Sunday, 27 March 2016

Alternate Your Style!

Hello all! How is everybody? Its been an eventful week really, and I wanted to first say my heart goes out to all those effected in the Brussels attacks. I would also want to send my love out to anyway confronted with the harsh realities of conflict around the world, as we sometimes tend to look past the ongoing struggles for those we don't expect to come along. However, I am sending love to all those effected. 

I wanted to try something a little different for me, now we all love an all black look every now and again (I know I do) but what about an all nude look? They may be tones that are better suited to the sun kissed hills of California or anywhere but England really, but why not? It is getting a little warmer in the UK at the moment, I am really putting emphasis on the word little there as well, so I thought I would go for a look that was a little bit more fitting to spring time. I am a great believer in mixing up your looks, even though you may have your 'go to' look or style, that doesn't be your confinement though. I am a great believer in seeing a piece you like that may not be your regular style, and just working around it and making it your own. 

In this case, I wanted to work around these tailored high waisted pants with this pastel waterfall coat that just happened to be a very similar shade, perfect! Now I was a little sceptical, I am not going to lie about going from combining a lot of darker tones with a sudden change to lighter ones. The trousers added a smart tailored edge I normally don't have in my outfits, so I wanted to make sure I didn't feel too smart and therefore too far out of what I deemed my own style, I thought an oversized slouched t shirt would sort this out perfectly for me. I have always deemed mixing smart and casual to be a really stylish mood, think the Devil Wears Prada, mixing everyday workwear with the current trends you love. A heel was a really simple edition to this look to bring it from more casual to dressy, I am a strong believer in wearing outfits you can easily switch from day to night with a pair of heels. This looks is definitely one of them, blog shoots always require walking around and going back and forth between locations for looks so I ended up throwing on some simple flats with this look and I really loved the laid back feel it gave, my idea of heaven, style AND comfort! How many times can we say that happens eh?

I am definitely not going to hang up my all black ways anytime soon, I am far too set in my ways, however experimenting with my style is something I really love to do every now and again, especially when it comes up with looks like this. I could not recommend more trying to experiment outside your comfort zones when it comes to your style, especially those of you who are perhaps wanting to blog yourselves, it is always good to mix things up every now and again to ensure you don't fall out of love with fashion, and instead, evolve with it. 

Coat - here (10% off the whole site with HAYLEIGH10)
T shirt - similar here
Trousers - similar here
Heels - here (these are the most comfortable heels I have ever worn)

I hope you enjoyed this post, do comment below your thoughts and what you'd like to see on here soon!

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