Thursday, 14 May 2015

Everyday heels

Hello lovely readers of my blog! I am so sorry I haven't been posting recently but for some reason I've been on a bit of a down about my schooling and myself. However I have decided I am going to try and really start posting on my blog once at week if I can. I have decided that I really want to see where this may be able to take me and I know I would regret it if I never tried. So here is a long overdue outfit post for you all! 

I have been trying to make my style a little bit smarter sometimes when I'm feeling the need or desire to dress my outfits up slightly. I have found that the best way to do this is through a nice tailored coat and some heels. Baring in mind that heels are as much as you do want them to be, not a good option for a day of walking around. I thankfully had a spare pair of flats in my bag on this day so this was not an issue!

I paired my grey two piece which I have posted on my Instagram (@hayleighjm) from Noobi, with my Public Desire lace up heels, my lovely fake Celine handbag which I would oh so love to be real and my mums Episode coat which I have claimed for my own (sorry mother).

This was then warmed up with a very long scarf from Zara which I absolutely adore. This is such a warm scarf and I have recently been wearing it with summer dresses to make my attempts at summery outfits not hinder me when it comes to ensuring the ever changing English weather. 

I really hope you like this outfit! Let me know what you want to see more of! 


H x



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