Thursday, 26 February 2015

The Body Shop Blogger Event!

On Sunday I was invited to a blogger event at The Body Shop in the Trafford Centre, I was ever so exited to go as some of my wonderful friends I have met through blogging were going and I was so excited to have been invited to something like this by such a fabulous brand!
When we arrived we were greeted by the lovely staff at the store and given drinks and refreshments to keep us going!

We were at first given time to have a look round the shop and it was really great to have a proper look around as The Body Shop has never really been a shop I have taken the time to have a good look around the products they sell and I was honestly so impressed with the range of products they sell. I always thought it was just body lotions and shower gels but the range of skincare, beauty and shower products they have is honestly amazing.

We were given a really interesting demonstration about an everyday skincare routine using products from the store of course and then were took through a make up look using some of their new make up in the Smokey Poppy range which smells amazing as well as looking amazing! It was really interesting to see a full routine as I tend to just throw on my make up everyday without really prepping my skin and it was really interesting to see what I should be doing to look after the skin I have and how much of a difference it has on the overall payoff of your make up.

I have an absolute favourite scent of products at The Body Shop and it is the Moringa range, for some reason the smell is the most amazing scent in the world to me! So I picked up their body sorbet which I have completely and utterly fallen in love with! (blog post up soon about skin care routine so keep checking back!).

I made some purchases of the Moringa Body Sorbet, Moringa hand cream, a toffee scented lip care which reminded me so much of the chocolate shop on Banff Avenue that I had to get two! also got the Smokey Poppy shower gel which also smells so so amazing, that's from their new range which has a much more musky and 'sexy' smell than the more floral scents The Body Shop tends to produce which made me love it even more as these are my preferred smells.
Hope you enjoyed this post and stay tuned for more everyday make up and skincare posts!
H x


Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Miniature Bags!


Prada showcasing the miniature trend on the catwalk.

I recently made a River Island purchase of a little side bag, something that was very unlike me. I have always been a big bag girl as I tend to carry everything in the world in my bag and then complain when its too heavy. However I had a £10 gift card and my student discount so I thought that it would be worth a look. I found a really cute little black bag for £20, which after my discount came to £4 which to be honest was something that I could not pass on.
It got me thinking that small side bags are great for just little shopping trips when all you need is your purse and other small necessities. My bag is indeed now growing on me rather quickly.
The bag I chose from River Island is a small satchel like bag with a black strap and gold chain detailing on the bottoms of the straps, I am not a fan of the chain though its really not me. Luckily though it has a little handle on the top so I am using it as a little hand held mini cute ass satchel.

My recent purchase made me think how it may be a good idea to start;

I love this bag as honestly in person it is the cutest little thing ever, its just the right size for my purse, my phone and those essential make up top ups.
I love the colour in this little bag as I have had a look around at styling's and bags available and I have noticed that people tend to use them to add in a colourful element into their outfit, which I love!
( - £20)  The white and camel version of the one I got for you lovers of lighter things!
I wish they had this bag in when I went and got my black one as I would 100% have chosen this it is such a cute little structured bag!
Little bags are great when you know you realistically don't need much with you on your day out, I know I always carry far too much when I go out and then complain massively when my bag is too heavy, so I am going to make a resolution to myself and start using smaller bags, a god send!
I hope you enjoyed this post!
H x

Monday, 9 February 2015

Knee Highs

I have been loving the idea of bring in knee high elements into spring this year.
Throughout the change from freezing cold to bearable I have noticed that the trend of knee highs which has been creeping in revently would be great for this time of year.
The height of these style shoes on the leg allows for you to wear a dress, with tights if it is still rather cold and still keep your legs warm and not expose them fully to the elements (especially if you are a resident in England like I am, the likelihood of you needing warmth is high).
The dress and knee high boots look is a great one in itself, it is a two step way to master effortless style, paired with a long coat or perhaps a leather jacket and you have a completed look, in only three items.
Simple and Stylish, its the best way.

Due to knee highs coming into fashion and gaining popularity so quickly, they are easily attainable on the high street, anywhere from New Look, to River Island to Topshop are stocking them on the high street, and are even more easily available online, with ASOS having a wide range from different designers. You can either invest in a pair you know will last and pay that extra amount of money if you know that you will be one to get a lot of use out of them, or you can do what I would most likely do. I would admit to myself that I would not wear them enough to justify a leather or suede pair and just get a simple pair of knee highs for when I am in the mood to pull the look off.

For those of you who want to carry off recent trends without coming across as girly girly I think that this one is an excellent one for you. The over the knee element adds an 'edgy' feel to the look you would choose to add them to, whether that be a more girly dress or perhaps a big chunky knit dress (my personal choice!).

I used burgundy accessories as I just thought that burgundy is the most amazing colour for the beginning and end of winter.
The coat matching both the bag and the lipstick is such an easy way to add in elements of colour without it taking over your entire outfit, an issue which I have.
Listed below are the items I used to create this look!

Monki dress
$29 -

Long coat

 I hope you like this outfit and please do let me know if this type of post is one you would like me to do more of!

H x


Thursday, 5 February 2015

Poncho - (day to night in one simple step)

I remember when I bought this poncho, it was in TK Maxx (try not to be shocked I know its hard) clearance in their Glasgow store when I was up there for the Commonwealth Games and I remember falling in love with it.
Yes it was reduced to £6, mainly because it had a small hole in the side, but it was nothing a needle and thread couldn't fix, and I was right.
For £6 I knew that I would be crazy not to buy this and I was so right, I loved the laid back simplicity of it, yes its a little slouchy and yes it feels like you're wrapped up in your blanket but I cannot think of an instant where this would be not a beneficial situation to be in, especially if you can look stylish at the same time.
Poncho's in themselves are a really good way of covering up and keeping warm without looking (and feeling) too bulky. They are also ideal for the days when its too cold for a jumper and a coat, due to them not having sleeves so to speak they provide a nice 'air flow' so to speak, to keep you nice and cool. 

This look above was one I thought would be a great way of working a poncho into an everyday and simple, easy to work with outfit.
A simple pair of black jeans from H&M, a plain v neck t shirt from GAP and a comfy pair of boots from Dune, easy to walk around int. Black as you may have figured out by now is my main colour in my outfits, however the camel colour of the poncho was such a beautiful colour combination (still dreaming of the day I own a camel coloured coat...). You could honestly wear a poncho of any colour with black jeans and some boots and it would be keeping you warm but in a non conventional way, you don't really tend to see everyone and their mother wearing poncho's so it gives you an edge over everyone else, never a bad thing.

Now for night. I thought that this would be an easy outfit to wear out to dinner or for a more fancy lunch but still allow you to feel comfortable and not make your life difficult by wearing heels you have no chance of comfortably walking in.
That is why I decided that my trusty black Zara block cut out heeled boots would be a perfect addition to this simple outfit.
I have loved the way that these shoes look with jeans since the day I bought them and find any and every excuse to wear them as a duo, this was a perfect one.
Any heels with a more chunky sized heel would be great for this look, just meaning you don't cause yourself any injuries!

I hope you enjoyed this outfit post!
I am hoping shoot some more looks for this blog in the February half term so keep an eye out for some more outfit looks!
If you would like me to create some more Polyvore inspiration posts them please do let me know!
H x

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