Monday, 2 March 2015

WANTZ Fashion App!

I have recently been contacted by WANTZ app, and how it works. I was immediately interested as I have heard about many apps like this but had never really had chance to look and see what they were all about. What I immediately loved was the loading page, as weird as that may sound! I am always drawn in my the imagery of an app and the asthetics and this more than scored a 10/10.
Some of you may have seen my instagram post about WANTZ and thank you to those of you who followed me!
Through this app you are able to post looks in single images or collages to show to the rest of the app users, I think it is an absolutely brilliant source of outfit inspiration, I have definitely taken some ideas for my own styling!

This is my profile page where you can see the images you have posted and access other areas of the app, there is a feed where you can see outfits via those who you follow and then a discover page where you can find new people to follow and to find even more outfit inspiration!
Finally you have a shop feature, which I think is a really great part of this app. It allows you to shop outfits via the app so you can not only get inspiration for the outfits, but you can purchase your favourite elements!
I know I myself have some purchases on the app I am more than wanting to make so I definitely recommend it if you are looking for shoppable inspiration, as there is nothing more annoying than finding an outfit you love but not being able to buy any of it or know where to look for it!
The WANTZ app is available on the App Store so go and make a download, its more than worth a try!
Hope you enjoyed this post, many more new posts to come and hopefully I will be starting up YouTube soon! Please do comment any video ideas!
H x



  1. another cool new fashion app is pick my style. check it out here :


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