Monday, 2 March 2015


In light of my upcoming posts regarding Runway on The Runway at Manchester Airport for Christies Teenage Cancer Trust.
They will be holding a fashion show on the 27th of March at Manchester Airport and I cannot wait to go!
I wanted to start by writing about my experience of prom, as I know there will be some of you approaching the time yourselves!
The Dress;
I know for most people, the prom dress is the most important part and for others I know it is not. For me it was not the be all and end all however I did want to be in a dress that I felt great in and fit my own personal style. As some of you may know one of my favourite shops is TK Maxx, and I knew that it would be a really great place to look as it would have some higher end designer brands for much less than the retail price.
I went in and had a look at my local shop and found the most beautiful Moschino gown, black silk like material with a ruched waist and rose detailing on the waist, it was a little too big but I thought I would be able to take it in for the day itself, I also found a pair of Steve Madden nude heels to match.
However knowing me I ended up buying this dress very early about 5 months before prom itself which opened myself up to browsing in the meantime, I found a nude dress covered with black lace, with a peplum hem and a strapless neckline in the TK Maxx clearance online, it was only available in my size and I knew that if I did not order it and at least try it on I would regret it.
It came and I fell in love with it, it fit ever so perfectly and I could not have found a prom dress that was more me if I tried. However my gorgeous little Moschino number did not go to waste and was worn by someone else for prom, no waste there! It looked 10x better than it ever did on me honestly.

Make up!
I chose to do my own make up for prom as I personally do not trust other people doing my make up as it tends to not be what I like at all, therefore I decided to head out and buy my make up myself. I went to the MAC counter and got myself some studio fix foundation and a classic red lipstick in Ruby Woo. I then went to the Dior counter and picked myself up an IT-Line liquid eyeliner, you can never go wrong with a red lip and some winged eyeliner.
However of course if make up is not for you then you by no means have to do it yourself, you can go and get it done at a beauty salon or go into for example the MAC counter and have your make up done and then pick some items out to take home! I know that this tends to be a popular choice with a lot of people.
Prom itself;
 I loved being around everyone for prom and seeing what everyone was wearing and it was a really lovely way of saying goodbye to everyone you probably wont see again, so I really do suggest you go if you are on the edge of going and not going. I only went for the prom itself as I knew that after prom was not for me at all, so do not feel you have to go if you do not want to and by all means go if you do!

I so very much hope that you are all looking forward to your proms coming up!
I will be doing a prom dress inspiration post for you all very soon alongside accessories posts!

I hope you enjoyed this post!

H x


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