Friday, 8 January 2016

Thigh Highs, Always a Favourite

Happy New Year everyone! I thought I would kick the year off with one of my favourite looks I shot last year but haven't had chance to upload for you all! I just wanted to say a huge thank you for supporting me throughout last year, whether you have been a lover of my blog (and if you are I cannot thank you enough and I hope I am able to give you the content you deserve to be reading!) or my Instagram I am just so grateful for all the opportunities I have had the past year thanks to all of you. I cannot wait to see what is to come this 2016, I cannot wait to find out. 
If you'd like to hear more about this outfit and where to get the pieces or similar then please keep scrolling!

The back end of 2015 was without a doubt obsessed with thigh high boots and I more than adopted the trend, and loved every second of it. I currently have 3 pairs of thigh highs and wear them far too regularly! This pair was the first pair of thigh high boots I owned and they were from In The Style (I have 10% off the ENTIRE website with HAYLEIGH10!) and I really loved them when I first got them. I have always been a boot wearer, they are just very much my own personal style and the fact that there are so many variations makes me a very happy girl. What struck me the most was how much longer they made my legs look and how slimming they really were. I am not exactly the tallest, being only 5ft2/3 I do not exactly tower over anyone, therefore this also means I do not have the longest legs in the world! However I really did love how these made my legs look. I now have my absolute favourite pair of black heeled thigh highs like these from Public Desire and a black suede pair that are flat and I can wear more everyday from Miss Pap (I also have a code for Miss Pap as well actually also for 10% off the whole site with HAYLEIGH10, do let me know in the comments if you treat yourself to anything!). 

I absolutely adore my black pairs however these are really nice when I am wearing mostly black and want to bring in a more nude palette with my make up and shoe choice. I paired this AX Paris lace dress with the boots alongside one of my mother's old coats from when she was younger that I have very much adopted as my own. 
This look is really easy to recreate in lots of different ways which I why I really love it, I really do recommend thigh high boots if you are a fan of the trend itself or like the idea of your legs looking a little longer or a little slimmer especially if you're somewhat vertically challenged like I am! You can pair thigh highs with so many different dresses whether they be more going out and party dresses or simply just a jumper dress (they look so good with thigh high boots please just try it for me). 

Dress - here!
Boots -here! (10% off with HAYLEIGH10)


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