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Brand Focus: Pixi by Petra

I want to start doing monthly brand focus posts where I can give some reviews about brands I have a few products from and then I can give you all some reviews and whether I think the items are worth purchasing. It will also allow me to show you all some of my favourite brands and products! I was recently very kindly sent over some bits to try out from Pixi, I was very excited to try out the products as I remember seeing Nikki Tutorials use some of their make up on her channel (and she is amazing so I couldn't not want to try them as well!). I have some reviews of their skincare and a couple of beauty bits so do keep reading if you'd like to hear more! There will also be some links for you so if you're wanting to try out the products yourself then you can! I hope you enjoy!

The first few products I wanted to talk about were my favourites of all the ones I have tried out so far. The first is the Rose Oil Blend (click here to have a look!), I will be the first to admit that skincare is not my best attribute as I am not very good to sticking to a routine really, so having lots of different steps from one brand makes it a lot easier for me as I know that all of the products work together nicely. I have never had any problems with my skin really which allows me to use a variety of styles of face care and it not have any bad effects on me such as break outs. I have found that they type of product that really makes me feel like it is moisturising my skin has always been using an oil. Oils being very thick mean I know that they are long lasting on my skin and they will hydrate it for a long time, I prefer to use oils at night when my skin has enough time to soak in the oil before the next day. This oil really felt nice on my skin and wasn't too thick, the perfect combination for me personally. (It also smells amazing so its a win win, and using the pipette makes you feel like a scientist, well it does me anyway...).
My top two favourites of all of the skincare I tried was by far the Nourishing Sleep Mask (get it here!) and the Hydrating Milky Mist (here). The Nourishing Sleep Mask I just found to work really well for my skin, it works as both a stand alone intensive moisturiser and one to put over the top of other products you use such as cleansers and oils to lock those into your skin overnight so your skin is able to fully absorb them. When I used this as a moisturisers on its own I found that my skin looked really lovely and clear in the morning and I remember actually quite liking the no make up face I was seeing in the mirror (which is impressive trust me...). I also really loved the Milky Mist as I chose to try it out as a primer to my make up, so it would be able to act as the moisturiser it was alongside testing to see whether it was compatible as a primer as well, and it passed both of those. So I would really recommend this if you are currently looking for something to use as a basic primer but also double up as something that can give your skin some more life and moisture at the same time. 
Lastly the Cleansing Balm (available here) which was the first cleansing balm I have ever tried, I was  a little sceptical of the concept as I have always used micellar water or make up remover wipes, but this is a really impressive product. It is definitely for those of you who would prefer for your make up  remover to do a little more than simply remove, this feels really nice if used with a cloth and worked into the skin after and then cleaned away. 

The last two skincare products I wanted to talk about were the H20 Sundrink and the Glow Mud Cleanser. The H20 Sundrink (available here) I know I am going to love to love in the summer, it is a gel like moisturiser which is very cooling and refreshing so this will most definitely be coming on holiday I bet it will be a lifesaver for my sun dried skin. I bet this will also keep being lovely for just if my skin is feeling a little rundown. The final skincare product is this Mud Cleanser (here), I have never been a huge cleanser user for the sake of cleansing but thats just because my skin has never been very prone to breakouts etc or things I would need to use cleanser for, but when I tried this one out it did leave my skin feeling really lovely and soft, so when I am feeling that my skin is a little clogged or in need of a deep cleanse I will be reaching for this. 

The next items are my favourites, beauty!! The look I recently created on my Instagram, like to my profile here was all using these products so I could test them out for you and let you know my thoughts. This lipstick was something that really surprised me. If you have followed me for a while you will know my lip choices tend to be brown shaded nudes or reds and nothing much in-between really, so this pinky peach shade was something I wasn't sure if I would personally like. I swatched the colour before I used it and was really surprised at how pigmented one swipe of the colour was, which immediately made it a winner in my books. I then tried the colour on my lips and was really pleased with the colour payoff and the shade that it came out on my skin, it ended up being a nude toned pink making it a perfect halfway house for me to try something new. This is definitely going to be used more! It is in the shade 'Pink Prosecco' and you can purchase it here, I also really love the look of 'Honey Bare' so I may have to purchase!

This liner is amazing. That is all I am saying. It is absolutely perfect for giving a really sharp winged outline and creating an initial shape for your eyeliner look and also for filling in. I could not recommend it enough. Available here, the value for money on this products is amazing!

These two liners are both very good for different reasons, my favourite of the two would be the Lash Boost Mascara, here, because of the wand. This style of wand is my absolute favourite just because of the way it separates my lashes and makes them look so much fuller. Thats what makes this one my favourite, and even as a base for the Lengthy Fibre Mascara it works really well. 

Now I saved the best to last... Can we just talk about how GORGEOUS this blush palette is?! I have honestly fallen in love with this and I don't think I will use much else bar this from now on, I will definitely be travelling with this palette. There is a really beautiful range of shades in this palette, from a coral shade at the top left to two mauve shades at the bottom (my personal favourites, especially for this time of year) the other shades including the coral shade will be really amazing for the summer time when I prefer to wear some more colour on my face. I think the packaging of this product is stunning and you can get little books of contour as well on the site so I just want them all to stack like little books! You can get 15% off Pixi products also if you shop via Wearisma!
Buy this beauty here and the contour book here!

I hope you really liked this brand focus style post, I would really love to do some more of these so please do let me know if there are any brands that you would like to see reviewed or any products you'd like reviews for!

I hope you're all really well!


H x


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