Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Very Exclusive Wishlist - 50% Sale

Very Exclusive are having a sale at the moment and it is an absolutely dreamy 50% off. 50% off designer items is always the best thing in the world to see on one of your favourite online shops. Very Exclusive is one of my favourite online destinations for internet browsing and lusting over some really gorgeous designer pieces. I had a lustful browse through the items that they have put on sale and there are some absolutely amazing steals. I just NEEDED to show you guys what you're able to get your hands on. 

( available here! )

These Senso beauties have been a pair of sandals I have seen become very popular on my social media feed, the lace up trend is taking over this summer and these Senso beauties are the perfect splurge on the trend at the fraction of their normal cost. Normally these would cost £145 but the sale price is £72 which is absolutely AMAZING and so hard to resist so would be a perfect summer treat. 
These gorgeous shoes also come in a really fabulous almost zebra print (here) which are down to £77, just as good of a deal! Both of these would be a perfect statement summer shoe. 

( available here )

These are Loeffler Randall sandals that I completely and utterly fell in love with when I came across them on the website, the mermaid style pattern is to die for and I can just imagine prancing around in these in summer with a cute little white dress it would be such a sweet little outfit. The height of these as well is just perfect for me in my eyes, I love a bee size that I know I will be able to walk in and I know these would not be too hard to go about in. 
These were £230 and are now £115 on the site. 

( available here )

I have been really lusting over Burberry trench coats for spring/summer recently and unfortunately the price tag of one of these is a little hard to afford but when I saw this it really caught my eye as the style is so similar and it looks amazing on the model. This beauty is reduced down from £230 to £115 which is really not bad for a designer coat is it? 
This would a perfect addition to any summer wardrobe especially in the UK where the weather is never going to stay warm long enough to not need something to provide you with something to keep you warm. 
( available here )

I am wanting a pair of Ray Bans so badly for my holidays in July, I absolutely adore my Saint Laurent sunglasses I got for Christmas from Joe however they are very thick framed and are harder to wear for long periods of time as they are heavy on my face. I am definitely going to be saving up for a pair of much lighter sunglasses like this gorgeous pair. 

There are so many amazing designer steals on the site at the moment in the 50% sale. I get excited whenever there is a sale on the high street let alone an online designer shop with an amazing 50% off. 

There is a link again to the sale here if you would like to have a browse!

I hope you enjoyed this inspiration wishlist post! Let me know if you'd like to see more of these wish lists!


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