Thursday, 5 February 2015

Poncho - (day to night in one simple step)

I remember when I bought this poncho, it was in TK Maxx (try not to be shocked I know its hard) clearance in their Glasgow store when I was up there for the Commonwealth Games and I remember falling in love with it.
Yes it was reduced to £6, mainly because it had a small hole in the side, but it was nothing a needle and thread couldn't fix, and I was right.
For £6 I knew that I would be crazy not to buy this and I was so right, I loved the laid back simplicity of it, yes its a little slouchy and yes it feels like you're wrapped up in your blanket but I cannot think of an instant where this would be not a beneficial situation to be in, especially if you can look stylish at the same time.
Poncho's in themselves are a really good way of covering up and keeping warm without looking (and feeling) too bulky. They are also ideal for the days when its too cold for a jumper and a coat, due to them not having sleeves so to speak they provide a nice 'air flow' so to speak, to keep you nice and cool. 

This look above was one I thought would be a great way of working a poncho into an everyday and simple, easy to work with outfit.
A simple pair of black jeans from H&M, a plain v neck t shirt from GAP and a comfy pair of boots from Dune, easy to walk around int. Black as you may have figured out by now is my main colour in my outfits, however the camel colour of the poncho was such a beautiful colour combination (still dreaming of the day I own a camel coloured coat...). You could honestly wear a poncho of any colour with black jeans and some boots and it would be keeping you warm but in a non conventional way, you don't really tend to see everyone and their mother wearing poncho's so it gives you an edge over everyone else, never a bad thing.

Now for night. I thought that this would be an easy outfit to wear out to dinner or for a more fancy lunch but still allow you to feel comfortable and not make your life difficult by wearing heels you have no chance of comfortably walking in.
That is why I decided that my trusty black Zara block cut out heeled boots would be a perfect addition to this simple outfit.
I have loved the way that these shoes look with jeans since the day I bought them and find any and every excuse to wear them as a duo, this was a perfect one.
Any heels with a more chunky sized heel would be great for this look, just meaning you don't cause yourself any injuries!

I hope you enjoyed this outfit post!
I am hoping shoot some more looks for this blog in the February half term so keep an eye out for some more outfit looks!
If you would like me to create some more Polyvore inspiration posts them please do let me know!
H x



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