Thursday, 10 December 2015

Dream Christmas Wishlist - Arcarta

After I received a gorgeous wax sealed invite in the post, I knew I had to share Arcarta with you all and my dream Christmas list from them. I wish I was able to treat everyone around me to exactly what I know they love, but a girl can dream right?

Arcarta is a really unique experience, it has a really stunning collection of luxury pieces sourced from boutiques all together in one place. I really love just looking around at all of the gorgeous pieces I would love to treat my family to something from the mix of new and second hand pieces and snap up a really beautiful and unique piece.
Click here to submit your details to join the experience.

Treat Yourself

Being with Joe has definitely given me a bigger appreciation of watches, mostly because he never seizes to drag me to every shop window we ever pass with any form of timepiece in. I know that if Joe was choosing a watch for me I think he would go for an Audemars Piguet. Mainly because he absolutely adores them himself, but also they are stunning watches. I would definitely keep my eye out for a simple plain one however the added sparkle is never a bad thing, especially for people who would love their arm candy to stand out.

Available - here

For Mum;

Diamonds would be a must for my Mum. I know that she really loves this style of bracelet as she has a diamonte one she loves to wear. Diamonds are of course a girls best friend so you could never go wrong with some simplistic jewellery for any female family members for christmas, whether it be a girlfriend, mother or grandmother. I hope to one day be able to really treat everyone in my family to something really special like this bracelet. There are so many stunning diamond pieces on Arcarta, and I am lusting after them all.

Available - here

For Dad; 

My absolute dream purchase for my dad is the Monaco Tag Heur watch, the one that Steve Mcqueen wears in Le Mans as I know it is his dream watch (so I will definitely be keeping an eye out on Arcarta for one!). This Patek Philippe was just a really beautiful classic looking watch, and I know that this is what my dad is into, he is not a super show off watch person so just a plain leather strap and a minimalist watch face would be the perfect option for him. I really love the idea of treating male family members to watches so this was definitely a no brainer for me.

Available - here

For Joe; 

I would be lying if I said I could confidently choose Joe a beautiful watch if I had the money because he is extremely picky and I know he would be so very particular about watches especially. The watch he is drawn to every single time we end up in the watch gallery in Selfridges in an Audemars Piguet, and this silver metal strap with the white face is just such a beautiful classic watch. Now, the Richard Mille watch its essentially for the wow factor, I know that he would just love to be able to wear one of these on his wrist for those people who know about watches to appreciate. 

Richard Mille - here
Audemars Piguet - here

I would really love to treat those around me one christmas to something they can genuinely treasure forever, and I know this will not be for a very long time but Arcarta will definitely be a place I will keep my eye on for some gorgeous unique pieces both for myself and those I love. 

I hope you enjoyed this dream treat wishlist!


H x


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