Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Crisp and Clean - Silver Saint Laurent

I recently rediscovered my love for simple and comfortable looks. It started with me purchasing these Mango pointed leather boots in the sale and suddenly realising how much more comfortable it is wandering through a city in flat shoes as opposed to ones with a heel in which I tend to make the mistake of living in. I wanted to create a look that incorporated my new shoes in a comfortable look but one that still remained stylish. I decided to go for smart casual outfit. 

I delved into my sixth form wardrobe and stole one of my white shirts, this one is from Zara last year, it has gold pearlescent buttons and rounded edges along the front. I also love that this shirt does not have a huge collar and instead an understated one. 
I paired the shirt just with a simple pair of trusty black skinny jeans and I was good to go!

This Saint Laurent Sac de Jours really made this outfit for me, this beautiful bag was from Designer Exchange and it was not exactly love at first sight with this beautiful bag. As it was silver I was glancing through the gorgeous bags in the store to see which would work best with my outfit and saw this bag on the shelf. I was apprehensive as I have never worn a silver bag and was unsure of how it would work or how metallic it would actually come across when worn. I picked it up and looked in the mirror and fell in love!

I love how different this bag is and how I had never seen this bag in the colour before which made it feel even more special. This is one of the reasons I adore Designer Exchange as they have so many amazing unique gems. This bag is available in their Manchester store for just over £1200! 

How faaaaaabulous are these boots?! They reminded me so much of Saint Laurent style boots with the strap detailing and they were so comfortable. I am definitely going to be including comfortable flats more in my outfit posts as we all need comfort AND style don't we ladies!!

Keep your eyes peeled for more outfit posts and let me know what you're wanting to see up on the blog soon!


H x



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