I couldn't walk the lengths of Manhattan in Manolo's but I will sure as hell try. 

I hope this more personal post wasn't too far out of what you like to see, but I am really struggling to be myself on here a little bit. I really want to be creating content you enjoy and love reading, but it still needs to be me. 
Let me know what you'd like to see up next, and I am thinking of doing a Q&A soon so please do leave any comments below with any questions you may have!


H x



  1. I loved this post, very honest and something I really related to! Remember that although you envy, and will now try to be inspired by others, there are people out there who feel the same about you, so definitely give yourself a hell of a lot my credit. I think your blog is really great, and I love reading and checking out your style on instagram ❤
    Leah xx

  2. I loved this post, very honest and something I really related to! Remember that although you envy, and will now try to be inspired by others, there are people out there who feel the same about you, so definitely give yourself a hell of a lot my credit. I think your blog is really great, and I love reading and checking out your style on instagram ❤
    Leah xx

    1. Thank you so much Leah, your words mean more than you know honestly. I can't really imagine anyone feeling the way I do about her with me! I hope you're really well, and I hope you keep enjoying my content! xx

  3. Great post, different to your usual style but I love it, I love reading people's personal views and getting to feel like I know them better. I do agree with everything you've spoken about and agree that she has such an effortless style that looks so good. But also the way she inspires you is the same way you inspire others including me with your outfits, I myself think oo I don't look like you, I don't go to the same places as you so I could never wear those outfits, but like you said I think of ways in which it would suit me and how I could adapt it to myself.

    p.s my question for your Q&A would be, wear would you like to take your blogging/ fashion career in the future and how do you plan on achieving your goals of getting to that career path? (eg continue blogging/ clothing line/ magazine/ stylist etc)

    1. I do really enjoy writing more stylistically so this style of post is something I really enjoy doing. What do you think for more like this?
      It is so overwhelming that you deem me as an inspiration and I cannot thank you enough for your support it really means the world. Thank you for your question as well, its a very good one!

      Love, H x

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