Sunday, 28 February 2016

Hoping for Summer in a Denim Crop

This look got such a lovely response when I posted it to my Instagram (follow me here). I really loved this outfit when I put it together but I didn't think you would all love it as much as you did, but hey here we are! Thank you for all your lovely comments about this looks also, it means the world. 
I have been dreaming of warmer weather since the beginning of January, I don't think Winter is Winter without snow, therefore all of the days where there is no snow (and where I live, thats everyday, New York and America I am so jealous of you right now) I feel are pointless and we should have warmth, or at least mild weather. I really love crop tops and jeans as it means you can show a little bit of skin but the fact you're wearing jeans means its still all nice and covered. I also love this combination for when the weather is mild and you're not needing a coat but you can't be in a skirt. Crop tops and jeans are also a really flattering silhouette if you go for a non fitted one as I am in this look as it makes your waist look all nice and small. Tighter crop tops keep you looking curvy so just play to your own assets (God did not bless me in the boob department). 

This crop top I bought from a local vintage shop in Manchester, and it seems that it has been reclaimed into a crop top from a denim shirt as the hem is simply sewn back up after it has been cut shorter. You can make this super easily by buying a cheap denim shirt and simply cutting it yourself, you could even skip the re-hemming and simple frey the edges and it would look a little bit more 'grunge'. Simple skinny black jeans are always a staple in my looks, I am sure you know this by now (sorry I am so consistent) so it was a no brainer to pair these with this crop. However I also thought this would look much more summery with white jeans, so if it is a little warmer where you are and you'd like to look a little bit more bright then perhaps try that angle with this look.

I think everyone is getting a bit sick of the cold at the moment, so planning some summer outfits is definitely putting me in the mood for sun, a tan and not having to layer up (as much as I do love it!)

Top - similar here! (currently on sale for £6.50!)
Jeans - here
Boots - here!

I hope you like this look! Let me know what you'd like to see more of on here!


H x


Sunday, 21 February 2016

My Top 5 Boot Styles for Winter to Spring Style

Boot season is well and truly upon us. They are the most convenient shoe you could wear this time of year, and the fact you can get them in so many different styles and colours means there is a perfect boot for everyone. I am a huge lover of boots so I have to admit I do have far too many pairs. But I wanted to pick out my top 5 styles of boots if you're wanting to know what style may suit you best. 

1. Thigh High Boots

Now, if you have been reading my blog over the past month or so then you will know how much I am  loving thigh high boots at the moment. I think the main catch for me is how flattering they look on your legs, and me being somewhat vertically challenged, elongating the appearance of my legs is a very nice added bonus. I personally love the style they create as well, its quite a laid back look but with the ability to dress them into any outfit you would like. They look perfect with jeans in the colder months, and skirts/dresses as it begins to get a little warmer. 
My perfect outfit with these boots shown here, is either a dress like the one in the picture, or some blue jeans, a simple t shirt and a leather jacket. Simple but stylish. 

Boots in this picture - here (10% off with HAYLEIGH10)
Perfect heeled thigh highs - here (10% off In The Style whole site with HAYEIGH10)

2. Cut Out Ankle Boots 

This style is really great for when its starting to get a little warmer, as especially in this colour, they looks best with bare legs. The cut out and peep toe of this shoe makes it a little more summery and is perfect for people like me who like to wear boots all year round. The tan colour is really gorgeous with white dresses in the summer time and lighter jeans in winter time with a cropped jacket and a plain black tee. The heel height on these is perfect for daily wear as they do not make your feel ache when walking around in them, however this style of shoe does tend to rub at the toe while you are breaking them in. 

3. Simple Chelsea Boots 

These boots are my absolute pride and joy and might be the best designer sale find I have ever been able to snatch up. Simple chelsea boots are my absolute go to when I don't know what to wear on my feet; they are classic, simple, comfortable and most of all, effortlessly fashionable. These are my first pair of designer shoes I have actually been able to wear comfortably, they are Prada boots and I bought them in the Selfridges sale, they were £400 full price and they were reduced down to £120 and I had a £50 voucher I had gotten for Christmas, it was love at first sight. 
These boots are one of the most comfortable pairs I own and really fit me like a dream, I would really recommend investing in a more high quality pair of boots, no matter what the style, that actually fit your ankles, as it always disappoints me when they are really too wide for my ankles. It is most definitely a deal breaker. This style tends not to be too dressy, but really work for everyday looks when you're wanting to be more street chic than anything else. 

4. Boots With Interest

It seems that boots with something a little extra became quite popular last year and have followed through to the new year. Whether it be fringing, cut outs or detailing on the boot itself, it seems that bedazzling your feet really became a thing in 2015. These toe capped ankle boots would be my way of incorporating this into my own personal style. It is in my opinion the most minimalist way of working the trend, but this is because my style does tend to lean towards minimalistic more than anything else. However I have seen some stunning stand out boots from the likes of Saint Laurent, Valentino and Dolce and Gabanna that have then been duped by the likes of Topshop and ASOS. So if you're wanting to look into trying out this recent trend, I think the best ways to go about it would be  to either go for a minimalistic option like me or a really stand out bold pair to be the statement piece of your outfit. 

5. The Boot for the Night Out

This boot from Public Desire is absolutely stunning, it is the most gorgeous shape and heel height as the heel is a little bit higher but the fact your foot is supported means they aren't the hardest in the world to work in (which is ideal isn't it ladies!). This is a really ideal boot for dressing up a more comfortable everyday into a night out or meal out look. I really love this style its got such a classic beautiful silhouette.

I hope you enjoyed this post!

Let me know your thoughts in the comments!


 H x


Sunday, 14 February 2016

Its Decision Time - Work, University and General Balance

Its coming around to that time of year when, if you're in college or sixth form or even lower down in your education decisions are having to be made. Decisions you never thought you'd have to make, and the feeling that adulthood is looming has never felt so prominent. In the world of bloggers, it seems I'm one of the babies of the bunch, when I am lucky enough to attend events and network with other bloggers, I am usually one of the youngest in the room. I entered the bloggersphere when I was 14, amateurly of course, but thats when it all began. So I have been having to juggle blogging and full time education for the past 4 year, granted it has only really become something I would consider 'full time' the past year or so, recently it has become very hard for me to balance work and education. 
Many of you may have this problem too, with trying to balance your study with a part time job, and its not easy at all. These next few months are coming up to exams whatever year of your education you're in, and reminding yourself how important they are is invaluable. I am struggling a lot at the moment, torn between giving my all into what I love doing and giving you all the content and quality you deserve, and my studies for my A2 exams and AS resits in May and June. I have work, school and life decisions looming at the moment and I am sure that many of you are in the same boat. Now, I am by no means a fount of wisdom, but if my babbling will give any of you some more peace of mind or advice, then this will be worth it. 

Take the time to think about what you want to do. 

I wanted to start with a point I deem very important. I have changed my mind countless time within the past 2 years about what I want to do with my life and what choices I am going to make to get me there. When I started at sixth form in 2014, I wanted to be a motorsports engineer and to go and work for McLaren. (I really loved/still love F1). I started the year taking Physics, Maths, History and Economics and ended it having swapped Physics for English Language as I just couldn't grasp the concepts being taught in Physics and the jump from GCSE to AS was just too hard. So that was the engineering hopes down the drain. This was my limbo phase it really was. At this point, it was at the end of Year 12 (UK school years) and this is when, if you're in the UK you get the dreaded University and general life pressures suddenly put on you. I had absolutely no idea what I wanted to do with my life. No idea at all. I now know, that was completely okay and not worth worrying over, however at the time it felt like I was destined for failure. I have always had high expectations of myself, probably from having such successful parents all I have wanted to do was be as proud of myself as I am of what they have done with their lives. (Hey Mum, I know you read my blog, I am so proud of everything you do and everything you've achieved, you're my inspiration more than you know.)
At this point, my Instagram and Blog were turning into a much more full time thing for me as I was beginning to put much more time and effort into my Instagram and Blog content. Also at this time, about 8/9 months ago it became my job. Now this won't apply to everyone but the foundations of the idea will. I knew I loved blogging, and as I was becoming to understand that this could potentially be something I could do full time, excited me. The idea of University or another job had yet to excite me, so alarm bells began to ring. I realised I was really loving what I was doing now, and I knew if I didn't give myself the opportunity to thrive in something I love doing, I would regret it forever. 

Once I realised something I was genuinely interested in, I looked around at courses that may go hand in hand with what I want to do. Now, Fashion isn't exactly taught as an A Level subject at my sixth form, so I was apprehensive in believing this could be a creditable course (which it completely is). Anything you want to do is creditable purely for the fact it is something you enjoy. I think my greatest feeling then and still now as I am still making my decisions, was making the wrong choice for me and being stuck with it for the rest of my life, or at least feeling that was going to happen. I was, and still am scared of being stuck in a job I don't enjoy, which is why I am wanting to pursue what I enjoy doing in an attempt to make a living from it. This is something you need to try and do, it is your life, please make sure you are going down a path you believe in yourself, no matter how obscure it may be. (Its okay, I am wanting to make a living out of posting pictures on the internet, or at least thats what everyone else thinks.)

Do not worry about what your parents or other people in your life might feel about your choices. 

I feel like I am going to keep repeating to you that each of these points is the most important, but this was a huge factor for me. Making my parents proud is one of most important things for me to do with myself. The likelihood is, your parents or friends are going to say they are proud of me no matter what I do etc etc, but the feeling of worry is still there no matter how many time they tell you. I made the choice, a daunting one indeed, to do what I loved doing instead of following a path I thought they would be happy with, or my sixth form would be happy putting on their testimonials, or just what other people might approve of. I went from wanting to be an engineer, to then considering history, then economics, then english, and then realising nothing excited me. And this is where I ended up, stuck trying to please other people in a decision where the main influence of the decision was on my life, no one else. Stopping myself from basing my opinion on a life choice off how I thought it would make people in my life think was one of the best things I did to help myself. I ensured that I knew the way I thought people were going to feel about my decisions, were most likely not how they actually felt. If they did feel the way I feared, or had a negative view on what I wanted to look into doing, I cut their opinion out and ignored it. Sometimes, you're your own worst enemy thinking up things that aren't happening, or aren't going to happen. So stop worrying, as they really won't be thinking that you think they are. 

Tell yourself you're going to succeed and everything is going to be alright. 

This is something I need to teach myself, and I can't begin to explain how much I admire people who are able to fully believe in their decisions and support themselves emotionally through life choices. I am always a sucker for belittling myself constantly, and not allowing myself to admire my achievements so far, and this will always be something I struggle with as I am sure many of you do as well but being able to try and realise the things you've been able to accomplish and give yourself the credit you deserve.
Believing in your decisions is the key to it all, and unfortunately is one of the hardest things to do. If you love the idea of doing something enough then you WILL have the drive to make it work for you, and if is doesn't work out, then you will find something else to be just as devoted to. Thats how it works. 

Don't let other peoples misunderstandings put you down. 

Not everyone will always understand your choices or thought processes, thats just how it goes. Some people may try to put down the area of work you want to go in to, but you must not let it affect your goals or desires. I get this ALL the time with wanting to do my blogging and then potentially get a career in the fashion industry. The number of times people have laughed in my face at what I do for a living now or have said 'do you really think thats a good idea?'. Yes, I do. This is what I love. I can't speak for every job, but in my experience these comments come from people who really have no idea at all what your job or dream job even entails, so their opinions mean absolutely nothing. People sometimes feel that when they don't understand something they need to put it down to their own low level, and this is all that happens. Just because a few people don't think highly of what you want to do, doesn't mean you're not going to go so much further in life than they are. You need to instead try and surround yourself with people who will support your ideas and choices, even when they don't fully understand them. Also. if you are in education currently and are worrying about making any big decisions, please make sure you don't confine your ideas to the subjects available to you in school. At my sixth form, we are very much limited to traditional subjects and very very few creative ones, meaning I first felt I could only look into subjects I was already taking for A Levels. I looked into English degrees and History degrees without even considering one of the biggest influences on my life, fashion. You need to make sure you don't force yourself down a route you feel you need to be going down, you've got to make your own way in life so don't be afraid to stray from the traditional path, especially in this day and age. 

Take time out to yourself.

I am an only child, and I have always enjoyed my own company. Simply myself, not really doing much. So I find that when it all gets a little too much, I like to just take time out and have a moment to myself and my thoughts. I used to walk a lot when this came on, and I think I need to get into it more. Walking works really well for me, just getting away from everything and focusing on something else for an hour or so, and with walking, it also is helping to keep you fit. Just get your headphones, but your favourite music on and go for a little wander, wherever that may be. Take the time to find out what works for you, a hobby, sport, or sitting and reading. Something that you can find that takes your mind off things for a little bit. Not stressing yourself out over decisions is what makes you able to make these decisions well!

I hope this may have helped some of you, I am not the fount of all wisdom, but I try. 


H x


Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Valentine's Day Gift Guide

Bits for Her (or just to treat yourself!); 

These stunning rings are from LVNDR, one of my absolutely favourite jewellery brands, they have such sweet individual pieces that are such good value for the quality you receive, especially if you pick them up in their sales, the winter sale is currently on and this little deer ring is currently reduced! Little sweet jewelerry bits are perfect for the valentines equivalent of a stocking filler, extra items that are really sweet and can mean a lot for just a little price tag. Check out all the stunning pieces on LVNDR here! With HAYLEIGHJM10 for 10% off the entire shop!

I received this Louboutin nail varnish for my 18th birthday, and I got it in the classic red sole colour (I personally think if you're looking to spend this much money on a nail varnish for a special occasion you need to go for the classic red!). The quality of varnish is very good, but the bottle really steals the show. It is the most extravagant nail varnish bottle I have ever seen, and I have to make sure I am careful when walking around with it as it isn't exactly a safe shaped applicator handle! There are some really beautiful shades available if red isn't your colour, and this is a really gorgeous gift idea as yes they may be expensive for what they are, but they really are an extra special gift someone may not treat themselves to. These are also fab as presents all year round or treats to yourself. 

Available - here!

Lingerie is a everlasting love of mine, and somewhat of an obsession. Lingerie is a really lovely treat for someone you love at valentines or simply for yourself, to make yourself feel good this valentines. These red sets from Ann Summers are the most beautiful sets in red I have ever seen, I love the sheer lace set on the left, and it looks so gorgeous and flattering on. Ann Summers also do lovely boxes you can have the underwear wrapped in which is just a really lovely extra touch for it being a gift to someone or even yourself (there is no shame in having something gift wrapped for yourself I do it all the time...) it also takes the hassle of having to wrap it up yourself. Perfect! This red set is available (bra) here!

The black appliqué bra is from Boohoo, and is such a beautiful 'worn to be seen' bra, you could style this under an open shirt or its perfect for on holiday! Available - here!

Smelly things are amazing for valentines. They are definitely a really great safe option for gifts for your girlfriend. I am an absolutely candle lover, so anything from Yankee Candle is a complete winner for me, Joe got me a melt pot last year and now I am obsessed in buying melts not only because its cheaper to do so overall, but also that it means I can try out lots of different smells and find out which are my favourites. Wax melts are available - here!

Soap and Glory were lovely enough to send over some of their bits for me to try out, I have always heard such amazing things about this brand and I really cannot wait to try them out. From their scents I couldn't not put some of the products in this post. They smell of sweets and cakes and all things lovely like that, but thankfully its not an overpowering smell as I personally can't stand anything sweet and overpowering. There is also an AMAZING Soap and Glory valentines gift set at boots at the moment for £20 (here!). Victorias Secret body sprays are always a popular one so its a no brainer with those! This Total Attraction scent seemed very appropriate for Valentines! Perhaps adding something like this in with some underwear for a gift (or yourself!) would be perfect!

If you have a girlfriend who loves beauty, bits like this work amazingly for a little goodie bag gift idea. Filling a little gift bag with her favourite brands of nail varnish, eyeshadows and these adorable valentines nails from Elegant Touch are perfect additions. Adding in little extras like some a sultry red lipstick and a lipgloss would make the most perfect surprise goodie bag for valentines. It would be even better if you wrapped each present individually then it would become a little pot luck! I know I personally would love that. 
I am a huge fan of these Barry M nail varnishes so I could not recommend them to you enough, they last really long on my nails which is perfect for me as I don't always have the time to be doing my nails so having strength and durability in a nail polish is essential for me! They are available here.

Simple Ideas for Him;

I have to admit, I struggle with Valentine's gifts for guys unless I choose to go for a big present. The gifts for him are really limited to a lot of novelty gifts and if you're not wanting to go down that route then you can just go down the cheesy route, this is what I do! Mugs are always just a really sweet gift they can keep and use (or you can embarrass them with them!!). And obviously chocolates and sweet treats are a no brainer!! These socks from Happy Socks are the sweetest thing, I know some guys are very into their wacky socks with suits etc so this would be a really sweet way of incorporating valentines into their little obsession. Check out the Happy Socks site here
Finally, I find that the card speaks more than the gifts. I am a very sentimental person, so something like a written letter or a beautiful message in a card means more than anything to me. I always lean towards cards with writing on that mean something to me and the person I am buying the card for no matter what the occasion. For Joe, I always want to give him something sentimental and I think for a guy, a card is the best way of saying I love you on Valentines. 

I hope you enjoyed this blog post, something a little different from me!

Let me know your thoughts below and your favourite Soap and Glory products?


H x

Sunday, 7 February 2016

Sunny Chills - My Essentials

Its that time of year where the weather starts to go all moody teenager on us with never ending mood swings, I find at difficult times such as these it is essential to be prepared for every eventuality because hey, its the UK. So I thought I would put together a post of what I think is the bare necessities! This isn't an extensive list but I know that I love having combinations of these products to hand day to day during this ever changing time of year!

It is undeniable that when the weather is oh so temperamental you will either underdress or overdress, and in the unfortunate event that you overdress you may find yourself getting a little bit too warm (and yes we all sweat) therefore carrying round a more long lasting perfume is a really great idea this time of year. I have so much trust and faith in Jo Malone products as I find from my own personal use and the use of their products by my family that the scent lasts for hours and hours. This Lime Basil and Mandarin cologne is really lovely and fresh for when you're feeling a little hot under the collar and just need to be reassured you're not showing it! The prices may be seen as steep, but I can reassure you that the quality of the products you get is truly stunning. I recommend booking in for a complimentary hand massage in order to find your perfect scent or unique combination of scents. 

The ever-changing British environment means you need to be prepared for every eventuality. I am the type of girl who carries around sizeable handbags I know I will be able to fit everything I need in, unless I am using one of my adorable micro bags, but in the colder months this would just be making life difficult for myself. There are 3 main essentials I have for this time of year you can easily carry around in your handbag. Firstly, sunglasses. Sunglasses I find are essential to carry around in your handbag all year round regardless, you never know when you're going to be not feeling so great and in need of some glasses to hide behind or whether you get caught in the sneaky cold days sun. These are just some simple gold rimmed classic aviators from Ray Ban, these are just a really classic and light pair of sunglasses I find really easy to bring around with me due to the small case size and how they are very light so don't weigh my bag down like my more chunky Saint Laurent pair do that I also love. 
Sometimes, when the sun comes out us brits think that it is going to be much warmer than it actually is going to be and somewhat underdress ourselves. This is where the trusted bobble hat and optional scarf come in. I find carrying around a small beanie in my handbag folded up is a really easy way of just adding some warmth, however with a scarf the need does need to have been realised prior to leaving the house, but the good thing about scarves is the fact the can be easily taken off! Finally, leather gloves. My hands get quite cold quite fast, so I love carrying around some simple leather gloves just at the bottom of my handbag for either on a cold evening out or a particularly cold day. These are just so light to carry round its such an easy thing to do. 

Finally are my few beauty essentials for this time of year. I am a lover of a good dark lip, so a deep red shade like this Bobbi Brown in shade 'scarlet' is perfect for me as I will be wearing dark lips until it is no longer acceptably cold! This alongside a burgundy nail colour (I am unbelievably obsessed with burgundy at the moment I need help guys) and a classic nude everyday lip colour is perfect as well.  Hand cream is another essential especially for those prone to dry skin in general as the cold is very drying so being able to just use a dab of hand cream as and when you need it, especially as hand cream comes in the smallest pocketsized packages that are ideal for your bag. Finally LIPBALM. LIPBALM IS MY LIFESAVER. This time of year my lips become so unbelievably dry, I have had continuously dry lips for about 2 months now and it is driving me insane so please comment below if you have any holy grail products I need your help!! I picked out the Dior lip balm and the Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream lip balm (its all magic the 8hr cream lines you HAVE to try them out.)

These were just my top products for this time of year, let me know any essentials or life savers you have for this time of year!


H x
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