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What's In My Bag? Celine Edge - The Basics!

Just wanted to start by saying I am so unbelievably sorry for my lack of posts recently, I am in my final year at sixth form so as you can imagine its all getting a little bit hectic and scheduling time to shoot looks and write posts is becoming a lot more difficult with coursework and preparing for upcoming exams, so please don't think any less of me for it, I am trying my hardest! As of the end of June however I will be finish and I am taking a year to blog full time, so I hope I will be able to create the type and quality of content you all deserve. Ive wanted to do a whats in my bag youtube video for a while but I haven't had enough time (or daylight!) recently. So I will be filming one in the next few weeks hopefully so stay tuned! In the meanwhile subscribe to my YouTube channel here!

I switch between two handbags currently, my Stella McCartney falabella and this beautiful Celine edge bag that Joe very wonderfully got me for my 18th. This bag isn't actually made anymore, however many second hand sites like Vestiere do stock them. I really love this bag its a very robust and durable bag, it has a side pocket inside, and then a really great back pocked on the outside of the handbag that is absolutely ideal for putting my phone in so its easy to grab!

The first item I pulled out is my car keys! Now before you think anything, I know, I know, that I have a lot of fluff going on! I have fluffy keys since I passed by driving test and I seem to have been adding and adding to it since! I bought a long tail shaped key ring when I was 15 in Canada (absolute FAVOURITE place!) so that went on first, the a couple of other fluffy ones I picked up here and there. My favourite keyring is my Burberry bear, I bought him when I went down to London right before christmas time and I think I ended up looking in 6 or so Burberry shops or concessions to find him in the classic colours, everywhere was sold out! I finally found this little guy in Harrods and he was the only one they had in on display and I just had to have him. He's absolutely adorable!

Next on the list was one of my favourite purses, I am still on the hunt for the perfect purse as this one is really great for most of my bags but when I want to use my smaller side bags its always far too big, so I am on the search for the perfect longer thinner wallet to use for all my bags as I always loose things when I switch between the two! This purse is from Louis Vuitton and its part of their Suhali collection and when I went in to have my initials put on the purse the staff at Louis Vuitton were really surprised to see a piece from the collection so I must have something to definitely look after! I really do love this purse with its square shape as it isn't too big, and it has plenty of space for all my cards etc. I tend to carry around my bank card, discount and membership cards and then any cash I may have. I tend to find my purse has either a substantial amount of cash or absolutely none at all! Anyone else get this problem? (haha!)

Next my favourite perfume! Herm├Ęs Eau des Merveilles perfume is most definitely a more expensive perfume purchase which is why I make sure I don't wear this every day. My mum bought be a small thin handbag sized one a few years ago and I remembered absolutely adoring it but not being able to afford to buy myself a bottle after it ran out, however I finally got myself a new one this year and I am a happy girl! There are two scents of this perfume and I honestly love both of them, they aren't your stereotypical girl smell which is why I absolutely love them, they are almost a little bit musky. I highly recommend going in and smelling some of these if you're looking for a really extra special scent!

These were the beauty bits I had in my bag, for some reason I didn't have any lipstick or lipgloss however I always usually do! I currently am carrying around my Lancome Juicy Shakers as they are absolutely perfect for a little bit of everyday colour, they are also a really lovely consistency so its almost like a lip nourishing oil as well. I would really recommend checking them out here! I also love to carry around some form of make up wipes, these simple eye make up remover pads are the perfect size and are really useful for lipstick touch ups as well! A nail varnish I am currently wearing is always good to pop in your bag just incase you chip them or even if you suddenly have an occasion you need to quickly paint your nails for, they are super easy to just slip into the side pockets of a handbag and could save you when you need them!
My Elizabeth Arden 8 hour lip balm is an absolute MUST. I either carry this around or my little pot of the 8 hour cream itself, either way its a must have for me. 

I also always currently carry around my Olympus PEN EPL-7 incase I want to shoot anything for my blog or any outfit shots on the go! I would really recommend this for anyone who wants a high quality image with little effort, especially if you tend to have your shots taken by someone else who is not a photographer but who is indeed trying their best! 

I hope you enjoyed this blog post! I was thinking of maybe doing a whats in my bag video on my youtube? What do you think?

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  1. your bag is absolutely gorgeous! i'm always interested in these posts as i'm so nosy haha. your little purse is so cute too

    xo Sarah

    1. Its gorgeous isn't it! I love these posts too aha! xx


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