Monday, 1 June 2015

Summer Lovin' with Chi Chi

Recently one of my very close family friends had a beautiful baby girl, and when I received this dress it instantly reminded me of her, and that I could wear it to her christening. This dress just screamed summer to me and i have fallen in love with the cut and the style of the fabric. Its made in a way that it sticks out to make you feel like a princess but not enough to make you feel over the top.

The strapless neckline really flatters most figures, I myself do not have much chest to show for myself so I was a little worried that it would fall down! However it has an elasticated top so it fits just perfect and would still do so for you with larger busts. 

With regards to accessories, I wanted to go for the more simplistic style as the print on the dress itself is bold and stand out by itself, it is also far too beautiful to want to take any looks away from the dress! 

I paired the dress with these gorgeous Sole Affair strappy heels and my TK Maxx bag which I used for prom, I really did not want to go too over the top. This would also look really lovely paired with black heels and a nude bag, switching the two colours I used around. 

This really is just such a perfect summer dress, if you are looking for a summer dress to perhaps wear to a christening or a wedding, or even just a really nice summery dress to make yourself feel good, this is really it. I have more than fallen in love with it. I am planning on wearing this dress with some sandals and a light jacket as it gets warmer here in the UK (or at least I will if it does indeed decide to get warm!).

I really hope you enjoyed this outfit post! Do let me know if you would like to see more of these or if you have any other ideas for any more posts you're wanting!


H x



  1. That dress is super pretty!! I just love the pattern and you suit it very much.

    Laura x


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