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William May Wish List (Valentine's Day Inspiration)

Through my use of The Blogger Programme I recently came across a jewellery website called William May ( - and I was amazed at the range of items available to buy, so I thought I would create a wish list for you all. Especially as Valentine's Day is fast approaching and jewellery would never fail to impress no matter what the price tag. So I have found a few items both for him and for her so hopefully this may be able to help you find something if you are also stuck for inspiration.
I will choose items within a range of prices so hopefully, no matter what your price range for the perfect gift, you will be able to find some inspiration.
For Her;

(9ct Yellow Gold Aquamarine & Diamond Set Earrings - £35, available here. )
These earrings are so stunning and I can imagine them catching the light so much due to the majority of the earrings containing stones. I am not a huge lover or hanging earrings myself but I would snatch these up in a heart beat.
(9ct Yellow Gold Cubic Zirconia Earrings - £16, available here. )
This cheaper option is in no way a worse option than any of the others, the blue stone gives it a somewhat unique look - and would perhaps be a way of adding some sparkle and even some colour into your everyday jewellery without it being in your face, perfectly subtle.
(9ct White Gold Diamond Set Pendant and Chain - £79, available here. )
The classic diamond necklace, with a slight twist (get it?!) this twisted necklace is truly beautiful and it looks as if it would lay beautifully between the collar bones, something I want in every necklace I wear.
(9ct 8' Cubic Zirconia & Kiss Link Bracelet - £115, available here. )
Bracelets seem to be the piece of jewellery that we never seem to spend money on and wear regularly, but I think that this would be a perfect way of changing that, the perfect addition of sparkle to your everyday.
(9ct Yellow Gold Cubic Zirconia Set Bangle - £135, available here. )
This bangle is absolutely stunning, its classic and simple but so elegant, this would be the bracelet for all those special occasions.
These are just a very cut down selection of some of the beautiful items I found and thought would make wonderful gifts for Valentine's Day or any other special occasion you thought they would be loved for. You can really never go wrong with some sparkle, on the website there is also a great selection of vintage jewellery if you know that this style would be suited to yourself or the person you are wishing to buy for, so go ahead and hint ladies!
I would absolutely adore every single piece on here and so many more on the website oh its jewellery heaven!
For Him;
(9ct Rose Gold Half Patterned Chain Cufflinks - £79, available here. )
Cufflinks are never a bad purchase for a man you know likes the slightly more suave, luxurious side of things, if you know they wear a suit or know that they like wearing suits, cufflinks are a fab idea.
 (9ct Yellow Gold Double Snake Ring - £79, available here. )
This ring I thought was fabulously different, and may be a good idea for a guy who likes to express his own person style through the clothes he wears and the jewellery he wears, this would be a perfect addition to that!
(9ct White Gold Bevelled Men's Curb Bracelet - £235, available here. )
Bracelets are limited when it comes to men, however a simple yet expensive chain bracelet is something you could not go wrong with, if you're wanting to spend some extra money.
 They also have a really great selection of watches available on the website, a popular choice for a Valentine's gift, so I do highly recommend checking out the website!
Let me know what you think of the site!
I hope you enjoyed this post and I hope that it helped you gain some last minute jewellery inspiration or gift inspiration for the fast approaching Valentine's or any other occasion!
Click here! to visit William May!
H x


  1. the gold bangle is gorgeous!!

  2. Love the fist ones. For her. I want it!!

  3. love this post! I literally want all of them!


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