Wednesday, 27 January 2016

The Hart Spa & Some Pre-Birthdy Pampering

A few days before my birthday I was lucky enough to go and visit The Hart Spa just outside of Birmingham for a lovely day of pre-birthday pampering. I got the train to Birmingham New Street station after an early start, and I arrived for around 10am. The new station by the way is absolutely gorgeous, there is a MAC, Jo Malone and The White Company all within the station, I was in train station/shopping heaven. The lovely Monique picked my up from the station and we went to the spa. The spa itself is situated within a really beautiful garden centre, and I am sure you'll agree the outside aesthetic is so cute and welcoming. 

As it was my birthday weekend I wanted to have my nails done and I really went all out and had full on copper/rose gold glitter all over and I felt like a sparkly unicorn birthday princess and it was spectacular. I then was lucky enough to be treated to a massage with Lava Shell Therapy as well. I never knew how tense the back of my body was until I was massaged, Monique mentioned how I had one of the most tense backs she had ever massaged (oops!) so it was less relaxing and more in order to try and get rid of the knots in my muscles. I really loved how I felt like the massage was doing my body good, and I know I should probably try and have massage treatment more often as I am obviously carrying my stresses out on my muscles. The Lava Shells were so relaxing, the warmth of the shells and the oil used for the massage just felt so soft and relaxing on my back, especially due to my back being so tense. It really helped my muscles relax and my body and mind relax as well. 

I know I will now, if I ever go for a massage choose an option where heat is involved as I could feel the treatment doing my muscles good as I was having it. I am the type of person who's mind struggles to relax and shut down, and in order to tackle this, within the massage room Monique uses Chromotherapy, which is using different mood lighting dependant on how you're feeling or what you're wanting to feel. I chose every colour as I am oh so indecisive. After this fabulous massage I had the yummiest chicken teriyaki wrap and went for a spot of shopping at the Bullring. 

Well needed relaxation. Something I think I need more of... How you do relax when you need some down time?


H x


  1. This looks like such a cosy place. I love being snug in my bed when I want to relax and watching a film or TV series. Hope you enjoyed your birthday x

    1. It was such a stunning little spa, so relaxing with it being in such a quaint environment. There is nothing better than being all snug in bed is there? I had a lovely day thank you! xx

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