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High End Lip Favourites - Mac, Bobbi Brown, Tom Ford and more.

Make Up is undeniably a favourite of mine, and I haven't half managed to build up the nice collection (which I am very much in need of storing well so if anyone knows any good make up storage that isn't super expensive do let me know!) so I thought I would give a review on my favourite high end bits of make up I like! I hope this may help if you are thinking of making a high end purchase to treat yourself but are not sure whether some things are actually worth the money. I want to do a few more of these for you so I thought I would start off with one of my favourites, lip products!

I thought I would start with a good old favourite, Mac Lipsticks! Now, I know Mac lipsticks are always talked about and they are immensely popular but I do think that they are a really lovely in-between drug store and really high end make up prices at a still great quality. The first ever colour I owned was Ruby Woo (the top shade on my top swatch) as I bought this for my prom make up I wanted to do on myself. I am not going to lie this shade did not give me the impression I was hoping for as I was unaware of how notoriously drying this shade was - and it really is... This is why I bought 'Russian Red' which is the secondary red colour on the swatch. Ruby Woo really did dry out my lips and I found it unpleasant to wear for long periods of time and having a to reapply throughout the day normally but my lips were chapped underneath from using this lipstick. I would recommend Russian Red as a very similar if not nicer shade that is not drying at all compared. Ruby Woo and Russian Red are both really lovely true red shades in a matte formula (my favourite).

The next two shades are my nude/brown shades and are the ones I reach for the most. My absolute favourite Mac lipstick is without a doubt Velvet Teddy (the bottom shade of the bottom swatches), for the amount of use I have had from it, and the colour itself with its wearability. I fell in love with this shade funnily enough before it became all over social media as the shade everyone wanted. I bought this passing through Duty Free Beauty on the way to Turkey about 3 years ago and I just fell in love with how this looks on my skin tone. This shade definitely varies dependant on your skin tone so do make sure you try it out first just to see what the colour payoff is like on your skin! This is in matte formula. The second is a much more brown shade, it is in the shade Touch and I absolutely love this when I want to wear a really true brown colour but one that is not too dark, this is not a matte shade it is in fact a lustre shade meaning the colour payoff is really lovely and strong. I highly recommend all of these shades bar Ruby Woo, alongside recommending Mac lipsticks themselves for the quality of product for the price you pay. The range of shades available at Mac is also amazing!

Mac Lipsticks - here!


The next lipstick is one I haven't actually tried out yet... sorry! I am too scared to ruin its beautiful aesthetic, but I know the shade looks really beautiful on swatches I have seen online so I think this would be a really good colour for me to start wearing in everyday simple make up looks where I just need a simple nude lip to match the rest of my 'natural' look! These lipsticks are indeed very pricey, therefore I think if you are wanting to splurge on something like a Tom Ford lipstick it would need to be either a shade you know you're going to get a lot of use out of, or one you can keep for special wear. 

Tom Ford Lipstick - here

Bobbi Brown was one of the first brands I really wore make up from, when my Mum got married I was in year 7 so wearing make up was not exactly within the routine yet. For her wedding we went out a bought our make up, and due to it being one of the first brands and make up items I used, I continued to use it for a long time. I have come to really enjoy the formula of their lipsticks, these 3 are my favourites. I just realised there are a lot of red shades within this post, but I promise you they are all different in their own ways! Different shades people!!
The two gold shades I think were from a special collection but I know for a fact the shades are available or shades that are pretty much identical are available in the normal ranges. I have shades 'Bordeaux' and 'Sultry Red' (the deep plum/red shade and the bright Monroe red shade on the swathes). These are just two really staple red shades for me which is why I love them, the red is very bright and classic which means I can wear it with some simple black winged liner or just if I want to dress up a little bit more. The dark shade is a really lovely one I like to wear in autumn and winter months, not everyone is confident enough to wear deep shades during this time of year so if you're wanting to try shades that suit this time of year but don't want to dark reds/plum colours I would advice going for a brown toned nude shade like Touch by Mac mentioned earlier!

The final shade is my favourite of the three, it is Scarlet, it is a really gorgeous deep burnt red shade and makes your teeth look so beautiful and white! This shade is just everything I love in a red which is why I could not resist putting it on this list!

Luxe Lipstick - here
Matte Lip Colour - here

Now, I did want to put in the Mac lipliners that I have but I stupidly have misplaced all 3 of them (!!!!!) so I wasn't able to photograph them for you but I have; Stripdown, which is a lovely brown to go with Velvet Teddy or Touch or any brown/nude lip colour, Cherry, which I bought to go with the red shades and then Fruit Cocktail which I bought last summer when flying to Spain as its a gorgeous light peach shade that looks killer with a tan. 

These two NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencils are really great to use either as a lip liner or a all over lip colour due to the chubby applicated. Side note: If anyone knows how the heck I sharpen these PLEASE let me know, I am sure I am being stupid but I am in need of assistance! Mysterious Red is lovely as an all over red colour or a liner for red lipstick, I use it for both. The second shade Walkyrie is a beautiful more pink/mauve toned nude lip colour with a matte finish, and its a really lovely more warm alternative to just a brown toned nude lip. This one is most definitely my favourite of the two, the formula is really nice however I wish it stayed longer on my lips throughout the day.

NARS Lip Pencil - here

I'm really not a huge lipgloss wearer I must admit, I am much more of a matte lip kinda gal. However I do have a few favourites I have got over the past few years that I wanted to include in here. The first two are the two Dior lip glosses, now I have to admit these were bought due to me being very very easy to sell something too so these were bought at Duty Free when I was on my way to Canada with my dad, I only wanted the nude gloss however I ended up with the red as well. I am very easily persuaded sometimes haha. I really love the wand on these lip glosses, they are a brush and for some reason whether this is the case or not to me it seems you get more product at once, and that just makes me happy. I do like the consistency of these glosses so I would recommend as they are a really lovely high quality of lipgloss. Now my favourite of them all is this Bobbi Brown shade Honey 2, I got this to go with my never ending collection of nude lipsticks and this is such a perfect brown shade, I am also able to wear this by itself and it still have a really lovely sheer colour payoff, and the gloss is a little more sticky and personally I love that. 
Finally is this Chanel shade I bought myself for christmas last year, it is a slightly more odd shade you could say, it is a clear gloss with a mirrored iridescent finish, which made it just a little bit different (something I always go for in every single type of product!) which really drew me to this. Chanel glosses are actually really lovely treats to yourself and as gifts, so I would recommend finding an everyday shade to try out first. 

Chanel Lipgloss - here
Dior Lipgloss - here
Bobbi Brown Lipgloss - here

I hope you enjoyed this! Let me know what type of favourites you want next, face, eyes etc! If there are any products you want a review of let me know too. Let me know what you think in the comments below!

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