Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Petite and Chic with GRAFEA

I was recently invited along by GRAFEA to do a street shoot with them and one of their fabulous bags. This was the look we created around their Cherie Bag and I went for a super Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and The City look, the cute little pom pom ties really inspired this big skirt and plain tee look. Throughout the series (which I absolutely adore) Carrie has some big skirt numbers and plays them down with more casual elements like this t shirt, one reason why she will always be my style icon. 

I chose to wear my beloved Steve Madden heels I am sure you have seen in many an outfit now! They are just far too stylish and far too comfy not to wear! Again as always adding an edge to my outfit choice. 

This is most definitely going to become one of my go to summer looks for something somewhat dressed up but with something a little different. Pairing the dressy element of the skirt with the plain print tee is a really cute and sweet simple summer outfit. 

Let me know if you enjoyed this post! 


H x


Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Lady Dior and a little bit of Prada

It's got to that time of year when you can just about get away with a little bit of leg and not wearing a coat (which I can assure you is a revolutionary time of year in the UK) so I knew I had to grasp this chance to get out a slightly more warm weather appropriate outfit. Yes, I know this is an all black look but it had been far too long since I had gone back to my all black roots. I love this River Island skirt, I remember getting it for £10 in the sale a couple of years ago and feeling like I had just stepped out of Greece, and I especially felt like her with my hair all beautifully done! I went to the Peter Marcus Salon in Manchester and had my hair done by the wonderful Danielle Davies (@daniellelouisahairstylist on Instagram) and she is now 100% my go to girl for getting my hair done. I have never ever had my hair blow dried curly as well as I did on this day!

I borrowed this beautiful Lady Dior from We Buy Designer and this handbag is a definite must for my future wardrobe, it is such a classy handbag and would be a timeless piece. I was definitely lusting over it while we were shooting the look. I am a sucker for either a structured handbag or one with little at all and this is definitely a structured handbag, it is very hard and seems to me to be a very durable bag. Not a bad trait to have if you want to be spending that much money on a handbag!
I paired my Steve Madden lace up heels with this look as it just added a more edgy feel to the all black, alongside the nude handbag adding more neutral tones. These heels are actually brilliant for every day wear. Due to them being lace up they are super easy to flaunt around in and not risk destroying your ankles or coming home to be covered in blisters. These were not as expensive as you would think either. They were £35.99 from TK Maxx, another of my favourite shops.

I also went for a pop of colour with this gorgeous Prada bag, the colour of this is so different it just worked so very well with the rest of my outfit being black. This Prada style is another I wish to own in the future, it felt like it had adequate structure and had lots and lots of space, something I know I will need from my fist designer handbag purchase hopefully in the somewhat near future! This outfit itself was just such a cute girly outfit with some edge through the shoes and the cropped top. However I would be lying if I said I didn't change my shoes! I ended up just popping on some flats to keep my feet a little more comfortable walking through Manchester and the look still looked cute as heck. 

Finally just a really nice image of me and Joe with our dream handbags!

Let me know if you enjoyed this outfit post! Comment below any post ideas you have I would love to hear what you all would like to see in the near future. 


H x


Monday, 15 June 2015


Myself and Joe were very kindly invited down to Avalanche Manchester to properly try out what they had on the menu. I had very positive images of when I attended the opening night for the restaurant so I knew that the evening was going to be a fantastic one from the start and could not wait to try out their dishes properly. When we arrived we were greeted by the absolutely fantastic staff and waiters who were extremely friendly and more than helpful throughout the evening. 

Myself and Joe ordered a bottle of Merlot and delved into the fantastic menu. 

To start, I chose to have the King Praws which were very kindly recommended by our lovely waiter. I am not massively into my fish dishes but I am not put off by fish at all and have certain fish dishes I really do adore. Joe ordered Brushetta which had chopped tomatoes and basil. When our starters arrived I was so very impressed by the quality of the presentation given to the smallest detail of the dishes. I particularly loved the presentation of my dish and they way the King Prawns were used as part of the decorative element of the dish. 

With regards to taste, the starters were sublime, the seasoning of my King Prawns was to die for. If you are wanting to try out more fish dishes but are put off by the somewhat 'fishy' taste some of them have, this meat and ingredients it was paired with was an absolute dream. Joe's brushetta was a dish we had tried at the opening evening and absolutely adored and could not help but order it again when we came.

Then onto our very delicious mains! I opted for fillet steak but requested a Dianne sauce as this is just my absolute favourite sauce when it comes to red meat and will forever be my first choice. I opted to have it cooked medium rare and it came with chunky fries, mushroom and tomato. I am always a lover of a fabulous steak and this more than satisfied me. 

Joe however opted to choose from the specials menu. Avalanche have a really fabulous selection of fish dishes especially on their specials menu. Joe went for the Lobster Linguini, and he absolutely lit up when it arrived and he was able to taste it. I had to sneak a taste in and I was blown away by the beautiful flavour of the lobster. I have never really had lobster or felt the need to order it as it does tend to be a more expensive dish, but myself and Joe could really see why you pay more. The tenderness and flavour of the lobster was incredible and it was cooked to perfection. 

Finally onto afters! Who doesn't love desert? Desert was something we could not say no to. We had a look at the menu for deserts are there was a really fabulous selection and we were told we would be trying the desert platter which consisted of three smaller sized deserts to allow us to have a taste of the different pudding options. 

There was a beautiful Tiramisu, chocolate cake and lemon cheesecake and they were all divine. For me the idea of being able to share a desert was amazing as after a starter and a main I was more than full! The presentation again was amazing as you can tell by the images. Finally we finished off the night at Avalanche with some coffee and a pot of tea for me, a really lovely and relaxing way to end an evening and an immanent food coma. 

Thank you ever so much for Avalanche again for inviting Joe and myself down to their wonderful restaurant, we are already talking about when we can return. If you are local to Manchester and looking for somewhere very well priced for the brilliant food quality or somewhere new to try then I more than recommend a visit. 

Click here to visit their website and book yourself a wonderful meal.

I hope you enjoyed this different style of post, I am hoping to widen my writing range so let me know  if you enjoyed this post and what you would like to see more of in the future!


H x


Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Very Exclusive Wishlist - 50% Sale

Very Exclusive are having a sale at the moment and it is an absolutely dreamy 50% off. 50% off designer items is always the best thing in the world to see on one of your favourite online shops. Very Exclusive is one of my favourite online destinations for internet browsing and lusting over some really gorgeous designer pieces. I had a lustful browse through the items that they have put on sale and there are some absolutely amazing steals. I just NEEDED to show you guys what you're able to get your hands on. 

( available here! )

These Senso beauties have been a pair of sandals I have seen become very popular on my social media feed, the lace up trend is taking over this summer and these Senso beauties are the perfect splurge on the trend at the fraction of their normal cost. Normally these would cost £145 but the sale price is £72 which is absolutely AMAZING and so hard to resist so would be a perfect summer treat. 
These gorgeous shoes also come in a really fabulous almost zebra print (here) which are down to £77, just as good of a deal! Both of these would be a perfect statement summer shoe. 

( available here )

These are Loeffler Randall sandals that I completely and utterly fell in love with when I came across them on the website, the mermaid style pattern is to die for and I can just imagine prancing around in these in summer with a cute little white dress it would be such a sweet little outfit. The height of these as well is just perfect for me in my eyes, I love a bee size that I know I will be able to walk in and I know these would not be too hard to go about in. 
These were £230 and are now £115 on the site. 

( available here )

I have been really lusting over Burberry trench coats for spring/summer recently and unfortunately the price tag of one of these is a little hard to afford but when I saw this it really caught my eye as the style is so similar and it looks amazing on the model. This beauty is reduced down from £230 to £115 which is really not bad for a designer coat is it? 
This would a perfect addition to any summer wardrobe especially in the UK where the weather is never going to stay warm long enough to not need something to provide you with something to keep you warm. 
( available here )

I am wanting a pair of Ray Bans so badly for my holidays in July, I absolutely adore my Saint Laurent sunglasses I got for Christmas from Joe however they are very thick framed and are harder to wear for long periods of time as they are heavy on my face. I am definitely going to be saving up for a pair of much lighter sunglasses like this gorgeous pair. 

There are so many amazing designer steals on the site at the moment in the 50% sale. I get excited whenever there is a sale on the high street let alone an online designer shop with an amazing 50% off. 

There is a link again to the sale here if you would like to have a browse!

I hope you enjoyed this inspiration wishlist post! Let me know if you'd like to see more of these wish lists!


H x


Monday, 1 June 2015

Summer Lovin' with Chi Chi

Recently one of my very close family friends had a beautiful baby girl, and when I received this dress it instantly reminded me of her, and that I could wear it to her christening. This dress just screamed summer to me and i have fallen in love with the cut and the style of the fabric. Its made in a way that it sticks out to make you feel like a princess but not enough to make you feel over the top.

The strapless neckline really flatters most figures, I myself do not have much chest to show for myself so I was a little worried that it would fall down! However it has an elasticated top so it fits just perfect and would still do so for you with larger busts. 

With regards to accessories, I wanted to go for the more simplistic style as the print on the dress itself is bold and stand out by itself, it is also far too beautiful to want to take any looks away from the dress! 

I paired the dress with these gorgeous Sole Affair strappy heels and my TK Maxx bag which I used for prom, I really did not want to go too over the top. This would also look really lovely paired with black heels and a nude bag, switching the two colours I used around. 

This really is just such a perfect summer dress, if you are looking for a summer dress to perhaps wear to a christening or a wedding, or even just a really nice summery dress to make yourself feel good, this is really it. I have more than fallen in love with it. I am planning on wearing this dress with some sandals and a light jacket as it gets warmer here in the UK (or at least I will if it does indeed decide to get warm!).

I really hope you enjoyed this outfit post! Do let me know if you would like to see more of these or if you have any other ideas for any more posts you're wanting!


H x

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