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Getting Leggy in Leather - How To

Leather trousers are one of those looks we see graces the feeds of every 'model off-duty' with legs taking up a ridiculous proportion of their body and we are sat here thinking, how the hell do I pull those off? Never fear, I am a meagre 5ft2 and I am trying my best... Leather is one of those elements to an outfit that adds a little bit of edginess but also really pulls an outfit together giving it a really classically stylish feel. I am sure the majority of you have tried a trusty leather jacket, but leather trousers really add that little extra something. I have put together a few outfit looks to show you how I like to best work this trend. I hope you enjoy!

My favourite way of styling leather trousers is an attempt at the model off-duty look with a 'normal person twist' whereby you scavenge what oversized t shirts you may have purchased or stolen from a male counterpart or father and throw it over the top. I love the look this creates, I am not sure if any of you remember the photo of Kylie Jenner at a petrol station a couple of years ago and she was filling up her car and she had leather pants and an oversized white t-shirt on and she looked amazing. The way in which an oversized top will fall over the leather trousers really flatter your legs as it will cover the very top of your legs and show off the rest, a very lovely ratio if you ask me! 

This look was definitely on the edgier side, so I finished the look off with this patched quilted bomber jacket which I have had so many positive comments on since I got it when I have been out and about running errands as it is such an ideal jacket to throw on with any casual day to day look and it can make you feel that little bit more put together. Some simple block shades and a very mainstream caffeinated beverage get you on your way to trying to come across as somewhat cool (but hey there is no harm in that right?) I really love how surprisingly comfy this outfit actually was, at first when I was seeing the leather trouser trend I just thought it would be super restrictive and uncomfortable, and granted I am sure there are some trousers out there that would be, but I got these from H&M a few months ago and they don't have a huge stretch to them as such, but they don't hold you so much in place you can't move, which is of course ideal...

These EGO booties have served me extremely well over the past year or so (I am very sorry for the frequent wear on here, but they are just so darn comfy) and they work so well with the trousers as it creates an almost continuous leather effect all the way from my legs to my toes and then the stand out block heel throws something exciting into the monochromatic mix. I think this look could also work really well with one more statement piece if this was more to your taste to make it a little more exciting. I would personally go for a long camel coat and a pop of colour in the accessories or footwear, you can play around with it all, even a strong lip colour could completely change this look and take it from relaxed day to statement night. 

Throwing yet another monochrome look your way, shocking I know, I am obviously keeping you all so excited here on (I promise there are some more spring type looks coming soon! just got to shoot them all for you!). This was a much more dressy way of styling the leather element. If you don't feel comfortable going for leather trousers for a more day to day look you could invest in some for a stand out evening look, styled with a crisp white shirt tied with a belt to accentuate the waist and some lace up shoes could be the way for you to go with this trend. 

As previously mentioned in the other look, a pop of colour is a really fantastic way of bringing in something special into any outfit you may deem a little too plain. I brought in my micro Lady Dior bag as red is one of my favourite colours as I personally think it suits me, alongside it being a really classic colour combination with anything black and white. I coupled this with a matching red lip. I have always said how you make up really brings together an outfit, and matching the reds together is a great way of making this more sophisticated and put together. 

I couldn't not put in this all leather look from a couple of months ago, this look was so daring for me and I didn't know how it would end up looking but I absolutely fell in love with how it turned out!

I really love how these looks turned out, I think trying to style up trends in a more accessible way is the best option if you're wanting to diversify your style a little bit more, you don't have to make yourself feel uncomfortable just go with what feels right for you and your own style and body - and flatter where you can! 

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