Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Miniature Bags!


Prada showcasing the miniature trend on the catwalk.

I recently made a River Island purchase of a little side bag, something that was very unlike me. I have always been a big bag girl as I tend to carry everything in the world in my bag and then complain when its too heavy. However I had a £10 gift card and my student discount so I thought that it would be worth a look. I found a really cute little black bag for £20, which after my discount came to £4 which to be honest was something that I could not pass on.
It got me thinking that small side bags are great for just little shopping trips when all you need is your purse and other small necessities. My bag is indeed now growing on me rather quickly.
The bag I chose from River Island is a small satchel like bag with a black strap and gold chain detailing on the bottoms of the straps, I am not a fan of the chain though its really not me. Luckily though it has a little handle on the top so I am using it as a little hand held mini cute ass satchel.

My recent purchase made me think how it may be a good idea to start;

I love this bag as honestly in person it is the cutest little thing ever, its just the right size for my purse, my phone and those essential make up top ups.
I love the colour in this little bag as I have had a look around at styling's and bags available and I have noticed that people tend to use them to add in a colourful element into their outfit, which I love!
( http://www.riverisland.com/women/bags--purses/satchels/White-camel-mini-satchel-bag-663209 - £20)  The white and camel version of the one I got for you lovers of lighter things!
I wish they had this bag in when I went and got my black one as I would 100% have chosen this it is such a cute little structured bag!
Little bags are great when you know you realistically don't need much with you on your day out, I know I always carry far too much when I go out and then complain massively when my bag is too heavy, so I am going to make a resolution to myself and start using smaller bags, a god send!
I hope you enjoyed this post!
H x


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