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Beauty Haul and Product Review - World Duty Free

I wanted to do a quick little mini haul from the last trip through Duty Free I made. I always get so excited as I am able to browse everything I lust over at an even cheaper price! These are some of the goodies very kindly gifted to me by the lovely ladies at World Duty Free from their travel exclusives and some bits and bobs I picked up myself. They are all absolutely fabulous! I will try and link where you can either buy the products or alternatives but of course they will not be the fantastic prices they would be at World Duty Free!

1. Givenchy Travel Set!

First off, these gorgeous Givenchy travel sized lip glosses. This pack actually comes with 5 mini travel sized lipgloss' however I have misplaced one I just couldn't help but start using so I apologise for that! The size of these lipgloss's are absolutely fabulous, these little beauties fit literally in my purse, let alone my handbag! They are absolutely perfect for when I am on the go or indeed travelling and need a little make up pick me up! 
Shop full sized Givenchy Lipgloss here!

2. NARS New York Make Up Set

Next up was this absolutely gorgeous New York set from NARS. This set couldn't be more up my street, the deep nail varnish (perfect now its winter!), the shimmery and deep shades in the palette and a muted dusty rose lipgloss shade. The nail varnish is in shade 'Chinatown' and is the classic deep red colour perfect for Autumn/Winter months. The lipgloss as shown in the image is a perfect dusty rode shade, I am not really a pink gloss or lipstick wearer but I really love the balance of pink tones with nude shades, the shade of this lipgloss is 'Dolce Vita'. Finally the face palette itself, my favourite part of the set. I absolutely adore the shades in this palette and I have been using it frequently recent for my entire eye and face look. Both the bronzer (in shade Laguna) and the blush shade (Amour) are such a beautiful combination. I was sceptical at first at the blush colour as it looked as if it may come across very harsh on my cheeks however when I apply it lightly to the apples of my cheeks it is one of the most beautiful blush shades I have ever used. It is almost a deep plum shade, and paired with some deep red lipstick its a match made in heaven. The Laguna bronzer shade is really great for both contouring the face and bronzing up in general as it is not a super sparkly shade it is simply a nice grey toned bronzer/contour shade with an ever so slight shimmer. 

3. Jean Paul Gaultier Eau de toilette and lotion set.

My first fragrance pick of this haul was this exclusive travel set of the Jean Paul Gaultier 'Classique' scent with the matching body lotion. I have a lot of, I wouldn't say similar scented perfumes however the majority of my perfumes are of a 'pretty' scent. Im sure that doesn't make any sense at all, but perhaps you may know what I am meaning, they are all very beautiful scents. I wanted to try out something different for a change which is why I was drawn to this set as I was looking round the shop floor. This scent it definitely a change from my normal perfume wear, it is almost a musky somewhat unisex smelling perfume but it really does smell amazing. It is described as having 'ultra-feminine tones' alongside being for a 'dominant woman' which if you know the smell of this perfume, almost fits perfectly! Its a very empowering scent, but one I would suggest smelling yourself before you purchase! 
I loved how this set came with the body lotion version of the perfume. I love it when I can have a shower or bath and once I have dried off, apply my lotion and then my perfume if I am going out. This combined set is perfect for if you are going out in order to keep you smelling beautiful for oh so long. I apply the lotion and then once it has soaked into my skin I spritz the perfume over the top and the scent just sticks, this is a really good tip if you are wanting to keep your perfume scent to last for the whole night.

The bits I picked up for myself!

4. MAC Mineralise Skin Finish in 'Global Glow'

This pick was a make up item I have wanted to purchase and try out for so many months now, I am an avid watcher of Carli Bybel and she always is using this beautiful MAC shade for bronzing up her face for a really dewy finish. As I was on my way to Mallorca when I went through duty free I thought that a summer holiday would be the perfect excuse to buy an ultra sparkly gold bronzing/highlight shade! 
On holiday this looked absolutely amazing as a natural looking summer glow, as you tend to tone down your make up a lot during summer this was the perfect shade to brush over my cheekbones and that was enough for my face. I can also now vouch for it being a perfect highlight and bronzing duo for everyday use as well. It is perfect as a bronzer for those who do like a highlighted cheek look on a more everyday basis but for those who prefer a more subtle highlight shade this would be a perfect alternative to a more champagne or bright highlight. 

5. MAC Lip Liner in 'Fruit Cocktail'

While I was heading to a sunny country at the time of purchase, I thought I should have a look for a more light and summery shade that would look good with a tan. I found this really beautiful coral shade called 'Fruit Cocktail' and fell in love. I didn't even try this lip liner on it was that love at first sight! This truly looks beautiful on the lips, the image above is me wearing the colour and it was much more subtle than I first thought which really made me love it even more as a super bright coral shade I feared would only be wearable in summer. However I have been wearing this as an alternative to a nude lip when I am wanting a bit more colour to my face. Its a really beautiful liner for anyone in the market for a colourful subtle lip. 

6. NARS Duo Eyeshadow in 'Isolade'

I picked up this NARS eyeshadow duo a year ago actually when I travelled to Canada however I wanted to include it in my Duty Free haul as I did indeed purchase it at Duty Free! I have found that I have worn these two shades during the Autumn/Winter months as these two golden toned shades are very orange based, which is in no way a bad thing but they are shades I find a lot easier to pair with outfits in Autumn and Winter. I also avoided these shades completely when I had my strawberry blonde hair as they really did not help my hair looking less orange! I would recommend these shades to those with darker hair colours as I just think they will compliment the colours a little better than lighter hair shades. I can't wait to start using these shadows again now its getting colder and colder! (I'm one of those who gets very excited about the cold months, I apologise).

7. Jo Malone cologne in 'Peony and Blush Suede'

Me and Mum went for hand massages at Jo Malone on our way through duty free, and I cannot recommend these treatments enough if you're ever passing a Jo Malone counter in any shop as it is just so relaxing and you smell gorgeous for HOURS. I had this done for the first time when I was about to board a flight to Calgary, which was 9 hours 30 minutes long and my arms smelt amazing long after we landed. I fell in love with this scent as soon as I smelt it, it smells so beautiful. It is just a very stunning floral scent and is absolutely perfect for those who love the smell of peonies (obviously) and floral scents and those looking to hold onto summer a little longer through their perfume! 

I hope you lovelies enjoyed this haul post, let me know if you like this style of blog post as I have many more hauls not just beauty I can do for you all!
Let me know in the comments!


H x


  1. SO MANY of these products look incredible: the NARS eyeshadow duo, the MAC lip liner, the Givenchy set! So many products to add to my wishlist!

    Lillies and Lipbalm

    1. I am always in heaven at Duty Free its so dangerous! You have to try some of them out, I highly recommend the NARS eyeshadow xxx

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