Thursday, 20 August 2015

Puerto Portals - Holiday Lookbook Part 1

Oh chilly England how I do love being back to home to you. I recently came home from 10 days in utter sunny paradise the parallel to the UK. I went to Port Portals in Mallorca with my mother, step father and Joe. I wanted to put together a lookbook of my favourite outfits from my trip for you! I always love going on holiday for the opportunity to dress up every evening and having a glamorous mother growing up its always been the norm to dress fabulous every night on holiday and I absolutely adore it. 

Night one called for an all time favourite, this absolutely stunning Ashanti Brazil Maxi I have worn this so many times because it just makes me feel so good about myself, its just the right amount of sexy with the low v neckline, open back and thigh split but the floaty material makes you feel covered and comfortable. I paired this stunning number with these Miss KG beauties, which turn out to be one of the comfiest pairs of heels I have ever owned, so I will be wearing them a heck of a lot more!

These River Island trousers have been my 'holiday trousers' for about 4 years now and I simply cannot travel somewhere hot without them. I have always paired these beauties with a crop top and this year was no different, I paired the trousers with a tie crop top with lace back detailing which was absolutely stunning which was from In The Style. I also wore my block white and wooden effect heels from Miss Selfridge due to these trousers being ever so long and the problem of legs being ever so short!

This next outfit was one of my favourite from the whole holiday due to it being just so damn cute and minus the fabulous handbag the cost of the whole outfit for me was under £10! A Primark crop top and some Zara shorts paired with some gorgeous heels stolen from my mother this look made me feel adorable. If only the weather here in sunny sunny England was nice enough for me to wear this more often! What I really loved most about this outfit was the way I felt just dressed up enough, comfortable and 'me' all at the same time. 

Finally for this part of my lookbook was this AX Paris beauty. I had this especially for holiday as I knew it would look killer with a tan, and I definitely planned on getting a tan while I was away! It was one of the most comfortable outfits I wore on holiday however I definitely did get a little hot but that was purely due to my body not adjusting to the climate! I paired this with cork heels (again I know it's a recurring theme here, they were insanely comfortable and on holiday you need comfort!). If you're needing a floaty maxi dress thats light and comfortable then this AX Paris number is for you.

I hope you enjoyed this first part to my holiday lookbook, the next part will be coming very soon!

H x


Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Manchester Fashion Industry Event - Blue Hues

Recently I attended the Manchester Fashion Industry event with Joseph. It was at the The Terrace at Restaurant Bar and Grill in Manchester, and they couldn't have picked a better evening for it. The weather was amazing during the day and it was the perfect time for a fabulous event as the evening arrived. The theme for the evening was 'Blue Hues' and there were blue hues indeed! Countless fashionistas turned up adorned in the most stylish of shades. I myself went for teal, a somewhat half way house between blue and green but I figured I could get away with it! 

The teal dress I wore was from Ono Uno, an absolutely beautiful boutique which design the most gorgeous gowns and I have never worn any brand that fits me so well and makes me feel so amazing. On my feet I decided to properly break in my Jimmy Choos, and boy did they need breaking in. They definitely were not the most comfortable heels I have ever worn but hey, sparkly heels are a must when dressing up. 

For my handbag of choice I chose to carry this absolute beauty of a Chanel classic flap bag in caviar leather from Designer Exchange. I have never had chance to properly look at a Chanel bag and I do hope this will not have been my one and only chance. Designer Exchange have an amazing range of Chanel handbags at a huge range of price levels and a lot of them are a lot more affordable than you would think. They do not have all of their bags online, so contacting the stores directly if you have a specific piece you're looking for is the best way of going about finding your perfect bag!

This Chanel was gorgeous, I fell in love with the colour of this, it was the perfect dark beige and with every outfit I tried it on with, it worked perfectly. 

Later on in the evening there was an absolutely amazing fashion show, showcasing some of Manchester's finest brands. A few of these amazing brands were Esperar Boutique and Maniere De Voir, both of which have some really amazing on trend pieces. Manure De Voir especially with their clean cut, unique styling making them one of Manchester's hottest upcoming brands. 
The whole event was so very impressive and I absolutely cannot wait for the next event to come around and to start outfit planning to their always challenging dress codes!

I hope you enjoyed this blog post, 


H x


Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Crisp and Clean - Silver Saint Laurent

I recently rediscovered my love for simple and comfortable looks. It started with me purchasing these Mango pointed leather boots in the sale and suddenly realising how much more comfortable it is wandering through a city in flat shoes as opposed to ones with a heel in which I tend to make the mistake of living in. I wanted to create a look that incorporated my new shoes in a comfortable look but one that still remained stylish. I decided to go for smart casual outfit. 

I delved into my sixth form wardrobe and stole one of my white shirts, this one is from Zara last year, it has gold pearlescent buttons and rounded edges along the front. I also love that this shirt does not have a huge collar and instead an understated one. 
I paired the shirt just with a simple pair of trusty black skinny jeans and I was good to go!

This Saint Laurent Sac de Jours really made this outfit for me, this beautiful bag was from Designer Exchange and it was not exactly love at first sight with this beautiful bag. As it was silver I was glancing through the gorgeous bags in the store to see which would work best with my outfit and saw this bag on the shelf. I was apprehensive as I have never worn a silver bag and was unsure of how it would work or how metallic it would actually come across when worn. I picked it up and looked in the mirror and fell in love!

I love how different this bag is and how I had never seen this bag in the colour before which made it feel even more special. This is one of the reasons I adore Designer Exchange as they have so many amazing unique gems. This bag is available in their Manchester store for just over £1200! 

How faaaaaabulous are these boots?! They reminded me so much of Saint Laurent style boots with the strap detailing and they were so comfortable. I am definitely going to be including comfortable flats more in my outfit posts as we all need comfort AND style don't we ladies!!

Keep your eyes peeled for more outfit posts and let me know what you're wanting to see up on the blog soon!


H x


Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Australasia New Menu Review

Myself and Joe were lucky enough to be very kindly invited along to Australasia for a taste of their new menu. Having coming to Manchester all my life I have to say that Australasia was the one restaurant that I really wanted to go and try but never came around to doing so. After being and dining there I can honestly say I have no idea why I didn't go in sooner. The menu itself has a very wide range of dishes making it ideal if you are unsure what you are fancying to eat, or are needing to cater to different taste preferences within a group. Their website states that they serve "Modern Australian cuisine combines Pacific Rim flavours underpinned by European cooking tradition, a blend of Indonesian, Southeast Asian influences and Australia's strong ties with Japan also help determine the taste and style." which describes the menu perfectly. 
Myself and Joe agreed that Australasia was definitely a place to come and try out new dishes, the menu itself is set out into small plates of a tapas type nature and then big plates which were more your traditional main meal style. 

We decided to go for two of the big plates with some of their side dishes to go with them. I ordered the Fillet Steak and Joe chose the Roasted duck breast with shiitake mushroom croquettes and mango. Alongside our big dishes we ordered Satay Spinach, Sticky Coconut Rice wrapped in a lotus leaf and seasoned rough cut chips. 

The food was honestly so wonderful, my steak was one of the most tender steaks I have ever had. I adore rare meat but can't stand it when there is blood everywhere and this was the best steak I have had in a long time! Joe's dish was just as good from the mms and ahhhs I could hear from the other side of the table as he was eating! 
What really amazed me about our dishes and this applied to everything we ordered was the fabulous presentation of all the dishes. It was so nice to receive a plate of food and know that the chef really took their time in not only making the food but took extra time and care in plating it beautifully. 

And now, my favourite part of dining out... Desert! Im going to be completely honest and say that the desert menu frightened me, and by frightening I meant that if I am being truthful I didn't have any idea what most of the choices were. However I knew I was excited to pick one! I chose the Chocolate SoufflĂ© with raspberry sorbet and chocolate sauce and Joe chose the Chocolate dome with salted caramel and blackberries. My desert took 20 minutes to cook but it was most definitely worth the waiting time as when our deserts arrived the presentation yet again was incredible. Joe's excited me the most as it came in a chocolate sphere and the waitress came and poured the salted caramel hot sauce over the top melting through the shell and revealing the scrumptious inside! She then went on to explain my desert too wasn't fully finished. I was instructed to make a hole in the centre of my soufflĂ© and to sprinkle in the vanilla salt crystals on the side of my dish into the desert and fill it up with my beautiful glass jar of chocolate sauce. 
I was apprehensive about the salt crystals as they literally were vanilla flavoured salt crystals but they gave the chocolate such an amazing sharp twist every now and again when I picked one up on my spoon. 

The theatrics did not stop there, we wanted to order a drink before we brought out evening to a close so I wanted to order myself a cocktail. I loved the way you are allowed to choose your drinks at Australasia, you are given an iPad with all of the drink possibilities on there which you can filter out certain spirits or grape type for wine. You are then able to almost 'add drinks to your basket' so to speak and then you hand it to the waiter and your list of drinks is there for them to sort for you, I have not seen this before and it seems like an extremely good idea. 
I ordered a cocktail called 'Bush Fire' which was more literal than I first imagined when ordering it as when it came it was literally set on fire. 

Australasia is definitely not only a fabulous place for wonderful food but also wonderful entertainment through the theatrics and amazing presentation. 

Thank you so much again to Australasia for inviting myself and Joe we had an amazing evening. 

I hope you enjoyed this post!


H x

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