Sunday, 7 February 2016

Sunny Chills - My Essentials

Its that time of year where the weather starts to go all moody teenager on us with never ending mood swings, I find at difficult times such as these it is essential to be prepared for every eventuality because hey, its the UK. So I thought I would put together a post of what I think is the bare necessities! This isn't an extensive list but I know that I love having combinations of these products to hand day to day during this ever changing time of year!

It is undeniable that when the weather is oh so temperamental you will either underdress or overdress, and in the unfortunate event that you overdress you may find yourself getting a little bit too warm (and yes we all sweat) therefore carrying round a more long lasting perfume is a really great idea this time of year. I have so much trust and faith in Jo Malone products as I find from my own personal use and the use of their products by my family that the scent lasts for hours and hours. This Lime Basil and Mandarin cologne is really lovely and fresh for when you're feeling a little hot under the collar and just need to be reassured you're not showing it! The prices may be seen as steep, but I can reassure you that the quality of the products you get is truly stunning. I recommend booking in for a complimentary hand massage in order to find your perfect scent or unique combination of scents. 

The ever-changing British environment means you need to be prepared for every eventuality. I am the type of girl who carries around sizeable handbags I know I will be able to fit everything I need in, unless I am using one of my adorable micro bags, but in the colder months this would just be making life difficult for myself. There are 3 main essentials I have for this time of year you can easily carry around in your handbag. Firstly, sunglasses. Sunglasses I find are essential to carry around in your handbag all year round regardless, you never know when you're going to be not feeling so great and in need of some glasses to hide behind or whether you get caught in the sneaky cold days sun. These are just some simple gold rimmed classic aviators from Ray Ban, these are just a really classic and light pair of sunglasses I find really easy to bring around with me due to the small case size and how they are very light so don't weigh my bag down like my more chunky Saint Laurent pair do that I also love. 
Sometimes, when the sun comes out us brits think that it is going to be much warmer than it actually is going to be and somewhat underdress ourselves. This is where the trusted bobble hat and optional scarf come in. I find carrying around a small beanie in my handbag folded up is a really easy way of just adding some warmth, however with a scarf the need does need to have been realised prior to leaving the house, but the good thing about scarves is the fact the can be easily taken off! Finally, leather gloves. My hands get quite cold quite fast, so I love carrying around some simple leather gloves just at the bottom of my handbag for either on a cold evening out or a particularly cold day. These are just so light to carry round its such an easy thing to do. 

Finally are my few beauty essentials for this time of year. I am a lover of a good dark lip, so a deep red shade like this Bobbi Brown in shade 'scarlet' is perfect for me as I will be wearing dark lips until it is no longer acceptably cold! This alongside a burgundy nail colour (I am unbelievably obsessed with burgundy at the moment I need help guys) and a classic nude everyday lip colour is perfect as well.  Hand cream is another essential especially for those prone to dry skin in general as the cold is very drying so being able to just use a dab of hand cream as and when you need it, especially as hand cream comes in the smallest pocketsized packages that are ideal for your bag. Finally LIPBALM. LIPBALM IS MY LIFESAVER. This time of year my lips become so unbelievably dry, I have had continuously dry lips for about 2 months now and it is driving me insane so please comment below if you have any holy grail products I need your help!! I picked out the Dior lip balm and the Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream lip balm (its all magic the 8hr cream lines you HAVE to try them out.)

These were just my top products for this time of year, let me know any essentials or life savers you have for this time of year!


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