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Prom Dress Inspiration - Runway On The Runway Inspired!

As previously mentioned in a post I am writing a few posts about Runway on The Runway, an event at Manchester Airport in aid of Teenage Cancer Trust. Some of the dresses and brands that they will be showcasing are really beautiful, so I am going to do an inspiration post to give those of you looking for a prom dress at the moment some inspiration from some of the designers in partner with the event! Whether it helps you find your dress or an idea of what dress you want, I hope this helps!
This is my favourite dress from the new Lipsy Collection in collaboration with Michelle Keegan, this dress is absolutely stunning and would suit so many body shapes. Its the classic long prom dress but the lace allows some interest further down the dress and on the top portion. This would be a perfect understated yet glamorous prom dress, if you were perhaps wanting to go for a more dramatic hair and make up combination with a more muted dress colour. However this dress is in no was understated as it is absolutely beautiful.
(available here! at £85)
I absolutely ADORE this dress it is my idea of perfection in a prom dress. At the higher end of the budget for a prom dress you are most definitely paying for quality of material etc. at Coast. The fabric would be of a very high quality and it would fit so so well. I love the bow detailing on the back of the dress, it would look stunning with your hair up in a 'messy bun' with a classic red lip. I only wish this was available when I had my prom!
(available here! at £195)
This dress was actually very kindly gifted to me by Quiz this week, and it looks absolutely stunning, I was always torn between a glitzy sequin dress for prom or a more classic look, but I think this dress really combines those two things perfectly with both the high neck and high back allowing for a sophisticated look and then paired with a killer leg split, what more can a girl want? Quiz is also a really great place to get perhaps a lower down on your budget dress but by no means are you giving up the beauty of the dress as this dress is amazing!
(available here! at a reduced price of £49.99 instead of £69.99!)
Sherri Hill
Sherri Hill 32095
Sherri Hill is one of the places that every girl wants her prom dress from, all of the dresses are absolutely stunning, so if you are lucky enough to perhaps wear one, then you are one lucky girl! I love this deep navy gown from Sherri Hill due to the fitted body and flared bottom, you can't really wear a big sticky out dress any other time can you? So go for it if that is what you want! They have such an amazing variety of dresses available through Sherri Hill, so if you are thinking of getting one then do make sure you check out as many styles as you can to find your perfect dress!
(available through the Sherri Hill website here!)
 Kurt Geiger!
I really do think that Kurt Geiger is the absolute perfect designer to get your prom shoes from, they are more than enough to make a girl feel special without necessarily breaking the bank, I have just been on the website and picked out my favourites! I am going to list links to my favourite shoes on the site!

What I love about Kurt Geiger as well is that most of the shoes come in various colour choices, which means you are able to find a style that is perfect for you in height and strap etc. and then choose the colour which you love the most!

I hope you enjoyed this post and let me know if it helped you in any way as I sincerely hope it did!

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