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Party in The City with

Party in The City with

I have collaborated with Far Fetch in order to bring you my favourite party look created with beautiful dream wardrobe items from their site. This is the look I came up with, and I just wish I could wear this to go out. I was looking through the endless designer items when I came across this Tagliatore Sequin Blazer and it just screamed 'festive party wear' to me. I completely fell in love and knew I had to base my look around this gorgeous centrepiece. I wanted to create a party look that was a little bit different instead of the conventional dress and heels, partially due to my own personal style, but also due to the diverse pieces on Far Fetch, and I couldn't not take advantage of the variety of unique styles. 

Thigh highs have become so immensely popular recently, and I am absolutely smitten with them, so I knew I had to find the perfect pair to go with this look. I didn't want to go for the simple plain leather or plain suede boot I wanted something a little more special. These Gianni Renzi boots delivered this for me and more, the ribbed detail was a perfect addition to make them stand out and add a different angle on the thigh high trend. I love the idea of rocking popular trends with your own unique edge, so being able to find pieces that are somewhat unique is so amazing and makes me much happier than I care to admit. Boot goals 100%, oh so dreamy...

I wanted to keep the jacket the staple item of this look and ensure it remained the centrepiece, this is why the components of the outfit, the boots, the trousers and the shirt, seemed simple, however I wanted to make sure the items I chose were not simple, but would bring a subtle edgy style into the mix. The mixing of a sheer Maison Margiela and Helmut Lang leather trousers brought in a sexy aura to the outfit, the gorgeous detailing on the shirt balancing out the masculinity of the tailored jacket with beautiful feminine detail. 

Bringing everything together was the accessories I chose, I wanted this party look to be a festive one, so there was only one colour I could involve; a beautiful red. As mentioned in me previous post, I am a lover of matching my make up to my accessories as a really simple way of making your outfit effortlessly more put together. I chose a crimson red lipstick, matched with a crimson red Alexander McQueen clutch with beautiful feminine detailing again with silver statement jewellery to tie all of the colour palettes in this outfit together. 

I really hope you enjoyed this partywear inspiration post, all of these items are linked in the little images above, and you can visit the Far Fetch website and fall in love with everything online here!

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