Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Kendall and Kylie, Get The Look!

Hey lovelies! I had a thought the other day for over the next year or so when I get really blogging focused when I embark on my gap year. I was thinking some monthly/frequent features up on my blog might be a really great and relatable series of posts here on - I was thinking celebrity get the looks, alongside wish lists etc which you can all submit to me in the comments what styles/celebrities you'd like me to do next. What do you think?

I had to start off with the Jenner sisters, there is no doubt over their street style prowess and their social media popularity. I remember a few years ago I did a Kylie Jenner style lookbook, recreating some of her outfits, and its the most viewed post on my site so I thought this would be a really great place to start. 

Kendall Jenner is the epitome of model off duty, all of the time. She has effortlessly figured out how to look as if little effort has been put into the outfit, but it is being pulled off perfectly. Yes, they may have stylists, but this look is just too perfectly simple not to recreate. What makes Kendall's looks so easy to recreate, is the fact that she incorporates really simple elements into almost all of her day to day looks, that are ridiculously transferable to our everyday wear. If you read my last blog post then you'll know how much I love my leather trousers, I mentioned how flattering they are to your figure, alongside looking effortlessly chic. These Zara leather trousers are the perfect high street version of the oh so expensive I'm sure version that Kendall is wearing. The additional aspects of this look were really simple, and are most likely items which the majority of you may already have in your wardrobe, or at least a version of it. A simple grey jumper kept this look laid back and comfortable, alongside comfortable white trainers making this look really wearable for everyday. Go Kendall providing us with some realistic street style inspiration! A final touch to this simple look is a plain and perfectly formed cross body from ASOS.

Dungarees may remind your of your childhood, and don't worry they remind me of it as well and my inability to button up the clasps... However, dungarees seem to be flowing in and out of high street trends with Kylie Jenner joining in with this classic all black look. I remember really loving this street style when the paparazzi photos were over social media. It is again, a really wearable look in which you can style up like Kylie has with her heels, or dress down a little more with some flats. I've been deliberating as to whether investing in a nice pair of plain dungarees would be good for my wardrobe staples, as there are so many combinations for the top half! Kylie kept is super classic going for all black but you could always make it a little bit more spring and summer appropriate with a cropped white tee. The dungarees I chose were a steal from New Look, a plain black turtle neck is a staple basic for any wardrobe really as it adds a stylish edge to any simple outfit. Office had a really fantastic pair of heels to match the look that Kylie chose to go for here, but you could just as easily go for some boots or flats in order to make this look a little more wearable. 

This look is super summery, and I think may be a little optimistic for the UK, however it was too festival chic not to include in this list. This is another prime example of Kendall working some really simple outfit elements and accessorising them in a way that makes the outfit look much more high end (and yes I do know that this outfit most likely is very high end but we must try our best here in the normal world!). The super laid back feel of this outfit is what makes it so lovely, this is a look that  would flatter so many body shapes, its simply a pair of mom jeans and a bardot style crop top with the right accessories! These  Topshop mom jeans are a perfect match for the style that Kendall wears, the comfortable comfortable bardot crop (a really great investment for this summer by the way!) and a pair of detailed ankle boots. Super laid back, super simple. Rounded off with a pair of cool sunglasses you can't go wrong.

These were just a couple of my favourite street style looks from the stylish siblings, so do let me know your thoughts on these looks and who you'd like to see next! Do you like the idea of a regular feature?

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Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Getting Leggy in Leather - How To

Leather trousers are one of those looks we see graces the feeds of every 'model off-duty' with legs taking up a ridiculous proportion of their body and we are sat here thinking, how the hell do I pull those off? Never fear, I am a meagre 5ft2 and I am trying my best... Leather is one of those elements to an outfit that adds a little bit of edginess but also really pulls an outfit together giving it a really classically stylish feel. I am sure the majority of you have tried a trusty leather jacket, but leather trousers really add that little extra something. I have put together a few outfit looks to show you how I like to best work this trend. I hope you enjoy!

My favourite way of styling leather trousers is an attempt at the model off-duty look with a 'normal person twist' whereby you scavenge what oversized t shirts you may have purchased or stolen from a male counterpart or father and throw it over the top. I love the look this creates, I am not sure if any of you remember the photo of Kylie Jenner at a petrol station a couple of years ago and she was filling up her car and she had leather pants and an oversized white t-shirt on and she looked amazing. The way in which an oversized top will fall over the leather trousers really flatter your legs as it will cover the very top of your legs and show off the rest, a very lovely ratio if you ask me! 

This look was definitely on the edgier side, so I finished the look off with this patched quilted bomber jacket which I have had so many positive comments on since I got it when I have been out and about running errands as it is such an ideal jacket to throw on with any casual day to day look and it can make you feel that little bit more put together. Some simple block shades and a very mainstream caffeinated beverage get you on your way to trying to come across as somewhat cool (but hey there is no harm in that right?) I really love how surprisingly comfy this outfit actually was, at first when I was seeing the leather trouser trend I just thought it would be super restrictive and uncomfortable, and granted I am sure there are some trousers out there that would be, but I got these from H&M a few months ago and they don't have a huge stretch to them as such, but they don't hold you so much in place you can't move, which is of course ideal...

These EGO booties have served me extremely well over the past year or so (I am very sorry for the frequent wear on here, but they are just so darn comfy) and they work so well with the trousers as it creates an almost continuous leather effect all the way from my legs to my toes and then the stand out block heel throws something exciting into the monochromatic mix. I think this look could also work really well with one more statement piece if this was more to your taste to make it a little more exciting. I would personally go for a long camel coat and a pop of colour in the accessories or footwear, you can play around with it all, even a strong lip colour could completely change this look and take it from relaxed day to statement night. 

Throwing yet another monochrome look your way, shocking I know, I am obviously keeping you all so excited here on (I promise there are some more spring type looks coming soon! just got to shoot them all for you!). This was a much more dressy way of styling the leather element. If you don't feel comfortable going for leather trousers for a more day to day look you could invest in some for a stand out evening look, styled with a crisp white shirt tied with a belt to accentuate the waist and some lace up shoes could be the way for you to go with this trend. 

As previously mentioned in the other look, a pop of colour is a really fantastic way of bringing in something special into any outfit you may deem a little too plain. I brought in my micro Lady Dior bag as red is one of my favourite colours as I personally think it suits me, alongside it being a really classic colour combination with anything black and white. I coupled this with a matching red lip. I have always said how you make up really brings together an outfit, and matching the reds together is a great way of making this more sophisticated and put together. 

I couldn't not put in this all leather look from a couple of months ago, this look was so daring for me and I didn't know how it would end up looking but I absolutely fell in love with how it turned out!

I really love how these looks turned out, I think trying to style up trends in a more accessible way is the best option if you're wanting to diversify your style a little bit more, you don't have to make yourself feel uncomfortable just go with what feels right for you and your own style and body - and flatter where you can! 

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Let me know your thoughts on this look below! 


H x

Monday, 11 April 2016

Full Coverage with Debenhams Beauty - Estee Lauder Double Wear

The foundation of a really good make up look is the foundation, literally! This is why I am always on the look out for that special formula. There are so many different types of foundation and combinations it is so easy to become a little lost and confused along the way to your perfect type of coverage and finish. I am more of a full coverage girl myself, most likely because, as a blogger, I am almost constantly taking images of either my make up or an outfit, both of which, unfortunately for you lot, incorporate photographing my face. This is why I have been on the look out for a full coverage foundation that lasts for a while now. I have collaborated with  Debenhams Beauty to bring you the perfect full coverage foundation, Estee Lauder Double Wear! (available here!)
I went into the Debenhams Beauty section of my local Debenhams store as I wanted to get colour matched for this foundation. They had the most handy little device available to use at the Estee Lauder counter in Debenhams stores that they simply place onto your skin in a few different spots on your face and the little device then takes images of your skin and matches you to your perfect shade. Perfecto! I had heard so much about this foundation, so many beauty bloggers go on about its staying power and full coverage, I couldn't wait to try it out. I was matched to the shade 'Desert Beige' a really lovely lighter shade with a yellow undertone. What’s really great about this foundation is the number of shades it comes in. I actually got matched to a more pink toned shade and then this yellow toned shade so I knew I preferred the yellow tones on myself, hence why I chose this one!
If you're wanting to hear more about Debenhams Beauty Club and how to get this make up look then keep on reading!
The whole focus of this make up look was the foundation and the coverage it gives, I wanted to create a relatively simple look that wasn't over the top in anyway and could be worn as an everyday put together one. This is why the majority of products used in this look were face products. I primed with Soap and Glory 'One Heck of a Blot' primer, alongside setting the foundation with one of their powders. 
I really think a primer is a really good starting point with this foundation, due to it being high coverage it is, by nature, going to be thicker than other lesser coverage foundations, therefore by using a primer alongside this foundation it stops it sinking into your pores as much, making it much easier to remove later on. I applied this with a beauty blender all over the face and then set it with the Soap and Glory powder. I then added a touch of natural blusher from Chanel, this is in the shade Reflex which is available at Debenhams online here! 
Brows are in my opinion one of the most important features of a make up look as you can really vary the way you draw them or fill them in to match how dramatic your make up look is going to be. I always tend to keep tit he same no matter what look I am going for really, a sharp underline at the front of my brow which I then fade using my angled brush and dark brown powder. Finally, this is set by brushing though some trusty Benefit Cosmetics gimmeBrow! 
This Benefit Cosmetics 'Dew The Hoola' recently came through the post and is a new release from them, Debenhams do stock Benefit Cosmetics so keep your eye out for this on their counters. Its the most gorgeous cream matte bronzer, which sounds awfully daunting at first glance, but I applied this again with a beauty blender and pressed it into the Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation and it coupled really well with the foundation. I was very impressed with how this foundation takes product in both cream and powder form, almost like a canvas! Then add a little highlight on the tops of the cheekbones for a really beautiful natural reflective look for everyday wear
I wanted to keep the eyes simple and easy to do. I have found that getting yourself a really pretty cream eyeshadow is a really easy way to cut down your getting ready time in the morning when you may be rushing, like this KIKO Milano cream eyeshadow, I only need one quick swipe over my eyelid of the lighter shade on an everyday basis, and then if I want to give myself a little more definition then I can simply use the darker shade in the crease of my eyelid. Super easy! I went for lengthened natural lashes instead of fake eyelashes, I really don't know how some girls wear them all day, it’s so impressive! 
A nude lip is a safe bet no matter what the occasion, as I am sure you are aware. It is by far one of the most versatile of the lip colours. I always personally lean towards a more brown toned nude, simply because I prefer how it looks on my skintone. This lovely combination is MAC's Velvet Teddy alongside using Stripdown liner also from MAC. 
If you are currently a member of the Debenhams Beauty Club, then Debenhams are having a special promotion where you can receive £5 worth of beauty card points with ANY foundation purchase! If you are not a member already you are most definitely missing out on some beauty loyalty goodness - sign up by clicking here! They are also offering you the opportunity to actually try on some of their best selling foundations in store and take a sample home so you can feel confident with what you're buying and that you know its right for you (there is nothing worse than it looking like the right shade on a little patch and then finding out it oxidises on your skin differently when you wear it properly is there?!). This to me is a real selling point as I am always really apprehensive when buying foundation as I know I am going to  be so disappointed if its not right for me, and I am sure a lot of you feel the same! (*one set of Bonus Points per customer per day and with a foundation purchase. Valid until Monday 25th April in store and online). 
What did you think of this make up look? Would you like to see some more make up looks talked through on my blog?
Also if you're not a member of the Debenhams Beauty Club then please do make sure you join up now and reap all the amazing beauty benefits! Click here to sign up!
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