Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Antler S/S 15!

I am so excited and thankful to be working with the amazing luggage brand Antler for my upcoming trip to Canada at the end of March. I am so excited to be giving their cases my true tried and tested opinion as travelling to Canada is not exactly a short trip. Therefore I really cannot wait to try out their cases as I have always admired them as I have wandered through Selfridges.
Firstly though I just wanted to write a little post to wet both mine and your appetite about their new Saturn case for their S/S 15 collection, this is not the case that I will be trying out as size and weight was of big importance for my flight so I chose their Jupiter case (stay tuned for more info when I travel!!). However their Saturn case I think would be absolutely ideal for your normal usual holidays!
The first thing I loved about the Saturn case was the matt look, I adore how it is not too in your face and shiny but looks so clean cut and seems like a perfect solution to wanting to travel using a stylish yet sturdy bag. The fact that this case is a hard case makes me fall in love with it even more, I just feel so much more at ease placing my luggage in a hard case as a pose to softer cases especially after some of the horror stories you hear!
What I also love about this case is the way that you could if you wanted to, match your large case with a cabin case! This is what I will be doing on my trip to Canada and I am so excited! I will be posting a travel essentials post up just before I go away which I am excited about so look out for that too!
What really blew me away was the 10 year warranty, which to me screams quality, there is no way there would be a 10 year warrantee if they were not 100% sturdy and going to last you.
These cases come in such a great colour range they come in a deep grey, a burgundy and a deep navy colour, perfect for a not too in your face colours.
I really am so excited to show you my cases in April and I hope that if you were looking into upgrading your suitcase game then you may now have a reason to!
Visit the Antler website here! and a link to the Saturn case is here!
The Antler site has an absolutely amazing range of cases and travel items so I highly recommend a browse.
Thanks so much for reading!
I hope you enjoyed this post!
H x


  1. Oooh very posh! Hope you have an aaaamazing time in Canada..can't wait to (hopefully) see a blog post all about it! X


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